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Did everyone survive the attempt on Angels Memorial?

That was revealed on Code Black Season 3 Episode 13 when a plane crashed into the eighth floor of the hospital, and lives were at stake.

Meanwhile, Mario had to try to save Noa's life when she was caught up in a car accident. 

Also, Willis admitted to Rox that he needed her in his life, and the pair had to make a decision about the future before it was too late. 

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Code Black Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Listen to me. You're my son. No matter how much you piss me off or push, I will always love you. And there's nothing you can do to change that.


You know, I've never found on -- a real hero. There are people all around us who do heroic things, and then they go right back to being human. It's the second part, Colonel, living among the rest of us, that you need to work on. And it's gotta be you that does the work. Nobody can do it for you.

Dr. Marchant [to Ethan]