Manifest Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Reentry

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Things are shaping up for NBC's new hit drama. 

The passenger list was whittled down to a more manageable 20 people on Manifest Season 1 Episode 2. Well, make that 19 after Kelly's unfortunate end. 

But there's more to consider than just what happened to flight 828 to make it disappear for five years. We're also all very interested in what happens to the passengers and their loved ones now that they're back. 

Under Scrutiny - Manifest

I was a little disappointed that Grace's secret was as mundane as another relationship, but that's just because I let my imagination ran away with me. It isn't actually a bad plot, and it was nicely juxtaposed to Mick's situation with Jared and Lourdes. 

Just because Ben now knows that Grace had been seeing another man doesn't mean that we should expect this story to evaporate. Even though she took her husband to bed, she hasn't actually broken things off with the mystery man. 

The relationship was serious enough that Olive felt comfortable sharing a secret from her mother with him, so this was no fling. Honestly, it's surprising that this guy wasn't living with the Stone ladies. 

Michaela: Grace, look, I know you guys didn't have a perfect marriage, but really? He is -- he is your husband.
Grace: I know. I know. And I love him. God help me. I didn't even remember how much I loved him until he came back.

Athena Karkanis nailed the scene where Michaela discovered Grace's secret. Everything, from her mournful gazing out of the window and letting the curtain fall back to her struggling explanations to her sister-in-law, was spot on.

Grace's revelation might be difficult for the Stones to overcome, but at least she's honest. What are the odds Michaela will be able to repair her friendship with Lourdes after lying to her? 

Especially when Jared basically admitted that he's still in love with her?

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Foreseeing a messy situation coming down the pike is easy. If you think that Michaela (or I guess we're calling her Mick now) isn't going to be partnered up with Jared, well, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you. 

It's hard to like Jared yet. He's got his head so far up his ass about Mick and Lourdes it's not even funny. It's not endearing to have him chastise Michaela. He needs to take a step back and let the ladies work things out themselves. 

And if he hasn't figured out that there's some weird ish going on with Michaela and Ben by Manifest Season 1 Episode 4, I'm seriously going to doubt his detective skills. 

Jared: Please don't punish Lourdes.
Michaela: I'm not punishing her, Jared, but I saw her and you and I felt like puking or fainting or both.
Jared: If you could just put yourself in her shoes --
Michaela: Really? Is that where you're gonna go?

The outlook isn't great for Michaela reestablishing her remaining female friendship, but I can't be the only one hoping that they work things out. 

Michaela's breakdown at the therapist's office was moving, and she desperately needs someone outside of all the insanity to ground her. Her relationship with Grace seems like a one step forward, two steps back type situation, and besides, Ben will always be between them. 

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Ben and Michaela are being set up as two sides of a philosophical coin. God or science? Fate or free will? 

It's interesting that Michaela, the cop, the one that we would traditionally expect to follow the evidence and abhor the concept of coincidence, seems to be the true believer. Or maybe she's just playing devil's advocate. 

Meanwhile, Ben's profession is still unclear. He's a teacher, apparently a professor ... but of what exactly? And if he does get a job, how will he fit in all of his (divinely inspired?) missions? 

Plea for Help - Manifest Season 1 Episode 2

The idea that there's a benevolent, divine presence behind 828's disappearance was pretty much shot to hell along with Kelly. Although maybe shot is the wrong word here. 

My first assumption was that somebody put a bullet through her brain, but we never actually saw how she met her end, just as we didn't see who exactly offed her. 

The shadowy presence who followed her home is undoubtedly menacing, and the fact that the same presence is showing up in Cal's drawings of his future is more than a little alarming. 

Savior - Manifest Season 1 Episode 2

And that's not the only thing freaking out our high-maintenance eleven-year-old. Who wouldn't be disturbed by a stranger grabbing your kid on the street?

It may have been unsettling, but it's also probably going to be pretty significant later. I pray there's no Cult of Cal coming our way. 

But all of that is going to be put on the back burner for a bit. 

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First, Michaela and Ben will both be drawn into investigating Kelly's murder on Manifest Season 1 Episode 3 ("Turbulence"). We all know that Vance and his minions will be looking into things as well -- will the Stone siblings butt heads with the Feds?

Outside of the great mystery of 828, we'll get more time with Olive and Cal. I won't lie, I'm here for these two. It may not be fair to lay too much at the feet of children, but twins that suddenly have a five-year age difference as well as share a twin bond? 

Just because they share some freaky bond and Olive somehow knew he was alive all that time doesn't mean that things will be hunky-dory fine between them. Even the closest brothers and sisters fight and have secret resentments after all. 

Olive: I knew Cal wasn't dead.
Ben: You did?
Olive: I don't know if it was some kind of twin thing, but I could -- I could feel him, alive...

So what did you think of "Reentry?" Did it live up to your expectations? Would you lie to make somebody else feel better like Michaela did? Could you forgive your spouse for moving on? Did you find Cal's complaints endearing or annoying? 

Science or God?

We want to hear what you thought of Manifest Season 1 Episode 2, so sound off in the comments section below. And as always, remember that you can watch Manifest online with us anytime!

Watch the teaser for Manifest Season 1 Episode 3 below:

Reentry Review

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Manifest Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Therapist: I'm trying to help you process the magnitude of changes in your life in the past five years.
Michaela: Last four days.
Therapist: That's my point. To absorb so much change in so little time. You don't have to hide your emotions.

Ben: That music? You don't -- you don't hear that?
Olive: Maybe Alexa acting up in the den?
Ben: Who's Alexa?