Timeless Fails To Find New Home as Cast Options Expire

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It looks like Timeless is really dead. 

Co-showrunner Shawn Ryan confirmed via Twitter on Monday that the efforts to find the series a new home following NBC's decision to cancel it last month. 

“[Sony Pictures TV] has notified [co-showrunner] @TheRealKripke and me that efforts to land #Timeless at another network have sadly failed,” Ryan revealed “

Back Together - Timeless Season 2 Episode 1

"While Sony will continue to look at any and all options, actor deals have expired and it appears there will be no Season 3 or beyond.”

Negotiations with NBC genuinely went down to the wire before the plug was officially pulled after two seasons, but there was word that a movie wrap-up could be on the cards in the event that no other home for the show was found. 

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However, it sounds like that movie may never see the light of day. 

Prohibition Visitors - Timeless Season 1 Episode 15

“Discussions still take place… but there are considerable economic obstacles that make it an uncertainty. We will update you when we know more,” Ryan continued. 

Timeless was originally canceled by NBC in May 2017, but things changed when fans expressed their displeasure at the news, prompting NBC to order ten episodes for Timeless Season 2

Despite a delayed launch, the series was buried in the Sunday at 10/9c hour which is hardly beneficial to a series that is a family show. 

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Timeless Season 2 averaged 2.5 million viewers and a 0.6 rating among adults 18-49. The numbers were down over 40 percent vs. the freshman run. 

A Hard Day - Timeless Season 2 Episode 5

Ryan ended his statement by saying that he, Kripke, the cast, and crew send “our immense thanks and gratitude to all the #ClockBlockers who fought so hard for this show. You made a second season possible and gave us hope for a Season 3. We wish the news was better. We love you all.”

If you watch Timeless online, you know that Timeless Season 2 ended on the mother of all cliffhangers. 

Rufus was killed off, and Lucy and Wyatt were confronted by their future selves, asking them: "You guys want to get Rufus back or what?”

Fifties Fashion - Timeless Season 2 Episode 2

There have been several campaigns to have the series picked up by another network, but with the cast options expiring and the sets very likely being destroyed, the chances of a comeback are minimal. 

Okay, Timeless Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on this news?

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Timeless Quotes

John Rittenhouse: My father says peasants are like the hands of a clock, round and round they go.
Lucy: What does that mean?
John: A peasant is no more capable of choosing his own path than the hands of a clock.
Lucy: Who chooses the path for them?
John: The clockmaker, of course.

Wyatt: What's April 14, 1865?
Lucy: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.