Z Nation Spinoff Starring Jaime King Gets Series Order at Netflix

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Z Nation is getting a spinoff!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has placed an order for a new series set in the world of the popular zombie drama. 

The series will be titled Black Summer and will span eight episodes on the streaming platform. As you likely already know, Z Nation airs on Syfy in the U.S.

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However, Netflix holds the streaming rights to the series, and the numbers must have been decent to pull the trigger on a spinoff. 

It's certainly a different way of doing business. There's no telling whether Syfy wanted the series to air there first, before going to Netflix in a similar fashion to the way the business model for Z Nation works. 

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Hart of Dixie alumna, Jaime King will lead the cast of the series. She will play a mother who is separated from her daughter and is forced to go on a mission to find her. 

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While she may be strong and resourceful, she also has to contend with one of the deadliest summers on record as she navigates the world by hiding from the vicious zombies who are looking to make humans their meal at every corner of the earth. 

The spinoff was created by Z Nation creator, Karl Schaefer, and John Hymans. The duo will also serve as co-showrunners on the series. 

The original series launched back in 2014 and has proven to have a loyal following at Syfy. The series launched with the characters three years into a zombie apocalypse. 

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Z Nation Season 4 wrapped in December 2017 and the new season is slated to debut later this year. 

A premiere date and additional casting details are expected for the spinoff later this year. 

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