The 100: 10 Most Important Episodes For Bellamy and Clarke's Partnership

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The relationship between Bellamy and Clarke is one of the defining factors of each season of The 100. There may be various overarching plots, but the way that Bellamy and Clarke interact with one another is a continued pattern that gets explored in all possible circumstances.

With the premiere of The 100 Season 5 Episode 9, the way that Bellamy and Clarke were defined to us so far this season took a turn. Their views on how to handle the next steps in getting peace took a turn, leaving Bellamy in the fighting pits and Clarke with Madi in tow headed for Eden.

The way they communicated or didn't communicate to be more specific, it set a tone for the how drastically things have shifted regarding their partnership and just who they are to one another right now.

Bellamy and Clarke  - The 100 Season 5 Episode 7

To be clear, Bellamy and Clarke's relationship was struggling before this episode; it was just this moment that it was all building up towards.

The unspoken distance that they now seemed to share after six years apart threw them for a loop when it came down to trying to figure out a plan that kept everyone they cared for safe. 

Moving forward, there is no way of telling how their relationship will recover and where they even go from here. But if The 100 history has taught us anything, it is that each season has those episodes that are important in the way they interact with Bellamy and Clarke as a team.

Below is a selection of episodes that highlighted or covered Bellamy and Clarke's partnership in an important way. They had scenes that helped structure what these two mean to one another and the show, with a mix of angst and happiness to help balance out this journey. 

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"Murphy's Law"

What's wrong with a little chaos? Just about everything.

An episode unlike any other, The 100 Season 1 Episode 4 followed a significant shift in Clarke and Bellamy's relationship when he realized just how much he underestimated her.

When it came down to it, Clarke was the one that was able to make the hard choices, killing Atom to put him out of his misery in a way that Bellamy wasn't able.

Bellamy and Clarke's Stare Off - The 100 Season 1 Episode 4

That didn't mean that the two found their common ground, in fact, this was an episode that had them on completely different sides, with Clarke choosing to reveal Murphy as Wells' killer, and yet Bellamy being the one who made that step to punish him for it.

Things became messy as they always do on The 100, and yet this episode shone through because of the way that it had Bellamy and Clarke see each other in a different light.

Their partnership started from rock bottom, both of them coming to realize that they alone couldn't handle leading the delinquents when there was so much at stake.

Slowly but surely they realized how much they needed the other because there was something each one of them brought to the table that when added together just worked.

"Murphy's Law" is that episode that is designed to wreck the structure Bellamy and Clarke were built on, only to rebuild them in a new and promising way. These two were destined to count on each other in every possible aspect, and this is where it all started to come together.

That is an integral part of Bellamy and Clarke's relationship and something to rewatch when considering the essence of what they became.

"Day Trip"

With a season of groundwork being laid out for these two, it is when they end up alone that things propel forward.

What makes The 100 Season 1 Episode 8 so important in the natural journey that Bellamy and Clarke were going on is the fact that this is when everything seriously changed.

Cases can and should be made for prior episodes causing a shift that allowed for these two to see each other in a different light, but it wasn't until Day Trip that it was Bellamy and Clarke's places in each other's lives were truly solidified. 

Bellamy and Clarke Teaming Up - The 100 Season 1 Episode 8

This is an episode that allowed Clarke to see Bellamy at his most vulnerable, with him finally showing her and the audience his entire heart. Because Bellamy was led entirely by his heart, something like this was incredibly necessary. 

When doing a rewatch, it is valuable to note just how much change came from Bellamy and Clarke because they leaned wholly on each other. Before it came from them logically thinking it made sense to count on the other when it came to leading the others.

"Day Trip" was what introduced them to the concept of relying on the other out of sheer want. Clarke wants Bellamy with her, she needs him in the most basic way, as a person who matters to her.

Similarly, Bellamy wants to have Clarke by his side, even suggesting they run away together in the unaired version of the original script for this episode.

Their partnership shifted from convenience to a simple choice in the matter, and it showed in one of the most memorable scenes shared between the two. 

When looking for the episode that solidified what it means for Bellamy and Clarke to be a real team, look no further than the arc that allowed for them to navigate what exactly they have become to one another. 

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"Remember Me"

Where were you when you realized that Bellamy and Clarke's relationship was about to start shifting from reluctantly happy partners to straight up love fueled soulmates?

The 100 Season 2 Episode 9 is a perfect example of how the world is on fire in the background, and yet the real fire is growing between two characters that are about to both face some stark realizations. Bellamy very early uses this episode to come to terms with the level of devotion that he is willing to give to Clarke.

At the same time, Clarke battles inner turmoil over what loving someone creates and decides to risk Bellamy's life in a blatant attempt to deny the power that love has over her. 

Bellamy and Clarke Finding Peace - The 100 Season 2 Episode 9

Clarke is still just starting to face the fact that she had to kill Finn, which amplifies the worry and concern that she has for Bellamy's life. Bellamy is starting to realize that sacrifices have to be made, with him showcasing exactly how much he is willing to risk.

