Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Sweet Tooth

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Well, if the sisters weren't careful before Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 3 about their house guests, they certainly have to be now. 

It was bad enough when Nico almost saw the Book of Shadows and Macy using her powers. Could you imagine if she walked into the attic and saw a demon chained up in there?

That would be pretty hard to explain away. 

Shopping Trip - Charmed Season 1 Episode 3 - Charmed (2018)

Not being able to tell Nico the truth is eating Mel alive. 

She doesn't know how to have a relationship with her when she's keeping such a huge secret. Even though she's gay, she's never had to hide who she was before. Her mom encouraged her to be open and never to be ashamed of herself, so until now, she's never been in the closet. 

She absolutely hates having to hide that she's a witch from someone she loves, but for now, she has no choice. 

At least knowing that she's protecting her could bring her some solace. 

Mel: Harry, you were right. I was being reckless and I almost killed Macy.
Harry: See? Teachable moment. But lest you forget, you also brought down an immensely powerful demon and you were the first to suspect Angela Wu might be the vessel.
Mel: Hold on. Was that a compliment?

Harry promised that when the right time came, he would help her get the permission she needs to tell Nico the truth. That has to be enough for the time being. 

We know now why Harry has been so hard on her, and why he is so adamant that they protect their secret. He lost another witch once because she trusted the wrong person. It's tragic, and it's understandable that he wants these women to learn from that experience, but he also has to realize they're not her. 

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Not every situation is the same, and just because it ended badly for one witch, doesn't mean it will work for Mel or her sisters. They're a long way off from telling anyone the truth, but when it happens, hopefully, they will be 100% sure the person is trustworthy. 

Still, this is a story Harry probably should have shared with them sooner. Maybe then Mel would have understood where he was coming from and not given him such a hard time. 

Halloween Party - Charmed Season 1 Episode 3 - Charmed (2018)

Mel and Maggie are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their focus on magic. 

Mel is almost too focused on it, but in the way that she wants to jump in head first without a plan in place. She's reckless with her magic, and nearly gets Macy killed as a result. 

On the other side, Maggie is not focused enough and is allowing her social life to take priority, much to Harry's chagrin. 

Maggie: As much as I'd like to help with Operation Cookie Monster, I've got bigger problems.
Mel: Let me guess, Kappa crisis?
Maggie: I owe Lucy $200 for a pledge retreat, so I had to pick up an extra shift.
Mel: You're right, that is way more important than saving the world from certain doom.

She's using her powers for personal gain and not considering the consequences. She's lucky all she ended up with is a huge pimple; it could have been a lot worse. Anyone who watched the original series knows how much damage can be done when magic is used for personal gain. 

It's a learning curve though, and that's the best part of having a reboot. The original series was at its best in the beginning, before the sisters became magical experts. As the years went on, they became practically invincible (literally in Piper's case), and that caused it to become stale at times. 

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The longer these witches stay vulnerable, the higher the stakes, and the more invested we become. 

The growing pains may be frustrating to them, but no one wants to see them master their powers overnight. 

That being said, they do need to make small strides towards learning to control their powers, and we're already beginning to see that. Macy scored a huge win in that department against the Harbinger. 

Macy and Galvin - Charmed Season 1 Episode 3 - Charmed (2018) - Charmed (2018)

I think it's awesome that Macy is still a virgin, and Galvin seems like the type of guy who would be more than willing to be patient. 

That might not be the easiest thing to share with a guy she likes, but if he can't handle it, then he's not the right guy for her. Something tells me he's not going anywhere though. They make a cute couple. 

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I had high hopes for Parker for a minute, too, until it was revealed that he's Lucy's boyfriend. Of course, he is. 

Why do guys on TV always flirt with girls when they have a girlfriend? They pull adorable meet-cute's to later reveal that the guy is taken. Maggie is already having a hard enough time dealing with Lucy and pledging Kappa; she doesn't need to add in a competition for Parker's affections. 

Let him go, Maggie, you can do better. 

Tracking Down a Demon - Charmed (2018)

So what are these ladies going to do about the demon chained up in their attic? That has to be a temporary solution, right? She certainly can't stay up there forever; and sorry Mel, but she is not like having the puppy Maggie always wanted. 

Are you guys enjoying the series so far? Is Parker going to cause trouble for Maggie? Will Mel find a way to keep her secret and still have a relationship with Nico? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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Sweet Tooth Review

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Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Maggie: As much as I'd like to help with Operation Cookie Monster, I've got bigger problems.
Mel: Let me guess, Kappa crisis?
Maggie: I owe Lucy $200 for a pledge retreat, so I had to pick up an extra shift.
Mel: You're right, that is way more important than saving the world from certain doom.

Macy: Sugar?
Mel: No, I take it black.
Macy: Sugar!
Mel: Shouting is not going to make me want it any more.