General Hospital: Drew, Sam & Jason Triangle Stalled One Year Later

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It has been one year since Jason came back from the dead and Drew found out he was Drew, not Jason.

The tale of two brothers left Sam in the middle of two men she dearly loved. Jason, the husband she thought she lost five years ago and the father of her son Danny.

Then there is Drew. The man she thought was Jason for three years and the father of her baby girl Scout.

Sam Drew Jason - General Hospital

Despite initially choosing Drew, Sam finally realized she still had feelings for Jason and has now spent months finding herself. She is doing her best to avoid having to choose between the two men.

What fans anticipated to be an amazing, entertaining and suspenseful love triangle has stalled thanks to Sam choosing herself. All hope for either couple and an exciting story vanished.

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Both men want to be with Sam but have been giving her the space she needs. Neither Drew nor Jason appears to be pushing their lady love to make a decision, perhaps because they both are afraid of her answer.

The storyline has gotten incredibly dull, and I expected more when Steve Burton returned. I didn't expect Sam to choose right away, but I thought a year later she would be closer to getting back together with Jason or Drew.

General Hospital - Drew Sam

There has been nothing but Sam trying to be part of each man's life platonically. She has been trying to balance co-parenting with each both of them, as well as being their pal and confidante.

At least Drew had the guts to tell Sam it was too hard to be around her as friends. He was honest with her on his birthday that she could not be his go-to person anymore.

His honesty was the most refreshing part of this storyline. Drew is at least not going make the situation harder for himself by playing best friend with his ex-wife.

 General Hospital Sam

I thought this was a fantastic moment and had hoped it might push the storyline in one direction or another but it did not.

If Sam honestly does want to be by herself that is great. But she needs to make it clear to both Drew and Jason she does not have a future with either of them.

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She is definitely confused and cares about both men. Sam's reaction and scenes with Drew regarding Oscar's illness prove there is still a deep love between them.

JaSam fans got their hopes up a couple of weeks ago when Jason and Sam had a heated make-out session. However, their hope vanished when once again Sam chose herself.

I do think Sam truly wants to be with Jason. I think she does care about Drew and loves him, but it is not the same as Jason. He has her heart, her soul and is her other half.

She knows deep in her heart which is the man for her, but she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

I realize not all fans agree with my thoughts. There are plenty of Drew and Sam fans who believe they belong together.

Drew and Jason - General Hospital

Regardless of which couple you are rooting for; the entire love triangle story has stalled. It is boring.

Sam has meaningful, loving scenes with Drew. Sam then bonds with Jason, as she helps him figure out the latest crisis with Carly or Sonny.

Since the beginning of the year, it has been the same formula week after week. I know General Hospital loves to drag out storylines, but enough is enough.

November sweeps are coming up, so I really hope the writers have plans to jumpstart this storyline. Whatever the outcome the writers have planned does not matter at this point, just move the story along.

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Even Sam’s younger singer Kristina urged her to get back together with Jason this week. She was drunk and crossed a line, but she said what everyone is thinking, choose!

I would rather see Sam with Drew, even though he is not my first choice than to continue seeing this stalled love triangle.

Unfortunately, with the Ryan Chamberlin story and Oscar dying plus suing his parents' story, I don't really see the Drew, Sam, and Jason love triangle story getting wrapped up anytime soon.

 General Hospital Jason and Sam

The good news is there are far more exciting and entertaining plotlines happening on General Hospital these days. Fans can enjoy Spencer being back, Nina getting to know her "daughter," as well as Laura running against Ned for mayor.

Who do you think Sam should choose, Drew, Jason or move on with someone entirely new?

One year later are you happy with where Jason, Sam and Drew are at regarding their love triangle?

I can't be the only one frustrated with this stalled storyline. Share your thoughts in the below comments section or connect with TV Fanatic on Twitter and Facebook.

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