Power Season 5 Episode 7 Review: The Devil Inside

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There really is no telling where things are headed at this point. 

The only thing that seems to be sure at this point is Kanan is about ten steps ahead of everyone. And by the end of Power Season 5 Episode 7, it may even be twelve steps. 

He's well on his way to having Jason in his back pocket and Tariq as well. And neither Ghost, nor Tommy, nor Tasha for that matter seems to see that the biggest obstacle in their way is their old friend. 

Planning a Hit - Power

The plan to kill Diego was a smart plan on the surface. Dre feeds him some information to get on his good side, so he drops his guard a bit, then under the guise of a party, gets him to show up to a shady location and be ambushed immediately.

Thinking that Ghost would be the trigger man, Dre wanted him to be disposed of right after Diego was dead. But Dre didn't know that Kanan would be the one doing the killing, nor does anyone realize that Kanan has 2-Bit as an ally. 

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So is that why Ghost wanted Kanan to do the killing? Did he forsee Dre turning on him? If he did, then maybe he's more aware of what's going on than I've given him credit. 

It certainly seems like both Ghost and Tommy are so focused on different things that they really don't see what's right in front of their faces. They also communicate horribly and still don't trust one another fully. 

Planning His Move - Power Season 5 Episode 7

Especially Tommy, who's continuing to confide in Teresi more and more and Ghost less and less. 

This was one of the first times outside of some of his actions in prison that we saw the maniacal, ruthless Tony Teresi we've been told about. Now I can see from where Tommy gets his cold-blooded nature. It was pretty eerie to see the two of them bonding over a man's death by drill to the skull. 

Proctor: Stop killing people.
Tommy: No.

It's pretty frustrating to see Tommy so willingly trust Teresi, and now that he's been officially accepted into the family with Connie's blessing, it's only a matter of time before he serves himself up on a platter. 

Kate coming over to Teresi's was comical in its own way, but equally as frustrating because Tommy is so dismissive of her. And she's the one person in his life that truly knows the kind of man Teresi is and isn't sugarcoating anything. 

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If Mak does take Angela's plea, will he tip her off to Teresi? 

Let's talk about Angela for a minute. The girl has not a single real person in her life. And that includes Ghost. He may love her, in his Ghost way, but he's never going to be able to fully be honest with her. 

The cleaner you get, the dirtier I become.

Angela [to Ghost]

For all the better man talk, Ghost helped orchestrate a hit and blackmailed a man in the span of a day. Now one could argue these were men who had what was coming to them but does that matter? 

A Warning - Power Season 5 Episode 7

Ghost and Angela seem to be pretty much reconciled at this point, but there are still so many things that will continue to loom around their relationship. For instance, Tommy. Is Angela ever going to let Ghost know her and Tommy are "working" together?

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The dynamic between Angela and Tommy is priceless. I could watch an entire hour of Tommy just popping up in Angela's backseat, her closet or a random restaurant bathroom when she goes inside. 

But their odd partnership is now crossing into territory neither one of them was expecting. 

Tommy: You got the devil inside. I thought you were one of the good ones.
Angela: I was.

It's hard to imagine Angela giving the order for Tommy to take out Mak. Once that line is crossed, you can never, ever go back. But when your back is against the wall, you do whatever you have to do to survive. 

That's one thing many of the characters on Power have in common. They will all do just about anything to get by and see another day. 

Dre & Diego - Power Season 5 Episode 7

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Terry fleeing town was not unexpected, but it still sucks for Tasha. Had Ghost not gone to see him, I think he may have gone through with lying for Tasha.

    But James' little ultimatum probably just snapped him back to reality and reminded him of the type of people with which he was involving himself. Peace easy Terry. 
  • Proctor is a lawyer again, and his first order of business is to find something on Angela. It is starting to feel like the whole world is against Ms. Valdez. 
  • Tommy and Keisha are ready to give it a go. Both characters deserve some romance and Tommy especially deserves a true number one ride or die. 
  • 2-Bit and Spanky are officially against Dre now. Is anyone on this show loyal to anyone other than themselves? 
  • Tariq has all the opportunities in the world, and yet he's choosing to follow in the footsteps of Kanan. I was hoping Raina's death would change him for the better, but he's only getting worse. And I didn't think that was possible. 
  • Ghost is ready to take the fall for Ray Ray's murder. Yeah, there's no way that happens. Someone else is going to be set up. Any guesses on who that will be?

The power dynamics are constantly shifting, and while Kanan may have the upper hand right now, all it takes is one wrong move for everything to come crashing down. 

Who will end this season on top? Which relationships will flourish? Which will flounder? And who won't make it out of this season alive?

There are only a few episodes left before the finale, so it's time to start making some predictions! Leave your comments down below so we can talk it all out. And be sure to watch Power online, so you're all caught up on the season. 

The Devil Inside Review

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Power Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

The cleaner you get, the dirtier I become.

Angela [to Ghost]

When people are in love, they make bad decisions.

Angela [to Ghost]