Power Season 5 Episode 8 Review: A Friend of the Family

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Is everyone okay? Have you picked your jaw up off the floor? 

Personally, I'm still recovering from Power Season 5 Episode 8, which I am officially dubbing the most intense hour of Power we have ever seen. 

There is no dancing around the most significant development of the season and one of the biggest of the series, so we're not wasting any time in getting to the big stuff. So spoiler alert, people! Continue at your own risk. 

Everyone's In Danger - Power

For many of us, Kanan has either been a character you loathe and despise or someone you begrudgingly root for because, despite all his flaws, he's a charming guy who can often make you forget about all the evil that surrounds him when he flashes his signature grin. 

After Ghost's botched attempt to kill Kanan back in the day, it seemed like he was invincible. The man survived being burned alive for goodness sake. If that didn't kill him, what would? 

Well, we finally got our answer.

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Kanan is dead. And this time there isn't a question about it. The body has been seen, identified and will be laid to rest. But I have a feeling there's still a lot of Kanan's story left to be told. 

But before you dive into all the seeds Kanan planted before his death, and what the potential fallout will be, you have to consider how he died and by whose hand. 

Kanan succumbed to his gunshot wounds after a fierce battle with multiple police officers, but the people responsible for his death are none other than Tasha and Tariq. 

Tasha: Tariq, it's either me or Kanan.
Tariq: Find another way.

I never thought I'd see the day that Tariq would deviate from his horrible decision-making and do something that wasn't 99% selfish. Just like his father, Tariq looks out for Tariq and thinks that he knows better than most everyone around him. But Tasha seemingly got through to him this time. 

Deep in Thought - Power Season 5 Episode 8

He can be as mad as he wants to be at Ghost, with good reason, but Tasha, for all her flaws, has tried to protect him. Meanwhile, Kanan has been manipulating and endangering Tariq since they met. If given a choice between the two, there shouldn't even be a hesitation. 

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But when it comes to Kanan, Tariq has always been confused. That's why his decision to ultimately help his Mom set Kanan up was indeed a shock. 

The plan, devised with Angela's help, turned out to be a disaster and could have very well left Tariq dead -- a fact that I'm sure Ghost will not forget. 

Kanan's decision to spare Tariq's life was a full circle moment for the man who once murdered his own son in cold blood. By his warped logic, he was doing good by Tariq, and allowing him to live was perhaps a conscious choice to right a past wrong. 

Rest in peace you tough bastard.


Tommy just about sums up all there is to say about Kanan. The Power universe won't ever be the same. 

Differing Opinions - Power Season 5 Episode 8

Before his death, Kanan was pitting many people against each other, from Tariq and Ghost to Ghost and Tommy and now the Italians and Ghost. The question now becomes whether any of them realize they were being played by Kanan all along, especially Tommy.

If Tommy ever finds out what Kanan was up to with Jason behind him back, he would be grateful that Kanan was unable to follow through with his plan to take over Tommy's entire operation. 

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At this point, Tommy is all but done with Ghost, and for good reason. But Tommy is also blinded by Teresi, which is part of the reason why Ghost has continued toe kept him at arm's length. 

But something exciting happened in that both Angela and Proctor were tipped off to the information that Mak and Saxe have a CI who is gathering information on Tommy. If this gets back to Tommy, then maybe the pull Teresi has on him starts to lessen. 

Wait, who am I kidding? This is Tommy. He will probably think the CI is Ghost. 

Face to Face - Power Season 5 Episode 8

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • To protect himself, Proctor is willing to jump on the trash Angela train. The man is an accomplished lawyer, and he has a daughter to think about. You can't expect him to give that all up for Ghost and Tommy. By going after Angela, he does less damage to himself, so it makes sense. 
  • Dre versus Cristobal has been building all season. And right now Cristobal is slightly ahead. How Dre has managed to stay alive this long is the real mystery of the season. 
  • Keisha laying into Tasha about what a terrible friend she is to her was long overdue. Tasha does a lot of talking about Ghost's selfishness and control issues, but Tasha shares a lot of those same characteristics. 
  • Speaking of Keisha, the family dinner with her, Tommy, Teresi, and Connie was equal parts cringeworthy and informative. Keisha should know precisely what she's getting herself into at this point. Being in this life means doing a lot of things you never thought you were capable of doing. 
  • Did anyone else forget that Kanan had a last name?

This show has been riddled with death since the beginning, but at this point, have there been any deaths more impactful than Holly, Julio, and Kanan?

Kanan's death has completely flipped this show on its head. While one problem was eliminated, there are still countless obstacles to be overcome. And as the season draws to a close, who do you think will have the upper hand when the dust settles?

Make sure you leave a nice eulogy for Kanan in the comments and remember to watch Power online right now. The season is winding down, and you do not want to miss a second of the action!

A Friend of the Family Review

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Power Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I've got some shit to do. I'll drop the head by later.


Tasha: Framing someone is the right idea. But not Dre.
Angela: If not Coleman, then who?
Tasha: You know the name, Kanan Stark?