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No deal lasts for long in Teresa's world and Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 13 had agreements crumbling almost as quickly as they were made.

Cortez did hand over King George for Camila and send Teresa her shipment of cocaine, but that's where their deal detonated, literally. 

A Surprise Attack - Queen of the South

I hope Taza got his 50 kilos before they moved the drugs to the warehouse. 

Speaking of which, it was incredibly generous of Teresa to offer him twice the amount they had settled on if he worked on getting his tribe out of the drug business. Not only doesn't she force people into the life, she actively tries to get them out of it.

Cortez was so impatient to take over the Phoenix territory that he rigged his very first delivery to explode, and it was fun to watch his panic and fury when he found out that wasn't enough to take out the new Queen. 

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But Cortez's focus was split between taking out Teresa and toying with Camila. 

I was terrified for Isabela. It wouldn't have surprised me if we saw her in pieces in that kitchen about to be served as dinner. 

The scenes between Camila and Isabela were some of the few where I've felt Camila put someone above herself. 

Pull the trigger if it brings you peace. I will always love you, my daughter.


I believe she meant that. Camila was ready to die if it meant saving her daughter or allowing the young woman some peace, but the bullet never came to that, and that's an accomplishment for a woman who had a gun held to her head twice in one day!

I was surprised when James and Javier hesitated to put a bullet in Cortez when they had him cornered; then I realized they were going to capture him and bring him to Teresa instead. 

We finally got answers about Bilal.

King George: We’ve both buried family in this war, the ones we chose. It feels harder.
Teresa: It does.

That was when I knew that Teresa was going to hand Cortez over to King George.

He was the man who turned Batman into tacos, brutally murdered Kique Jimenez, and lobotomized Bilal for the fun of it. 

Despite all that, Teresa did give the General a chance at an easy death over the one he deserved. 

Cortez: You think I’m a fool. I know I’m already dead.
Teresa: You’re right, you’re not leaving here alive but how you die is up to you.
Cortez: Are you offering mercy?
Teresa: I’m offering you a bullet. You know the alternative.
Cortez: You live by the sword, you die by the sword. I knew this day was coming. As for Camila, you don’t have to find her. She’ll find you.
Teresa: I hope so.

It felt right that Boaz and King George were the ones to put an end to Cortez terror and the chainsaw was a barbarous but fitting resolution to the man who reveled in causing so many others so much pain. 

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But Cortez has been the most maniacal villain on the screen for the last two seasons. His death made me wonder who would take his place. 

General Cortez - Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 13

It turns out, there are some intriguing possibilities. 

Castel has been looking to usurp her Uncle Reynaldo's power for quite some time now, so it wasn't a shock when she went behind his back to make a deal with Teresa.

But like Teresa, I didn't trust her. Even when she turned Camila over to Teresa, I kept expecting the other shoe to drop, but that other shoe turned out to be the fact that she was holding Isabela as leverage.

Teresa: You’re going to live the rest of your life as a fugitive in your own country. I’m sending you into exile.
Camila: Kill me now or this won’t be the last time you see me.
Teresa: It will if you want Isabela to live. Castel has her and is keeping her safe, for now. You already destroyed her life. You killed her innocence. Try to make a move against me, you know what will happen to her.

When Teresa and Camila ended up face to face, I didn't think Teresa would kill her. Not that Teresa isn't capable of killing someone, but she's generally done the killing herself when her life has been in jeopardy. With all other circumstances, she's left those dirty deeds to James and Pote. 

Also, we just lost Cortez, so losing Camila as well seemed too much. Teresa needs her old nemesis around to keep things interesting, and I have little doubt that this won't be the last time these two face off, or perhaps Isabela will decide to go after Teresa herself. 

What was ironic was that Camila insisted that she and Isabela would never be safe if Teresa lived, but if they just left Teresa alone, I don't think she'd give them another thought. 

As King George pointed out, in 48 hours Teresa lost her main supplier, picked up another, took out General Cortez, and took over the territory from Phoenix, Arizona to Sinaloa, Mexico. 

That's one heck of a weekend. 

Coming Up With a Plan - Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 13

But the clear-cut victory was murkier than it appeared. 

James left, and I was a bit perturbed that Teresa didn't ask him to stay, but then again I guess they've had that conversation already, however brief. Plus Teresa isn't one to try to cajole someone to stay in her very dangerous sphere. 

Still, it felt off when James left, and we soon found out why. He was headed to turn himself over to Devon Finch.

Not only was Devon working with the CIA but Castel was also their asset, which explained the strange vibe Teresa was getting from the much too helpful woman. 

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As Devon told James, as long as Teresa remains useful, she's safe, but with Castel and James now in the CIA's pocket, it's uncertain what that means for Teresa's future. 

By the end, Teresa had hired Javier to replace James, and I'm curious to see how that plays out moving forward. She also upgraded her plane!

Where were Teresa and her crew headed next? That's anyone's guess. We have to hope that the USA network picks up Queen of the South for season 4 so that Teresa, Pote, James, and Camila's stories continue.

Until then, you can watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic.

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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

King George: We’ve both buried family in this war, the ones we chose. It feels harder.
Teresa: It does.

Taza: The shipment looks good. Two hundred kilos as promised.
Teresa: Fifty are yours.
Taza: That’s twice what we talked about.
Teresa: You got into this business to help your tribe survive. If you agree to leave in five years I’ll double your pay until then.
Taza: You have my word.