General Hospital Round-Up: The Truth Always Comes Out

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The truth was front and center this week in Port Charles. Oscar, Sonny and D.A. Dawson's lives were forever changed when each one of them was forced to deal with death in three very different scenarios.

I was thrilled Oscar learned about his brain tumor. Kim and Drew keeping their son in the dark about his cancer was not sitting well with me.

Too many people learned what was going on with Oscar, which meant it was only a matter of time before the secret was out. Thankfully General Hospital did not drag it out until November sweeps.

Kim and Drew - General Hospital

Cameron accusing Oscar of lying to Josslyn about his brain cancer got the ball rolling. Oscar walking in on Drew, Kim, and Dr. Terry Randolph, confirmed his frenemy Cam knew something he didn't.

My heart broke for the young teen as he realized not only was he dying but his mom and dad had been lying to him. Nothing Kim and Drew said could appease Oscar's anger and he had every right to be mad.

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Garren Stitt showed he has some serious acting chops this week. One of the best scenes of the week was Oscar alone in the hospital elevator, punching the walls and then slowly falling to the floor in tears.

A random run in between Oscar and Jason, showed these two growing a little bit closer. Oscar confided in Jason but also made him promise not to tell anyone about his tumor.

Jason and Oscar - General Hospital

Jason will keep his promise because that is who he is, but it will cost him. When Carly and Josslyn find out Jason kept such life-changing news from them, it will come back to bite him.

The scenes with Oscar and Jason were some of my favorite this week. I like that the writers are slowly building a relationship between these two. It is ironic Oscar confided in his father's twin, the one-person Drew would never confide in.

Oscar talking to Jason about death bonded them. It was as though the teen felt his uncle was the only person who could help him deal with his new reality.

Jason and Sam - General Hospital

Even though Jason is back from the dead, he does have some insight into dying. Jason's words eased his nephew's mind enough that Oscar eventually called his parents.

I only wish Jason had not hidden when Drew and Kim showed up get Oscar. It would have been nice to see Drew and Jason have a glance or moment of understanding, even for a second.

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There is a way for the writers to use this storyline to bridge the gap between the two brothers. I for one hope they take advantage of it and these two super talented men.

Jason running to Sam, realizing she knew the truth about Oscar, was pure JaSam joy. They didn't say much, but the looks they gave each other spoke volumes. The sadness, heartbreak, and revelation that life is short gave fans new hope these two are headed for reconciliation.

Jason and Sonny - General Hospital

Another big truth bomb this week was the dead body in the basement of Charlie's was D.A. Dawson's dad. Who couldn't' see that one coming from a mile away?

Ever since Margaux revealed to Drew that her father just disappeared one night when she was a little girl, it was obvious her dad was the guy Sonny shot all those years ago.

In true fashion, Sonny played it cool when Margaux and Jordan questioned him about the dead guy, Vincent Marino. He gave no indication he knew anything about Marino, despite his connection to Sonny's former boss Joe Scully.

He may have been chill at the police station, but back at home, Sonny could feel the walls closing in on him. The crime boss is scared and vulnerable, a side of him that fans don't always see but is very intriguing.

Margaux and Jordan - General Hospital

Although it took her a couple of days to figure it out, Margaux realized it was Sonny, not Mike who killed her father. She already wanted to bring down the mobster, but now she is out for blood.

Once the gun is found it could be game over for Sonny, who knows his days of freedom might be numbered. The storyline is great because it does heavily involve Mike and his Alzheimer's but let's hope it doesn't drag out too long.

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There is only so much of Sonny reliving what happened and Margaux complaining about him I can take. If it drags on too long, the story could get stale very quickly.

I will say though I love Elizabeth Hendrickson as an addition to the cast as Margaux. There is definitely more to this character than meets to eye. Hendrickson is doing an excellent job of making her likable despite her desire to ruin so many of our favorite characters lives.

Margaux and Drew - General Hospital

There are two been there done that storylines unfolding right now on General Hospital. The baby switch story and the Ryan Chamberlin returns story.

When Nelle got pregnant at the same time Brad and Lucas' impending adoption came together, it was clear a baby switch story was in the works.

Although I am not overly thrilled with the actual baby switch, I do feel the fallout of Brad's action will be enough to justify watching Michael be so close to his son without knowing it.

Laura and Ryan - General Hospital

I am already over the Ryan Chamberlin storyline, and it is just getting started. The only good thing about revisiting this 25-year-old story is that it is bringing Genie Francis back to GH.

In the coming weeks, I will have more on the baby switch, and Ryan Chamberlin returns stories, as I expect those to heat up, especially during sweeps.

What storylines have you glued to the TV and what ones have you hitting the fast-forward button? Share your thoughts in the below comments section.

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