Zeroing in on that even closer, Bellamy also starts to acknowledge how much of his actions come from pure dedication to his partner, which blows up in his face later on in the episode.

"Remember Me" carries a lot of subtle hints, sharing information that the audience has to connect like a puzzle. 

It is all about what isn't being said, and specifically what it means when the bigger picture connects for both characters. 

Bellamy and Clarke's partnership took a hit, but their relationship as a whole got redefined.

"Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two"

Bellamy and Clarke didn't have the time to talk in a finale as devastating as the one in The 100 Season 2.

Last time they saw each other was when Clarke told Bellamy that his life was worth the risk as he headed into Mount Weather, and yet that first look at one another again said it all.

They both places trust in people that in that point they shouldn't have, but seeing the other again was a sharp reminder of how much their partnership was built on complete trust.

During The 100 Season 2 Episode 16, things came to a hopeful but sad ending when Clarke chose to leave Bellamy and the others after the choices that had to be made to save everyone.

Bellamy and Clarke's Goodbye - The 100 Season 2 Episode 16

This introduced one of the more heartbreaking scenes between the duo, with Clarke leaving with nothing more than a kiss and a promise of seeing each other again one day.

Bellamy and Clarke's partnership was still challenged in the way that they were both struggling with the heavy guilty of what they both had to do in the mountain.

The way that they faced it individually differed, with Clarke opting to punish herself with isolation while Bellamy was craving the presence of his partner to get through the pain.

It is an episode that fulfills the wish to see this two vulnerable opposite each other, but the tradeoff is the pain that comes with them being so bare in front of one another. 

"Blood Must Have Blood Part 2" is a game-changing episode for what truly defines Bellamy and Clarke moving forward, and what they mean to each other in the present.

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Probably one of the most emotionally charged moments in Bellamy and Clarke's relationship, this episode established that they can discuss their issues on a level that wasn't explored yet.

During The 100 Season 3 Episode 5, Clarke returned to Camp Jaha to reason with Bellamy, only for the pain of their three-month separation finally released and put out in the open for them to deal with.

This was an iconic episode because of the way that Bellamy and Clarke's relationship pushed into the forefront, their feelings and the guilt beneath all that mattered in terms of where the plot would shift next.

Bellamy and Clarke Reuniting  - The 100 Season 3 Episode 5

Bellamy spent a while trying to deal with the guilt that came from Mount Weather, only he was left to handle that pain by himself when Clarke decided to separate herself from everyone else. 

To have a full-blown scene where the two take time out to only address the issues that were weighing them down was a refreshing reminder that the state of Bellamy and Clarke's relationship matters.

Their relationship journey is at the root of what the show explores, with future plot points depending on where the two are together.

Hakeldama is one of the more angst-filled Bellarke episodes, but it is necessary regardless because it sets the bar for their communication going forward. 

It is impossible to compare the position that the two find themselves now and how it mirrors the struggles they had to connect with one another back then.

The stakes, in fact, are even more significant than they were during a three-month separation because nothing works the same way when Bellamy and Clarke aren't on the same page.

"Join or Die"

For those looking for a more satisfying collection of moments between our favorite duo, "Join or Die" delivers above and beyond on that.   

The 100 Season 3 Episode 13 is when Bellamy and Clarke finally heal the pain that came from them not being around each other, with their relationship moving in the direction of more communication and a point where they can begin to count on each other again like it is second nature.

None of this went away of course, but the natural way that they slipped into and out of their partnership did.

Bellamy and Clarke Trusting Each Other - The 100 Season 3 Episode 13

Both of them had to go through that understanding of what surviving meant without their support in their lives, and the results brought them right back to one of their well-known hugs.

It wasn't like they couldn't be without the other, but the arrows were pointing to the clear-cut issues that came from Bellamy following only his heart and Clarke thinking only with her head.

They needed another reminder that their need for one another came from an established awareness that they prosper because they work together. 

Call it the soulmate affect if you'd like, but Bellamy and Clarke work best as a team when they are in fact each other's better half.

"Join or Die" introduced that, with the two willing to die beside one another in some extraordinary directing shots that highlighted the long-awaited conversation about the state of their relationship.

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"The Other Side"

Much like a recent Season 5 episode of The 100, "The Other Side" was a rough example of what not being on the same side does to the core relationship of the show.

Without Bellamy and Clarke counting on one another, things fall apart, and emotions run way too high in that bunker.

During The 100 Season 4 Episode 11, Bellamy similarly struggled to communicate his frustration with a decision that Clarke made. It escalated to a standoff between the two, with Clarke making a choice that she couldn't walk back from easily.

Clarke Kidnapping Bellamy - The 100 Season 4 Episode 11

She couldn't go through with it, Bellamy being too important for her to just stand her ground on when worse came to worst.

