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A lot can change in a year. 

That was the big reveal on Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 1 which picked up a year later and found the family anticipating the return of Eve. 

The reason?

She was away to the Air Force Academy, but was she even excited about the prospect of returning to her family?

Meanwhile, Ryan's anxiety about current events paved the way for a shock announcement. 

How did everyone react to it?

Use the video above to watch Last Man Standing online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get caught up with all the latest laughs on this hit Fox drama. 

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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Kyle: I am trying to DVR my favorite TV show but it is not on.
Vanessa: Oh, well maybe it got canceled. The TV business can be heartless.
Kyle: It didn't get canceled. Why would they cancel a popular TV show that everybody loves?
Mike: Maybe they're a bunch of idiots. Just try another channel.
Vanessa: Oh Mike, they don't just take a show off of one network and put it on another.
Kyle: Hey there it is! You were right Mr. B.
Mike: Is it me or is it way better on this network?

Mike: How are you doing?
Ryan: I am good. You actually made me realize it is time to get serious and stop being a victim and take some control over my life.
Mike: See, you just needed a little push.
Ryan: So I am moving the family to Canada.
Vanessa: You're moving to Canada?
Ryan: Look I know it is kind of sudden, so please try not to overreact.
Vanessa: You're ripping my grandbaby from my arms!