Killjoys Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Oh Mother, Where Art Thou

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You actually can pick your family.

That was the underlying message on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 7.

Points to all those Killjoys viewers who had already figured out that the woman who Dutch recalled as the assassin was Aneela's mother, Khlyen's wife, and Dutch's namesake, Yalena.

She was also the keeper of Khlyen's secret weapon against The Lady and the Hullen.

The episode was an effective use of parallel storytelling, following Khlyen and Yalena's visit to the pulsar in the past and Dutch and John's arrival in the present. The dots are beginning to be connected, although very slowly.

This hidden pulsar was where the Khlyen family's interaction with the Hullen began 250 years before.

So Yalena the Elder was Qreshi royalty, married to Khlyen, who was pulling away because he was trying to find a cure for Aneela without informing her mother what was happening.

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Bad move, as Yalena wasn't one to be kept in the dark. Khlyen was no longer the man she married, which she recognized, but she still knew him and wasn't about to be fooled by his attempts to deceive her.

Yalena proved that a superior attitude is endemic to members of The Nine. Delle Sayeh is just the latest generation to be full of herself.

She was also the one who sent Khlyen on the so-far futile quest of saving Aneela from the voice of The Lady. No wonder he went to such pains to teach Dutch how to protect herself, a task that has been passed on to another generation, as Dutch tried to teach Jaq before D'av fled with him.

What I must have missed is how Aneela went from being Khlyen and Yalena's troubled daughter to The Lady's prisoner who was commanding the Armada and somehow broke away from The Lady's control, at least long enough to invade the Green Space with Dutch.

All that time trapped in the Green Space with The Lady can't be doing Aneela's fragile psyche any good. You have to wonder what's left of her for Dutch to save. Yalena was right to extract that promise from Dutch to do what ultimately is best for Aneela.

Yalena was a fascinating character of whom I'd like to see more. Too bad she decided to stay on that isolated pulsar, waiting for Khlyen to return. While that may be possible with a Hullen, it just seems pretty unlikely. 

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Also, who were Yalena's bodyguards? Were they Hullen loyal to Khlyen, or just some natives assigned through the years to protect her? Will they come into play again later this season?

Before their visit to the pulsar, Dutch and John took a very mature approach to D'avin's fleeing with Jaq. Dutch realized her childhood was atypical, to say the least, so she was willing to cut D'av some slack.

Dutch has developed a family which includes Khlyen, Aneela and now Yalena. But she, John and D'av are a family as well. Zephyr and Pree could be considered part of that extended family. I consider Turin and Fancy to be work friends, with Gared and Pip more like in-laws.

Then there's Lucy. Can an AI be part of a familial relationship?

Much of the extended family had their parts to play in this episode as well, as the attempt to retake the RAC continued.

Pree found Gared way too easily, but who cares? They're the only cute couple currently on Killjoys.

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Oops, sorry. I short-changed Zephyr and Pip. Then again, that couple wasn't shown this episode, and I'm not convinced Pip is going to be saved. Zeph's weak-ass effort at covering for him isn't going to stand for long, and Pip's reputation can't stand many more hits.

Anyhoo, Pree and Gared did a great job of reconnoitering the RAC and stealing the surveillance feed. They even got spiffy new outfits from their mission.

I'm also enjoying Weej the reformed Hullen, who has become Turin's special project. Can you think of a worse person to essentially explain humanity to a newborn? It makes an interesting contrast to the Killjoys trying to teach Jaq on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 6.

Weej was hilarious when channeling Turin while rescuing Pree and Gared. Following Turin's lead, Weej made them his guys.

A couple of key points got shoehorned into the last minute or so.

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First, the Hullen seemed to be collecting green plasma from the kidnapped children. How did The Lady create such hybrids? And if she knows how to create juvenile Hullen, what does she need Jaq for? I'm missing something here.

Second, the Hullen were following D'av back to his home planet, hoping to snatch Jaq, and the impression was that D'av was oblivious to that fact. Dutch may not be the best influence in D'av's eyes, but she's better than having his newborn son taken by The Lady.

To figure out The Lady's scheme, watch Killjoys online.

How is Khlyen's poison going to save Aneela? What's the deal with the kidnapped children? When will D'av come to his senses? 

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Oh Mother, Where Art Thou Review

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Khlyen: You could have just told me you were coming.
Yalena: And waste the chance for a grand entrance? I think not.

John: [D'avin's] pulled this whole abandoning-his-family thing on me about eight times too many.
Dutch: If you're done bitching, we've got work to do.