Killjoys Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Bro-D Trip

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The gang is back together.

But several were in medical peril by the end of Killjoys Season 4 Episode 3.

Still, they're reunited, and it feels so good, right?

Possible Death - Killjoys

Just in time for The Lady to be unveiled as this season's big bad.

But that's in the relatively near future. There was too much that happened this episode to look far ahead.

Most interesting was watching the B team in action, Zephyr, Pip, and Pree, very loosely commanded by the Haircut, Turin.

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So Zeph and Pip aren't really a couple. Instead, he was the last available human on the occupied RAC ship. So Zeph hooked up with him by default.

Now he wanted them to continue. They will, whenever it's convenient for Zeph.

Only Zeph and Pip could come up with the idea of jump-starting a Hullen "doll," then taking command of him to crack the navigation system of the Hullen command ship where they're squatting.

Of course, the concept of waking up one of the "dolls" drove Turin crazy, but Zeph had taken the necessary precautions to control him (it?).

I'm enjoying Zeph as a leader, forged in the crucible of war. Once so tentative in Killjoys Season 3, she thinks nothing of standing up to Turin, as she did when she suggested that Pip and Pree be deputized. And didn't they make a mockery of that swearing-in ceremony?

Zeph, Pip, and Pree found Lucy, who appeared to be a victim of factory reset. Then it took these big brains (and Pree) most of the countdown to realize the obvious.

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John is a fan of classic rock. So wouldn't it make sense that the security code was the song that was playing as John attempted to steal Lucy from Dutch? That seemed a no-brainer when Zeph said the code was a short phrase.

Finally, they rushed in just in time to miss the action and arrest Delle Sayeh, who seemed content just to have any ride off the planet.

All in all, not a bad first mission.

It was also enjoyable to watch Delle Sayeh try to haughty her way through an unfamiliar situation.

Members of The Nine don't end up in a debtor's colony. But the duplicity she used to survive as a member of the aristocracy came in handy.

The warden, Juno Clay, was a swaggering macho ass. Just the type of person that Delle Sayeh would love to take down.

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It was a definite change of pace to have Delle Sayeh challenging Bea to rise against The Man since she was "The Man" for such a long time.

Delle Sayeh had an ingenious plan to broadcast Clay's crimes to his superiors at the head office, thus earning freedom for herself and Bea.

Maybe her doing something to benefit another person is Delle Sayeh's first experience at mothering. Still, she looked shocked and uncomfortable when Bea hugged her. 

Finally, there were the continuing battles of the brothers Jacobis.

Evil Johnny was schizophrenic and dangerous. Still, he was able to summon enough of old Johnny to fool D'avin into going along with his hairbrained scheme.

Yet there was very little of good-guy John left. Mostly, he was a scheming junkie trying to find the closest Green pool to get his next fix. And he needed D'avin to do that.

John's plan sounded good: use the Green to try to find where Dutch had gone. After all, she had transported through the Green.

Which begs the question: D'avin had used the Green before to spy on the Hullen. So why couldn't he search for Dutch that way?

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That's a moot point since John just needed D'avin as a Hullen divining rod, nothing more.

It's a good thing Dutch kept popping up as John's conscience, like a sexy Jiminy Cricket. 

It was also clear that D'avin wasn't totally fooled by John's act. It was more like trust but verify.

Dutch showed up just in time to take down John and save D'avin.

She also froze the Green she appeared through. So I have to wonder like D'avin what that means.

She's got to be a key weapon in the upcoming war against The Lady. But, since she's definitely looking worse for wear, it may be some time until we find out what happened to her in the Green Space.

In the meantime, it's going to be the birth of Delle Sayeh's spawn in Killjoys Season 4 Episode 4. Let's call it Six Killjoys and a Hullen Baby.

To catch up before that blessed event, watch Killjoys online.

Which of the B Team did you enjoy most? Has Delle Sayeh been humanized? How will John be saved? 

Comment below.

Bro-D Trip Review

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Bea: Please. Don't provoke them. The warden's coming.
Delle Sayeh: Good. I have a few harsh words for management.

John: Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Little brothers are the worst, huh?
D'avin: I get it. Your body is going through a lot of changes. But you need to pull your dick out of the Hullen puberty sock.