Modern Family Season 10 Episode 3 Review: A Sketchy Area

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On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 3, the theme is the future and how it can be unexpected. Except for Mitch and Cam who were their usual superficial selves.

Does it seem to anyone else that whatever child is put in their care disappears? They were raising Pam's child while she was in prison on Modern Family Season 10 Episode 1. Now he's gone.

An Unflattering Sketch - Modern Family

The same thing happened to Lily during most of Modern Family Season 9.

What are they doing with the children?

I'm starting to think Modern Family might not see them as parenting material. Or maybe it's the fans who don't see them that way. Either way, their children go missing.

Ok, so what does real estate equal? Eighty percent contact.


Please stop giving Mitch and Cam kids. The little guys step into the void that is the Tucker/Pritchett household, and they rarely return.

Aside from the eerily missing children, Mitch and Cam's story was weak. They're reaching trying to find something to do with these two, and the courtroom drama wasn't it.

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I know they're a snarky couple, but it doesn't make sense for Mitch and Cam to go through their renter's space. They have invaded a renter's space before, but it was because they were suspicious of them.

Mitch in the Courtroom - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 2

This guy was just a run of the mill renter guy. They're not going to enter his rented space and eat his basket of goodies.

The whole point of the courtroom was to give them something to do. Maybe the writers were trying to tie Cam's sleuth skills into another career possibility. That's the only way it would fit into where they were going in this episode.

It just didn't fit, and it didn't work.

Alex is going to be a very nervous man.


The most interesting pull away from all the storylines is that things change, and that's okay.

Phil, being the incredible dad he is, was helping Luke practice to make the rugby team. His curiosity led him into the Real Estate classroom, and he was an instant hit in the class. Of course, he was. Nobody is as enthusiastic about real estate as Phil.

Cam Going Overboard - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 2

It made sense that Luke wanted his own space, but I'm glad he came to his senses. Luke was incredibly selfish for most of the episode, but change happens, and it's okay.

Sometimes change is good. 

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Sometimes change has to be re-thought like the craziness at Jay and Claire's closet company. The merger was good for the company, but there was no structure, and it wasn't working in the new age way they wanted.

They needed Jay to pull them back a little and kick them in the butt. The same way he did for Alex.

Counselor, you're speaking weirdly.


So, she was going to consider giving up a science career for singing? There's nothing wrong with singing, but there is such a thing as doing both. The story Jay told Alex about himself was one of those grandfather/granddaughter moments we rarely see on Modern Family.

Each time Jay has one of these heart to hearts, it seems to be with Alex. They have a special bond. 

He once told her she was going to have to run the family one day because he wouldn't always be around and she was the only one who could do it.

Hey, it can't all be funny.

Cameron in the Courtroom - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 2

Those sweet moments between family members are what makes Modern Family great. It's one thing that keeps fans watching.

The other thing about the show that keeps fans coming back is the one-liners. That's where Modern Family has lacked lately, and this episode was no different.

Even Phil didn't get a great funny line, and that's saying something. Phil always gets the line!

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Not this time. 

It's not that he wasn't funny. He was. Phil is always amusing. His demeanor mixed with his innocent sweetness can make anyone laugh, but all that funny is usually topped off with at least a good line.

Instead, the funny antics were predictable, which sucked the funny right out of them.

It was a pretty simple case because as I said, everyone has something to hide. Everyone. ... Everyone.


The current problems with Modern Family:

  • Mitch and Cam are too superficial.
  • Mitch and Cam keep suspiciously losing children.
  • The one-liners are nearly absent.
  • Give Luke a more prominent personality.
  • Alex lacks good storylines.

Keep the sweet, touching moments, add in seamless one-liners, and bring the family back to Mitch and Cam, and you're on your way to bringing back the magic. Keep on this story path and Modern Family won't last another season.

What do you think, Modern Family fans? Has Modern Family lost its mojo? What do you think will give Modern Family its groove back? Do you enjoy the sweet family moments as much as I do?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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A Sketchy Area Review

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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

Ok, so what does real estate equal? Eighty percent contact.


Alex is going to be a very nervous man.