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Josh was the latest casualty on The Originals Season 5 Episode 10, and it made us wonder what will happen to everyone before the series concludes. 

Below, TV Fanatics Alyssa Whittington, Lizzy Buczak and Justin Carreiro discuss that significant death, Hope's affliction and so much more. 

Josh is dead. React. 

Alyssa: Is it bad to say that I'm not surprised? With the death count increasing every episode, no one is safe. But somehow, someway I though Josh would make it to the end and find happiness.

In a way, he really did. It was lovely to see him find peace in the afterlife with the only person he's ever loved. 

Lizzy: Don't get me started on this. It was such a cheap death done solely for "dramatic effect." And the death itself was upsetting because it took all of two minutes?

Josh deserved better especially since he survived so many other near-deaths. The only redeeming moment was seeing him in the afterlife, reunited with his only love, Aiden. 

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Justin: I refuse to believe this! Josh has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning, and now he's gone! The only thing I'll take from this development is that he and Aiden are together again. They were perfection, and they deserved a loving future together.

Moving On - The Originals Season 5 Episode 10

What will happen now that Hope's werewolf curse has been activated, and she's two-thirds of the way there to becoming a tribrid?

Alyssa: She's going to be untouchable--not even Klaus would compare to her strength and power. I'm looking forward to seeing this side of her.

Lizzy: What Alyssa said -- she's going to be a major badass! And maybe this is what it'll take to destroy the Hollow?

It'll be interesting to see her grow into herself as a teenager and on top of that, a super powerful, supernatural being. 

Justin:  I agree with the others. She's going to become the all-powerful being that everyone predicted since she was a baby.

Time to Kill - The Originals Season 5 Episode 10

Did Klaus make a mistake by saving Declan because it's so obvious he's going to be the villain now? 

Alyssa: I actually don't know if he will be the villain. I think it might be Hope and that Declan might help bring her back, ultimately defeating the darkness within her.

Lizzy: I don't think he made a mistake. I also don't think he will be evil. Like Kieran and Cami, Declan is inherently good and probably will be Hope's saving grace in the final battle. 

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Justin: Declan doesn't seem like the villain-type. Him saving Declan's life could come back to help him in the future. Maybe it's Declan who helps Hope or saves Klaus's life in the process?

Hope's Power - The Originals Season 5 Episode 10

What are your thoughts on the ancestral plane being opened up by Vincent? 

Alyssa: I'm happy they released the ancestor's power and will now focus on magic from the Earth. I think it's an interesting way to spin things so late in the series. Almost like a new way of life, a new leaf, a new beginning.

Lizzy: About time! They've been relying on the ancestor's power for too long. Embracing a more "natural" power is the first step to fixing things and making New Orleans somewhat of a "home" again. 

Justin: It's a refreshing beginning for the witches and the city. They've been channeling the ancestors for so long that they've become too dependent and under their will. This will give them a new future.

Farewell Elijah? - The Originals Season 5 Episode 8

With Hayley dead, and Elijah harboring strong feelings for Antoinette, do you think Elijah could love Antoinette after everything he's done? 

Alyssa: No matter what anyone says, I hate Antoinette. I hope she is added to that death count come the series finale. Honestly, I hope that Elijah dies as well--not because of what his actions caused but because of his love for Hayley.

If Josh can find peace in the afterlife with his true love, then maybe Elijah can too with Hayley. Maybe Hayley is waiting on him just like Aiden was waiting on Josh. Foreshadow much?

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Lizzy: I think Elijah definitely has feelings for Antoinette, but they aren't what they were when he didn't have his memories. In France, she's all he knew, but now, he remembers thewoman he loved and feels guilty for killing her which is what's standing in the way of his relationship with Antoinette.

She'll never be "it," she'll always be "second best." He can't go back to that, but he'll also think of her fondly. And I do believe that by the end, Elijah will sacrifice himself and find his peace with Haley much like Josh did with Aiden. 

Justin: I don't think Elijah and Antoinette will be endgame. It would be a bitter ending, especially after he lost Hayley.

Jaime Murray as Antoinette - The Originals Season 5 Episode 3

What are your hopes for the Freelin wedding?

Alyssa: That one or both of them don't end up dead. Though with this rate and the series close to wrapping up, I think that may be the case. Weddings don't fair too well in theTVD/TO world... I'm looking at you Steroline!

Lizzy: Ha, what Alyssa said. With the body count rising, I wouldn't be surprised if Julie Plec took Freya's only happiness away on the happiest day of her life.

Should I remind everyone what a disaster Jo and Alaric's wedding was on TVD? I could definitely see Hope's darkness taking over and ruining the ceremony.

Justin: They need to survive the wedding and live a happy life together. Come on! We need a happy future between one of the couples.

Okay, The Originals Fanatics!

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The Originals Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Ivy: Vincent?
Vincent: I'm here.
Ivy: What happened?
Vincent: Emmett poisoned you.
Ivy: I thought I was dead.
Vincent: Ivy, you are.

Hope: It's not working.
Klaus: You're holding back.
Hope: You really think I want to feel this way? No matter how hard I try to get it out, I don't feel any better.