Killjoys Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Baby, Face Killer

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This is shaping up to be a pretty piss-poor battle plan.

The resistance forces were scattered about the J by the end of Killjoys Season 4 Episode 6.

And they're still no closer to figuring out The Lady's deal.

Dutch Trains Jaq - Killjoys

There was one big plus. The Killjoys have added an intriguing new teammate.

Osmon "Jaq" Kinrit promises to be the secret weapon in the upcoming battle against The Lady.

That is if Dad D'avin and Auntie Dutch can get on the same page as to what's best for Jaq. So far, they definitely haven't, which caused a whole lot of unnecessary family drama.

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Jaq will prove a fascinating case for the nature-versus-nurture debate.

I'm seeing little of surrogate mother Delle Sayeh in Jaq. All she did for him since his birth is to give him lessons in snobbiness and saddle him with that ridiculous first name. Who can blame him for renaming himself?

Speaking of Delle Sayeh, what was she up to? My guess is she is going to try to rescue Aneela by herself, which would be suicidal as an ordinary human.

Jaq is a perfect name for this instant teen, as he's pure Jacoqis. He's a tiny walking id without any of the unnecessary real-world experiences. Of course, those are hard to come by when you're only two days old.

He did seem to be a natural when it came to two things: combat and being a wiseass. How could he not pick that up being aboard Lucy?

Jaq must have gained being prescient from his mother, Aneela. She must be able to see the future, as she always seemed to be a step ahead of all the humans.

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Still, what Jaq is most is a confused, scared kid. He has no frame of reference for what was happening around him, including dead bodies.

Dutch and D'avin both wanted to protect Jaq. They just couldn't agree on how.

Dutch had only her own bizarre childhood to draw on for guidance, so she favored training Jaq on how to defend himself.

D'av was monumentally insecure as a parent. Cognizant of all the mistakes he had made while trying to protect John, he went overboard and decided, in the end, to run with Jaq.

How, pray tell, is reducing the number of people around to protect Jaq possibly a good idea? You know that's going to come back to bite him in the ass.

D'av was able to pull that off because Dutch and John were still wrapped in the hidden messages in Khlyen's story.

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Combing through Dutch's memories was painstaking work. It also attracted unwanted attention from that assassin/Protector, which put them all in danger.

Too bad Manno ended up paying the price. He was sleazy but dependable, for the right price.

All that we learned from his sit-down with Dutch was that there is some connection between a group of assassins and The Lady. So now the resistance fighters not only have to worry about the Hullen but about these assassins as well.

At least Dutch and John have an unstable pulsar as a destination. That's something, right?

Unfortunately, they may be going by themselves. D'av and Jaq appeared to be going on the lam, while everyone else was on missions to save their loved ones.

The good news was that Zephyr was able to detach Pip from the Hullen spider's influence. The bad news was that the spider was so entangled in Pip's brain that she couldn't remove it. And when it does, he dies.

So they're headed back to the Armada, in hopes that Zeph can find a way to save him in her better-equipped lab there.

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Pree went on the warpath to get Gared back. He tracked down the man who was marking children's homes for the Hullen and he used that man's handprint to lure in Hullen, allowing himself to be captured so he could be taken back to where Gared was being held.

Now he and Gared are being held at the RAC, which didn't look like a pretty place to be under Hullen ownership. What does The Lady want with those children, and why would she bring back Pree and Gared? Are they prisoners of war?

So rather than gathering their forces for the conflict with The Lady, the resistance forces are scattering. With two people here, two people there, two on the Armada, two on a death watch and two captives, let's hope that mystery pulsar yields some useful answers, and soon.

To follow Khlyen's story to Dutch, watch Killjoys online.

Can Zeph save Pip? Will D'av run with Jaq? What's Delle Sayeh up to? Comment below.

Baby, Face Killer Review

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh, God! You eat like a Jaqobis.

Delle Sayeh [to Jaq]

John [to Dutch]: Wow! If the assassin at the Ten-Year looked like that, I would have let her beat me. Manno, more.
Manno: To completion, right?