Elementary Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

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No one will ever look at Alexa the same again.

Technology was a crime solver's friend on Elementary Season 6 Episode 16.

Having a sex robot as a witness has got to be a first -- unless it was on Westworld.

Getting Shut Out - Elementary

You knew something bizarre was going on when Sherlock arrived at the crime scene first, then called Marcus and Joan.

And this episode was strange, even by Elementary standards. A lifelike sex doll, teleportation, and a scientist kidnapped by the military

You can't make this stuff up.

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Well, I guess the writers did make this up. And what a fun hour it was.

It turned out that Skyler was just a take-home work project for the murder victim, a chance to tweak and improve the product for Perfect Mates Robotics.

It was obvious that Joan and Sherlock were suppressing smirks as the company's chief pontificated about how his sex robots were great companions for the lonely. Way to spin that one!

Garrimore's ex-girlfriend immortalized in Skyler was a great suspect. Too bad she was busy with her lawyer trying to get the Skyler model pulled off the market at the time of the murder. Some people can't take a compliment. 

That's when the episode took a hard right into the Twilight Zone.

Garrimore wasn't concerned that his current work, as important as it was, was being threatened. Instead, what made him irate is that a former, top-secret project that he had been involved with had been leaked to the general public.

That's right: teleportation. Cue the glittery spiral effect.

It wasn't true teleportation like on Star Trek. (That's right. Science fiction perceived as science fact.)

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No, the organic-to-digital data transmitter was more like a fax on steroids. It was nowhere near as impressive as watching a person disappear then reappear somewhere else, like a well-done magic trick.

That said, there would undoubtedly be a market for chocolate bunnies instantly transmitted from Switzerland. That would beat overnight delivery all to hell when you have a craving.

As Sherlock ticked off the potential uses and abuses for such a device, I realized I had never really given much thought to the benefits of teleportation. I just wanted to avoid sitting in traffic.

That took care of what and why. Now it just came down to who.

Who leaked the plans? Who is going to benefit from such a leak?

Professor Fukata certainly benefitted, as he ended up with a cushy defense position, which has to pay better than academia. He was another logical suspect, as he could do something with his invention now that it was public knowledge.

If you want someone the military is detaining, call the general you have in your pocket.

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It was good to see General Alvaro again, he of the diaper fetish, introduced on Elementary Season 6 Episode 6. Didn't he look happy to be brought to the 11th Precinct so he could do a favor for Captain Gregson? Well, he had been a bad boy.

All it took to solve the case was one out-of-place song in Skyler's memory. Locate the ringtone, find the killer. When will people learn that disco sucks?

One of the best scenes came at the end when Sherlock used Skyler to prank Marcus. I would have liked to have seen the reactions of Joan and Gregson to Sherlock's revamped Skyler.

Then there was the other storyline, which could fall under the category of "People Who Sherlock Pissed Off During His Loutish Years." Since he's only been humanized by Joan over the past few years, that plotline could almost become a regular feature.

This time, the person Sherlock barely noted in the past stood in the way of the dream Marcus is now pursuing.

Professor Baynes was a British policeman of little note who Sherlock offended.

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Sherlock thought he had done this just by being himself. But the truth was even pettier. Sherlock solved the murder of a member of Parliament, and Baynes thought Sherlock had stolen a career-making arrest from him.

Sherlock made the compelling argument that it's better to have him as a friend than an enemy. Baynes disappeared to a corporate security job, and Marcus gained his rightful spot in the required class.

I thought sure this was going to be Marcus's escape from the Marshal Service. Maybe they are going to go through with this change.

But, as others have suggested, maybe Marcus is going to get a new title but keep his role in Sherlock's merry band. I would miss his dry sense of humor otherwise.

To find those offended by Sherlock, watch Elementary online.

Do you buy that teleportation is possible today? How about intelligent sex robots? How about a socialized Sherlock?

Comment below.

Uncanny Valley of the Dolls Review

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