Days of Our Lives Round Table: EJ is Alive!

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EJ Dimera is alive if not quite well and being held by Kristen, Nicole and Eric reunited, and Mimi lamented letting her mother use her baby to trick Lucas on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Soaps4ever from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss EJ’s return, Hattie’s future and who is their favorite female character currently in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Brady appeared to confirm that it was EJ in the wheelchair. Are you happy to know he’s still alive and how do you hope this plays out?

Soaps4ever: That was an interesting scene. It's good to know EJ's alive but I'd like to know what happened to him and if he can recover. I'm undecided how it should play out.

Jack: I’m hoping this is someone else being groomed to believe they are EJ. I don't want to see EJ back in Salem and I definitely don't want him anywhere near Sami.

Christine: I’d love to see EJ back but only if he’s played by James Scott. He had such chemistry with everyone, especially Sami. I absolutely want to see EJ and Sami reunited but I won’t be happy unless it is the original character in the role.

Asking for a Favor - Days of Our Lives

Does it bother you how Sami can wrap Rafe around her little finger whenever she wants?

Soaps4ever: Yes that does bother me a bit but Rafe is not one of my favorite characters and since it annoys Hope, I'm mostly okay with it, because most of the time Hope is irritating.

Jack: Not really. Sami and Rafe are far more enjoyable than Hope and Rafe. Rafe was actually likable in his scenes with her! And he does stand up to her, Hope's opinion notwithstanding, which is something I like in a couple.

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Christine: I actually find it really entertaining. It’s odd how Rafe can be likable around Sami but completely irritating when paired with Hope. I was never a huge fan of Sami and Rafe when they were together but I do enjoy them as friends.

Sharing With Stefan - Days of Our Lives

Why do characters share so much with Stefan when they barely know him?

Soaps4ever: That is a great question. I'm guessing they think Stefan has a lot of power or is a good listener and can maybe help fix things for them or be a sounding board. And once they start talking, Stefan has a way of keeping them going.

Jack: I have no idea! Every time I see Stefan I think he's taking up screen time that could be used on people I'd rather see (like JJ, who gets barely any screen time).

Christine: It makes no sense! Stefan has done nothing to make him trustworthy and plenty to show he’s a despicable human being, and yet, the residents of Salem keep confiding in him. I just don’t get it.

Keeping Her In Line - Days of Our Lives

What should happen with Hattie now that Marlena is awake?

Soaps4ever: I would like to see her have some sort of life for herself and maybe serve out her sentence some other way than prison. She can be devious but she has a childlike quality. I love it when she is in scenes.

Jack: I think Hattie should go be Hattie and Marlena should go back into that room. Hattie roaming around bothering Roman wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't in a hospital gown and if she stopped pretending to be Marlena and just called herself by her real name.

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Christine: I hope Hattie doesn’t end up back in prison because there are no decent burgers there! She’s a wild card but is entertaining in small doses. I wouldn’t mind seeing her embarking on her own story.

Arrested Again - Days of Our Lives

Who is your favorite female character currently on Days of Our Lives?

Soaps4ever: That would be Hattie.

Jack: Nicole has always been my favorite but they've so watered her down with this awful storyline. I think Kayla is my favorite nowadays.

Christine: I’m torn between Nicole and Sami. Yes, they’re both flawed, and they’ve weakened Nicole in recent years, but they generally fight for what they want and won’t back down from a fight easily. I love it when they’re determined and enjoy it even more during the rare occasions when they’ve worked, or schemed, together.

A Family Reunion - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Soaps4ever: I didn't like how most of the Nicole/ Eric scenes were done. Somehow I think they could have been better. Eric was determined they would be together and they were talking about killing Xander. A negative solution to a difficult problem never works.

Jack: I don't like this Nicole return story. Eric is such a jerk! One minute Jen is the love of his life, the next Nicole is. And it's basically a rerun of the Theresa/Mateo story. Can't the writers think of anything but a woman being coerced into living with a man?

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Also, I know DAYS tapes six months in advance but I thought they should have replaced the hourglass at the end of the show with an In Memory of Peggy McCay placard the day after her death was announced since she was such an integral part of the show for so many years.

Christine: I’m really disliking Mimi’s return. I can’t believe she let her mother hand off her child! I’m also not liking how she’s constantly bad mouthing Chloe. This isn’t high school anymore!

I wish Eric and Nicole would have waited before hitting the sheets, or the sofa. Why couldn’t there have been some build up to them getting back together? And any scenes with Stefan are just a waste of air time.

Peggy McCay Attends Days of Our Lives Celebration

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives? 

Soaps4ever: My favorite scene was Hope apologizing to Sami, also any scenes with Hattie.

Jack: I loved Jen and Maggie's talk. Maggie was really channeling Alice there, complete with coming over with baked goods as well as a listening ear.

I also was surprised by how much chemistry Xander and Kristen had. I have little use for either of these characters but when they were on screen together I enjoyed them.

Christine: Despite their quickie on the couch, Eric and Nicole have great chemistry and I enjoyed most of their scenes together. And despite a questionable storyline, I’m enjoying Xander interacting with Kristen as well.

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