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Did Tandy go too far in her quest for answers?

That was revealed on Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 9 as the youngster spiraled out of control when it became apparent that she was not getting the truth. 

Meanwhile, Tyrone tried to help a friend in need while simultaneously trying to fix his relationship with his family. 

However, a new villain threatened the teenagers and they had to make sure they were on the ball to take action. 

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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Liam: What is up with you?
Tandy: What do you mean?
Liam: Saying nice things. You’re talking about marriage.
Tandy: Yeah, so?
Liam: When is that you? It’s so normal?
Tandy: You know the dreams I dread before I go to sleep. The good ones... the happy ones... the hopeful ones. Because then you wake up and you’re back to your own life. I realize something when I was without you: It’s my own fault. I’m the reason I dread those dreams because I’m not doing anything to make my life any better.
[She reaches over and grab his hands]
Tandy: It’s gonna stop. I wanna build a life. A happy one. Finally.

Tyrone: Have you even talked to your mom about this?
Tandy: No, but you know what, we’re both on the same page. “If you don’t hurt, you get hurt.”
Tyrone: That’s not how I see it.
Tandy: You will if you ever grow up. And learn that there is nothing you can ever do to bring your big bro back.
Tyrone: Well, excuse me if I don’t take wellness advice from the Brown family.
[Tandy places the white dagger to his throat]
Tandy: Screw you, Tyrone!
Tyrone: I’ll see you in your dreams.