Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Ommegang

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If Martin and Lenora could turn back time, they probably would.

Banks seemed shady from the very beginning, but when your choices are limited, you take what you can get.

And while Banks did get them into Angola on Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2, being handed over to General De Graaf was quite unexpected.

Deep in Discussion - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2

Lenora should have known better than to trust a guy who wasn't satisfied with just sex as payment. The minute he demanded a two-carat diamond as well, she should have started looking for someone else to smuggle them into the country.

But she was desperate to make a weapons deal, so she settled for what was in front of her. She also had a crush on Banks because not only was she a little too comfortable calling him Gary, she was extremely angry at herself in the truck when she found out he was in cahoots with De Graaf.

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If she would have been on her A-game, she never would have made such a silly mistake, but the stresses of the situation back home might be causing her to falter, even if she isn't fully aware of it.

It's almost as if she's a reflection of what's happening in East Germany -- as communism starts fading away piece by piece, so too is her old persona.

Not that she'll ever lose who she is because she's still a badass, but the iron cape she has around her is starting to fray.

After Sex - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2

Martin himself wasn't too happy with the situation. It was his idea to go to Angola and now not only are the kids at the orphanage going to be murdered, so is he and Lenora.

But if there's one thing we know, it's that Martin is smart and resourceful. 

Walter: Those fireside chats with Reagan clouded Gorbachev's mind.
Annett: Or the CIA spiked his vodka.

The fact that Roberto is at the camp is going to be to their advantage, and it wouldn't be surprising if he ends up being the one who rescues them from De Graaf's clutches.

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Discovering that Roberto has been recruited into the militia isn't going to be easy for Martin to digest, but it's also going to open his eyes as to how ridiculous the entire conflict has become not only between the east and west but everywhere in between.

Martin and Lenora are about to have an epiphany, and it's going to change everything.

Someone else about to have an epiphany is Brigitte. 

Stealing the Necklace - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2

She overlooked Martin's strange dental filling, but the missing necklace is going to send her thinking into overdrive. 

She knows that the only person who could possibly have taken it would have been Martin, and once she connects the dots between the filling and the intruder attack, she's going to figure out that Martin isn't who he claims.

And if she decides to do some digging -- and she has many resources at her disposal to do so -- she might uncover the truth which won't be good for Martin if he survives Angola.

Comrade Hartmann: When you look into the sky at night, you feel like part of something grand. There are so many suns. And moons. And when you add the possibility of life on other planets, well, you don't feel so alone.
Annett: No one feels alone in East Germany.

There's part of me that thinks Brigitte will become his ally anyway, and it has nothing to do with her lust for him. There's just something about her, and she might be harboring some secrets of her own that go beyond having illicit affairs behind her husband's back.

She kicked the intruder's ass and then killed him without a second thought, and I don't think this was her first time at the rodeo. She's got some history in her, and hopefully, we'll find out what it is very soon.

My favorite moments of the hour was every scene Brigitte and Martin had together. 

Back in Action

She made it clear from the minute he sat in the chair that she wanted him, and she would be as gentle or as rough as he liked.

She realized he'd probably prefer the more gentle version after he became a bit squeamish about having to have his filling removed, and he did seem to appreciate her gentle tease as she led him to her bedroom.

It was strange that he seemed to be operating on autopilot for a while, but after the potential disaster with her husband showing up passed, he did enjoy himself a bit more.

Still, it was clear he had regrets about taking Brigitte's necklace.

Burying the Evidence - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2

It wasn't just that he didn't want to steal from her, which he didn't, but the reasons why he was stealing it in the first place was causing him conflict.

And as it turned out, it was a bad choice because of the situation he and Lenora now found themselves.

Other Thoughts

  • Annett needs to wake up and smell the roses. Hartmann was right when he said the East Germans were alone. How could she think any different when people were standing in line for pantyhose?
  • Walter got a little too excited when Hartmann mentioned The Love Boat. He was either afraid someone had discovered his secret or was hoping that someone else shared it!
  • I'm not liking the Alex Ebel storyline at all. The AIDS epidemic was a huge part of the 80s, but it doesn't seem to fit with the general flow of the rest of the story. 
  • I also don't understand Thomas' storyline but maybe it'll become more clear as the season progresses. All these other threads don't really seem necessary.
  • I was a little thrown off by the new Tobias. That was the Tobias (although a different actor) Alex had an affair with in Deutschland83, right?

Over to you!

What did you think of the latest installment of Deutschland86?

Will Brigitte become Martin's ally? Will Roberto save the day?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Walter: Those fireside chats with Reagan clouded Gorbachev's mind.
Annett: Or the CIA spiked his vodka.

Don't worry about her. She only bites blacks.