NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Pound of Flesh

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Pride is headed for a crash.

He literally sleepwalked through NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6.

And his friends new and old were all concerned about the state of his health, both medical and physical.

Organ Harvesting - NCIS: New Orleans

Remember the whole idea of Pride taking the Special Agent in Charge position was so he could recuperate while lending his expertise and shuffling papers?

Well, that lasted for an episode, or more like part of one.

Instead, what we've gotten is Pride doing what he's always done, only this time in a suit with a new director leading his old team when he's busy. Not with his new job, mind you, but occupied with other matters.

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Like, apparently, offscreen doctors' visits. Not that he's listening to them. Why else would he bring in Calvin for another opinion?

But Calvin, who I hope will be a recurring character, just confirmed what the specialists that Pride had seen had already told him.

Since we never actually saw any of these appointments, let's see if I can summarize: Slow down. Take it easy. You've been through a traumatic ordeal. Give your body time to heal.

Seeking Information - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6

All sound advice, if only Pride would listen.

But there's always something more pressing so he can't sit and enjoy a cold beer and some blues.

This time, it was his new assistant getting hunted by an organ thief with supernatural delusions.

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No, this isn't Criminal Minds. The organs aren't being gift wrapped or put up in Mason jars. Instead, the medical school expellee was in a much more transactional frame of mind, filling a particular order.

And poor Ginny was right in his crosshairs.

We haven't learned much about Ginny so far. She's efficient and ambitious, and that's about all we know. We added spunky to her list of qualities.

Quietly Searching - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6

Ginny was able to escape from Marquez. Despite the drugs in her system, she led Pride to where she had been held, no mean feat in New Orleans with all those abandoned houses. That crime scene gave the team enough clues to close in on Marquez and disrupt his operation (bad choice of words) for a time.

Now she and Pride have bonded over life-threatening situations. She may yet become an interesting character if Pride manages to remain the SAC for any length of time. Not that that's likely

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Ginny's getting captured a second time does beg the question of, once they determined Marquez's plan, why wasn't Ginny under some protection? If nothing else, have her hang out at her office, surrounded by other NCIS agents.

But no. She was home alone, ripe for the snatching. And Pride blundered right into that.

Isn't the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?

Does this make Pride insane? After all, he keeps plunging into dangerous situations, without ever summoning backup. It's one thing to realize Ginny was in danger. It's another not to bring a team with him. It would have been harder for Marquez to get the drop on multiple agents.

Line of Fire - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6

Fortunately, his team had been busy deciphering where Ginny and her liver were headed, which led to that showdown in the operating room. You had to like it when Loretta took out the villain of the piece with determination and a metal pan.

I thought the full-of-himself surgeon (if that's not redundant) was behind the crime. Still, the arrogant fellow enamored with his coworker worked just as well in that role.

I can't blame Pride for being somewhat off his game. He was sleep-deprived and haunted by his recent experiences. And he spent whatever time when he wasn't trying to save Ginny looking for answers.

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Calvin was there for his old friend, but he didn't offer much more than sympathy, philosophy, and pharmaceuticals.

I think that Zaire could be the spirit guide he needs. Only she and Loretta haven't looked at him like he's crazy.

Pride has to open up his mind to possibilities he hasn't considered before. As Zaire said, crossing over changed him. He's going to have to adjust his headspace to find peace.

And take a step back from the line of fire.

He's got a willing lieutenant in Hannah, who appeared at the end to be content to have found a home in New Orleans. So let her lead for a while.

No episode next week on Election Night, so go vote instead.

To follow Pride's recovery, watch NCIS: New Orleans online.

Were you glad they didn't overdo the Halloween stuff? How do you like Ginny? Should Pride take some time to recover?

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

I am willing to do whatever it takes. Just like you, Agent Pride.

Ginny [to Pride]

Calvin: I couldn't wait that long to see Dwayne Pride in a suit and tie.
Pride: It almost makes me look respectable.
Calvin: Almost.