Killjoys Season 4 Episode 8 Review: It Takes a Pillage

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There's no place like home.

But that wasn't a good thing when all the Jaqobises (Jaqobi?) returned to Telen on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 8,

Yes, family dynamics came to the forefront, not just on the planet's stormy surface but also above on Lucy.

An Awkward Homecoming - Killjoys

Jaq may not even be a week old, but he's already discovered what a conflicted family into which he was born.

Like any teenager, Jaq started the trip to his father's homeworld by being bored. At least we missed him saying  "Are we there yet?" although he must have.

Jaq got to meet his grandfather, Marris, who proved to be every bit the dick that D'avin and John always claimed he was.

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Alcoholic Marris claimed to be scared sober by D'avin's consciousness in Khylen's body back on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 5.

Despite his new-found sobriety, he didn't make his long-lost sons feel welcome, as the family fell back into their familiar dysfunction.

No wonder they never wanted to come back to Telen after this misadventure.

It was the perfect claustrophobic setup, with D'avin, John, Marris, Jaq, John's ex and a handful of Hullen all trapped in the family cabin by a silica storm.

I did love the looks of disbelief on Marris' face when D'av and John explained what they've been doing lately. The whole storyline is pretty unbelievable.

At last, Johnny finally learned the truth of why D'av left him alone with an angry drunk: he had no choice. Marris made him choose between the Army and jail. How was this abusive man allowed to be sheriff?

His replacement ended up being no gem either. It was sweet listening to John and Charlie reminisce, at first. Too bad she betrayed them.

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It's been established that the Hullen are everywhere. But it seemed a stretch to believe that they have human agents, such as Charlie, on every backwater planet such as Telen.

You had to feel bad for Jaq, who was getting all these versions of family history thrown at him despite his young age. There was too much information for him to process.

As the captive Hullen indicated, there's a whole lot more to Jaq, or the First Born, or the Heir, than anyone knows. His unnatural combat skills and his precognition likely just scratch the surface of his abilities.

Now the big question is whether he's going to stay with D'av and the Killjoys or return to Delle Sayeh, I vote for the former because she would be a terrible mother. I am curious to see to where she disappeared, however.

It was also entertaining to watch Dutch and Zephyr work out their issues.

But that came after Dutch discovered that her superweapon against the Hullen, which she had flown to the end of the quad to acquire, was, well, decaying, and that only Zeph could save it.

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Their scenes together proved a couple of things. One was that Dutch shouldn't do science since her idea of an experiment was to fly really fast around a sun. That's what happens when John is usually around to clean up all the technical messes.

The other was that Zeph remains an introverted nerd most at home in her lab. She gets to hang out with the cool kids, but she certainly wasn't one of them yet.

Dutch did the worst possible thing she could to Zeph by having Lucy mute her. After all, Zeph works out problems by using an endless stream of scientific jargon.

Dutch's plan to generate a dangerous level of G-force worked. But she would have been dead, and Lucy destroyed and the Jaqobis stranded if Zeph hadn't saved the day.

Could a hologram generate a laser beam hot enough to cause damage to a ship? Sure. Why not? It makes good drama to have science save the day.

More interesting was afterward when Zeph scolded Dutch for taking so many chances with her life. She didn't want to lose the big sister she has gained over the past two seasons.

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Dutch has learned enough to divine Zeph's mood, and she knew that Zeph's outburst wasn't just about her reckless behavior. Then she gave her a pep talk to challenge her to save Pip with science as well.

It was great to have Dutch and D'av forgive each other. Of course, that couldn't last, with that symbol that has been dominant in Khlyen's story appearing on Dutch's back.

The good news is that this will result in everyone getting back together next episode, as the Killjoys return to the Armada so that Zeph can find a way to save Dutch. Or will she have to go back to the Green, to set up the season finale battle versus The Lady?

Please don't let this storyline drag over into Killjoys Season 5.

To catch up as the finale approaches, watch Killjoys online.

Is Marris best in small doses? What's wrong with Dutch? What will Jaq do?

Comment below.

It Takes a Pillage Review

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jaq: There's sand in my boots.
D'avin: That's silica dust.
Jaq: There's silica in my boots.

John: This is a very important question: dark boots or the slightly dark boots?
Dutch: This is an extraction, Johnny, not popping down to Telen for a home-cooked meal and fresh laundry.