Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Fathers and Sons

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Is Ruzek's dad dirty?

That was the question Ruzek wrestled with on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5.

However, he knew in his gut that his father was a good man. Or at least he hoped he was.

The Name is Jake - Tall  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5

And rightfully so because Bob Ruzek turned out to be innocent. 

Well, at least after Voight backdated the paperwork to show that he was undercover all along to help them bust Spiro. 

Bob wasn't involved in anything Spiro and his goons were up to.

He did, however, know something shady was going on and turned a blind eye because he needed the extra money following a string of bad investments.

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On one hand, I can't blame the guy for wanting a side hustle. But, on the other hand, couldn't he just go work at Starbucks or something? 

As a cop, he should have realized that strippers plus luxury cars plus men "taking care of" things equated to shady dealings. 

Adam, is there a chance your dad's dirty?


And if somehow he missed that memo, he should have picked up on it when he saw Ruzek working undercover trying to take Spiro down. 

Or again when Ruzek flat-out told him to get out of the situation.

Bob was almost as bad as Rita trying to justify that Spiro was a "good man."

I will never understand how a chick could think that a dude with several cell phones and the power to "take care" of a sick girl in the club is a good guy.

Drug Mules - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5

What planet do you live on? Do you think he calls up his Immediate Care provider?

But all criticism aside, Chicago PD delivered one of its better episodes of the season as it was an unexpected, anxiety-laden thrill ride from start to finish. 

I almost felt like it was a "choose your own adventure" episode because either way the pendulum swung, it would have made for effective twists and cliffhangers.

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Personally, I thought Bob was dirty, but I'm glad he was clean because the whole "dirty cop" storyline is getting to be a little played out at this point. 

My anxiety was through the roof when Ruzek's street-ego "Jake" and Upton's "Riley" realized that good old dad was working at the strip club. 

Bob's been in the force for too long to make rookie mistakes, but in dire circumstances, every possibility went through their minds and my mind.

I figured you were undercover. Why else would you be dressed like such a jackass?

Bob Ruzek

Would he out them? Would he accidentally slip up and call Ruzek his son?

It became too obvious that somehow, someway, Bob would end up messing up the final deal. 

I don't doubt that if it hadn't been for Bob's meddling, the deal would have gone through allowing Voight and the squad to make a clean bust. 

But, there's always a greater sense of tension when family members are involved in a case. 

I'm Not Dirty - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5

We've seen it when Atwater's nephew witnessed a murder, we've seen it with every storyline involving Jay and Will Halstead, and we saw it with Ruzek and his father. 

Bob felt as though he needed to protect his son which is why no one held it against him.

But boy, those shots were flying! 

Of course, since Ruzek and Upton began sleeping together, they were conveniently paired up on the case.

Upton sold the "party girl" persona better than Burgess ever could, and unsurprisingly, Ruzek nailed the preppy rich boy act. 

I did have an issue with Upton looking the other way when Ruzek refused to report his father.

We have to look at the facts, Adam. Like it or not, your dad is working for this prick.


For someone as opinionated and uncompromising, Upton let us down because of her newfound closeness with Ruzek. 

She eventually came to her senses and stood up to him but only after Rita was murdered.

All of this means she's developing real feelings for the pretty boy. Come on, Ruzek keeps getting prettier by the minute. Maybe not smarter, but definitely prettier. 

We even got further proof that her feelings were more than just "friends with benefits" when she came to the hospital to check up on him. 

And did you see the way they reached for each other's hands in the elevator?

Atwater and Burgess - Chicago PD

It won't be long before everyone else in the unit picks up on the chemistry between them. 

Atwater's facial expressions throughout this episode are exactly how I feel about him not having any storylines lately. 

Does he not have a life outside of work? How is it that he doesn't have a lady friend?

Maybe he'll finally be the one to break the mold and date outside of the limited circle. 

And as always, I have a bone to pick with the inconsistencies of overlapping storylines on multiple shows. 

Chicago Med is dealing with a massive case involving Will Halstead, but it wasn't even mentioned on Chicago PD!

It doesn't require a full-on crossover episode to simply align storylines!

And speaking of inconsistencies, how is Antonio's arm doing?

We'll get it right one day, I know we will. 

To get your fix, watch Chicago PD online at TV Fanatic and then sound-off in the comments. 

I know you are all going to have a lot to say! 

Fathers and Sons Review

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Adam, is there a chance your dad's dirty?


I figured you were undercover. Why else would you be dressed like such a jackass?

Bob Ruzek