From that moment though came the memory of how bad things can get between them, and while before The Other Side may not have been the go-to Bellamy and Clarke episode, now it is.

This episode does better when it is compared to The 100 Season 5 Episode 9, with the parallels all too clear when it comes down to Bellamy and Clarke's relationship as a major aspect of all that.

Rewatching "The Other Side" means getting reminded of just how catastrophic things can be when it comes to Bellamy and Clarke's relationship with the show.

Still, this is an important episode because of what it represents for those two down the line, it is a real rock bottom specifically for Clarke.

From there comes the build-up to that season finale, with Bellamy and Clarke having to once again evaluate what they mean to each other in just their everyday lives. 

"The Chosen"

Picking up where the previous episode left off, this is an episode that is firmly between two impactful arcs for these two.

Following an angst-filled conclusion to their varied views on how to handle the bunker and conclave situation, Bellamy and Clarke find a few minutes to just talk.

At first, it is tense but The 100 Season 4 Episode 12 quickly allows for them to pick up right where they left things. They are each other's best friends, and that radiates off their seasons; Bellamy not being able to stay mad at Clarke for a long while she is too harsh on herself because of what she did to him.

Bellamy and Clarke Reconciling  - The 100 Season 4 Episode 12

This is an episode that kickstarts them back into a place of understanding when they need it the most.

Bellamy is back to worrying over Clarke while she is just comfortable now that her dynamic with her best friend is okay again.

For those looking for scenes that allow for some depth but that also have some light happiness in this, "The Chosen" has room for all of that. At the same time though, there is that lead into the season finale when emotions are kicked into high gear.

"The Chosen" introduces the calm before the storm, letting there be a few minutes when Bellamy and Clarke just are. They may be on a mission to survive the end of the world, but their place in each other's lives has never felt more permanent or more clear. 

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If Clarke and Bellamy went to space together, six years later they would have come back into a full-blown relationship. They would be called each other life partners, and nothing would be different except they would share the same tent near Polis at the end of each day.

Now that that's out of the way, "Praimfaya" was the episode that teased what could be. 

During The 100 Season 4 Episode 13, Bellamy and Clarke's relationship was explored in a full circle scenario. They were gearing up for another fresh start, but one of them knew she wouldn't be getting that happy ending with the others.

That in itself set up a different energy around these scenes, with Clarke knowing these moments could be their last.

Bellamy and Clarke Together - The 100

Their history and what they meant to one another was shining through in every scene, specifically because of the way their worth to one another was being set up to anchor each of their stories.

Clarke was leaving Bellamy with the last memories of herself, knowing that they at least wouldn't spend the next six years together.

This is an episode that reflects on how far they have come, establishing just how much they mean to each other while teasing how much more it could have been if time was on their side.

Moving forward, things changed drastically with a six-year time jump and yet checking in on Praimfaya is a great reminder of the chemistry that pours out of every scene that Bellamy and Clarke are in.

"Sic Semper Tyrannis"

This is a tough one, and the wounds are still fresh.

Still, "Sic Semper Tyrannis" pushed Bellamy and Clarke in the direction of the tension that was mentioned since the beginning of the season. While there were times when these two didn't line up when it came to making decisions, The 100 Season 5 Episode 9 was when it finally felt like a huge step in two different directions.

Clarke and Bellamy's Shift - The 100 Season 5 Episode 9

Bellamy's limited choices at the time forced him to do something that Clarke wouldn't agree with, even if the result kept everyone that he cared about safe instead of forcing him to create an unacceptable loss.

Clarke's inability to truly communicate her concerns set off a chain reaction that ended in her leaving Bellamy and the others, seeing the situation as a betrayal that supported her decision going forward.

This was the episode that has now set up for a massive crack in the tricky relationship that was struggling to survive a season where they haven't yet been afforded so much as a full conversation.

Above all else, this is a heavy story to follow because looking forward feels more difficult than ever before. Perhaps the biggest issue is how much is now at risk, with Bellamy and Clarke now at a point where their relationship deserves to be addressed again.

It has been six years and with episodes like this one, the reminder about how much time they have lost with one another is too plain not to notice.

This has to be the biggest obstacle that they have had to face, figuring out how to come together again when outside factors interfere with the effortless way they can slip into one another's lives again (when they are alone).

And yet, this episode is important because of the pressure that is now on the two of them; this is the breaking point that has to somehow set up for an emotionally bare confrontation that addresses everything that has been shoved away until now.

Change is here, but Bellamy and Clarke have never faced an obstacle that they couldn't figure out how to handle together. Because at the end of the day, each season truly holds a lot of its weigh in the way that those two work together.  

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What episodes do you consider crucial for Bellamy and Clarke's partnership? What specific scenes do you find define their relationship as a whole? What scenes are you still holding out hope to see in the last episodes of The 100 Season 5? Which episodes this season do you consider options for this list?

How ready are you for a new episode of The 100? Let us know below. 

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