Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Straight Through the Heart

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Over and over again on Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7, Harlee was told one thing.

I told you so. 

That was the message from both Wozniak and Verco when it came to going up against the Intelligence Unit. They both thought it was a bad idea.

Keeping Bennett Behind Bars - Shades of Blue

Considering that Wozniak has spent his career bending or breaking the rules and he's lived by the adage the end justifies the means, and Verco's entire job is to take down corrupt cops, their hesitance was not a good sign. 

So perhaps it should be no surprise that trying to prove that the Intelligence Unit is in the back pocket of a drug cartel is almost impossible. 

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But it sure is fun to watch them try. 

Once again, Tess proved just how much of a badass she can be...

Harlee: Our sole responder is Tess?
Tufo: Kamikaze style.
Espada: Alone?
Tufo: And crazier than we thought.
Wozniak: Sometimes crazy is good.

Tess may be drowning in overwhelming debt but she's brave and strong and incredibly loyal. There were times in the past where I thought Tess might flip on the team but not anymore. 

Tufo Talks Tess Down - Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7

Tess might be frustrated and desperate but I can't imagine her selling out her team, especially Wozniak and Tufo.  

And as much as I haven't trusted Cole during most of Shades of Blue Season 3, he certainly appeared to have Harlee's back this time.

Your Cole's got a PhD in half answers.


It's hard to blame Cole for walking the line to try and keep himself alive, but he did give Harlee the heads up at the warehouse, he led her to Vanessa Ruiz, and he didn't flinch when they found that bloody knife under her driver's seat. 

Speaking of which, now that we know that Agent Myers is in a relationship with Stahl, her reactions to Harlee have begun to make a lot more sense. 

I couldn't figure out why Myers put so much trust in Gina recanting her statement over the phone.

Special Agent Katie Myers - Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7

I'd assume that a good law enforcement officer would ask her to come down to talk in person or end up on her doorstep, but Myers did neither. 

Myers appeared to trust Stahl, which was more than a little crazy considering all that he's been accused of already, however, the guy is a master at spinning the facts to fit his delusional narrative. 

Look, Harlee Santos is smart, she's manipulative, and she's ruthless. You can never let your guard down with her.


The scary part was that Stahl could have been describing himself and I wonder if Myers will survive once she realizes that. 

But the person I was most disappointed in was Nate. 

I know his father hasn't been the most trustworthy person in his life, and I get how much of an understatement that is, but Nate is a reporter. Why not ask his father the tough questions and see what kind of answers he gets?

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Granted, Woz probably wouldn't tell him the truth because he'd want to protect him from the Intelligence Unit, but Nate should have asked the questions all the same. 

Back to Cole, how terrified must a man be to beg someone to scar him with a blow torch in order to avoid being killed?

Watching Harlee sear his skin with that thing was almost too much. I'm glad the scene ended almost as soon as it began. 

Harlee Tortures Cole - Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7

Step by step it's becoming clear that Harlee won't be able to find justice for Nava and protect her team, at least not within the NYPD.

Wozniak: You want justice for Nava it's got to be done at the dirty end of the field.
Harlee: What, an execution?
Wozniak: Making this right and doing what's right aren’t the same thing.

I was a little perplexed as to how Woz believed that killing Bennett wouldn't blow back on him and the team because everything else has from arresting Bennett to raiding the warehouse and even tracking down the hacker. 

At every turn, dead bodies pile up and more accusations are laid at their feet. 

Even Verco seemed concerned about the Intelligence Unit's reach and it's difficult to blame him as more and more people end up dead. 

This entire season has been about Harlee Santos figuring out who she is as a cop and as a person. She doesn't want to play dirty any longer, but doing what's right may be more dangerous than she ever dreamed. 

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Now that Bennett has been released, will Ramsay think he's a rat or believe he held firm? Will Cole's injuries buy him his life? 

Does Myers believe that Harlee murdered Gina or does she think that Stahl set her up? Is this woman corrupt or just a crazy as Stahl?

Are Tufo and Tess destined to hook up?

Will the blue wall continue to crush Wozniak, Harlee and the rest of their team?

And did anyone else feel as though this Shades of Blue quote could have been turned around and used on Wozniak in a wheelchair as much as it could describe Ramsay behind bars...

Sudden death is overrated. I prefer a life sentence, that way I can watch the life drain from your eyes over the next 30 years.


Let me know what you think about that and more, and check back in for my review of Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 8.

Until then, you can watch Shades of Blue online here at TV Fanatic. 

Straight Through the Heart Review

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Shades of Blue Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Harlee: Our sole responder is Tess?
Tufo: Kamikaze style.
Espada: Alone?
Tufo: And crazier than we thought.
Wozniak: Sometimes crazy is good.

Espada: Thirty-four thousand cops in the city and only two still like us?
Wozniak: It's a start.