How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Whose Blood is That?

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Bonnie is always in some mess.

If someone asked you to describe this series in a few quick sentences, that would have to fall in there somewhere. Even when it seems like she's off minding her own business, she's involved in everything.

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 2, Nate was busy looking into her past, Miller was showing her some much-needed affection and in the future, she was being ridiculously shady. Just another typical day for Bon Bon. 

Annalise Preps a Case - How to Get Away with Murder

It's been hard to be Team Bonnie throughout these past five seasons, as she's done some despicable things, much like most of these characters, but I mustn't forget the trauma she endured in her past nor the toxic, co-dependent relationship she had with the Keating's for so many years. 

So it's nice to see DA Miller seemingly taking a genuine interest in her. And Nate and Frank also seemingly trying to look out for her as well, in their own way. I think. 

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It's still completely unclear what Frank is doing, who he's giving updates to about Gabriel and just what exactly he does with his life on a day to day basis. He's trying to protect Gabriel from someone, but who? Bonnie or Annalise?

Thus far, Gabriel doesn't come off the least bit threatening. He's a smart, handsome, charismatic guy, whose only fault at this point, is the fact that he owns a flip phone in the year 2018. But Frank isn't letting his fascination go and he's even sleeping with girls and paying them just to get more access to the kid. 

Standing Up - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 2

Also, is anyone else looking forward to seeing how Gabriel decorates that death trap of an apartment? Since we are destined to never get rid of it, I'd like to see it get a fresh coat of paint, maybe some paintings. Let's get it all spruced up before someone gets killed in there or goes missing eventually.  

In the present day, the Gabriel mystery is by far the most intriguing storyline, but it's sharing time with the class action cases, as the students via for the free tuition. The case this week involved a gay Muslim woman, Nanda, who plead guilty to running over her wife. 

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Michaela's plea to show the judge the incompetence of Nanda's public defender was the right play in the beginning and Michaela continues to walk that fine line as baby Annalise. But, it was very interesting to hear the defender lay into Annalise.

It's looking like a common theme throughout the season will be the negative impact of Annalise's stunning victory. It was never going to be smooth sailing for her, but the vitriol she received from that lawyer feels like just a taste of what some others may feel. 

Annalise: You did good.
Michaela: That was all you.
Annalise: Well, you knew what you didn't know and you admitted it. That's what grownups do.

Finding out that the deceased woman's son was a closet bigot, was, unfortunately, one of the least surprising things to happen during this hour. Although it's hard to imagine he co-existed with this woman for quite some time and no one was aware of the hatred he held.

Hands Up - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 2

He turned from sad, depressed orphan to raging, xenophobic racist real quick. 

Annalise needed to win her first case in connection to the class action suit and she did just that. But now that she's being forced to take on more cases at C&G, we'll have to see how she's able to balance the two different arenas. 

Working on something she was passionate about brought her back to life. And going back to cases that she doesn't feel connected to could lead her down a bad path. 

And now that she knows about Bonnie and Miller, there's just no way she will keep her nose out of that situation. Denver nearly cost them all everything and if Bonnie thought Annalise was just going to accept her new boo, then she's just not very smart. 

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Speaking of not smart, when I saw Laurel sitting in that conference room about to talk to Emmett and Tegan, I had flashbacks of How To Get Away With Murder Season 4 Laurel, who literally made stupid decision after stupid decision. 

However, Laurel actually came up with a decent plan to appease Tegan and get something in return. 

Maybe these children are growing up before our very eyes. Maybe all the death and destruction has finally shown them what's important in life, like not overstepping your place in the courtroom and getting your child into a decent daycare. 

Or maybe in two and a half months, they will be right back in the middle of a whodunnit mystery, unlike anything we've seen before.

I can't wait!

All Eyes On You - How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 2

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Nate is continuing to follow the 'child still alive' angle and it brought him to DC, where he found out the child was abducted from a hospital. Nate seemed to recognize the abductor, which makes you think it must be Bonnie. But if that's true, what? What did she do with that baby?
  • Asher working for the DA's office now and having a newfound vendetta against Annalise will come into play at some point. I want all the good things for Asher but I don't know about this. 
  • Franking using Christopher to help him pick up Gabriel's roommate, just to sleep with her and then bribe her with cash to evict him is peak Frank-ness. Never change, Frank. 
  • My working theory for the flash-forward? Miller is the guy Bonnie is suffocating. Perhaps he was getting to close to finding out some things and well when that happens, you can't be left around to talk. 

This season is already off to a strong start! What did you guys think about 'Whose Blood Is That'? What are your early feelings about the flash-forwards? Who do you think Gabriel Maddox really is?

Make sure you leave your comments down below and watch How to Get Away with Murder online right now so you can join in the discussion!

Whose Blood is That? Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Annalise: You know better than to over-promise.
Michaela: I was instilling confidence.
Annalise: I'll do that. You focus on legal.
Michaela: This is my case. I need to focus on everything.
Annalise: Oh, no. This is my case. And I'll take it away from you at any point.

You owe me tuition, the way I'm schooling you out here.

Gabriel [to Frank]