Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3 Review: The Scar

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Sam's beard was certainly the talk of the hour. 

It didn't take long for Dean to have his own opinion about Sam's new look on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3, and it was a refreshing turn of events. 

We understood everything needed to be seen as darker and more desperate while Dean was gone, but his sarcastic comments were sorely missed. Seeing Sam smile again brought an instant smile to my face.

Another Scar - Tall - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3

He's been without his brother for so long and wasn't sure if he would ever see him again, but he was able to breathe a little better knowing Dean was back; though we all knew they'd get down to business after seeing the scar. 

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It was fascinating to see the difference Dean made in Sam's life when it came to Jack asking if he could join them on the hunt for the spear. Dean immediately turned Jack down, and Sam took his brother's side without putting any extra thought on the matter. 

While it was understandable Dean didn't want Jack getting hurt Sam could have easily mentioned Jack had been training with Bobby, and while he needs to train more, Jack could do some research for them. 

Jack Is Unsure - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3

Jack would have been the perfect person to ask to research the spear the guys were after and why it plays such significance in taking Michael down. Could it possibly be an angelic creation? Or could it have been created in hell to take down angels?

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It's busy work, but it would have been useful for the case and would have been a perfect way for Jack to get involved. Case in point, Jack figuring out exactly what was going on with Lora. 

He looked at the situation at hand, listened to what Lora had to say and put everything together; though I am pretty sure we all knew it had to do with the necklace.

Castiel And Jack - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3

Who else got a little teary-eyed when Jack said Castiel was one of his dad's? It was a moment I wasn't expecting, but it instantly melted my heart. It's been wonderful seeing how much Jack has changed and how he is slowly embracing his human side. 

Lora: Is that your dad?
Jack: One of them, yes.

Jack not having his grace has been a fantastic development because he had been relying too much on his grace. Jack becoming one with his humanity will what makes him whole; though I am incredibly worried about him coughing up blood. 

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Please don't let Jack keep this a secret from his three fathers because I can't take it. You have to wonder if the grace Jack had was what was keeping him alive. Let's just kill Michael, take his grace and give it over to Jack. 

Three Heads Are Better - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3

Was anyone else confused to see so many people in the bunker? We have gone two episodes and not a nary of a mention of the vast majority of people from the other world who came over, and now we're flooded with everyone. 

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Where the heck were all these people when Sam, Mary, and Bobby went to Duluth? Couldn't they borrow a couple of them to help out? 

Who else was thrilled to see Sam, Dean, and Jodi team up? I'll always have a soft spot for Bobby, but Jodi wins my heart every single time. 

Sam And Jody Reunite - Supernatural

She's a strong woman who doesn't put up with any crap and has no problem telling Sam and Dean off. I even supported her decision to not tell Claire about the case they were working on because seeing Kaia would have destroyed her.

Jodi has always been the voice of reason for the guys as well. Sam wasn't a fan of Dean wanting to split up to hunt Kaia, but she quickly pointed out it may be exactly what Dean needs. 

We all have to remember Dean has been through a lot in little time, but he has no actual recollection of what happened during the time Michael took over. 

Dean Dressed To The Nines - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3

Dean losing all control over himself was a nightmare for him. He couldn't provide any useful information on what exactly Michael was up to because we all know he was doing more than creating monsters -- there has to be more to his plan. 

Of course, we all knew Dean was going to get rough with Kaia the moment she didn't open up about the weapon, but I enjoyed the twist of Kaia being able to offer Dean more information on what he was going through while Michael had taken over. 

You have to admit the pacing of the Michael storyline has surprised me. In the past, we've had to wait forever to get even a little further in the storyline, but they are going full steam ahead.

Sam Is Determined - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3

By upping the pace, we stay more intrigued with everything going on which was something Supernatural lacked in the past. They would start strong, wane in the middle, and try to fill everything in by the finale. 

Even Dean immediately letting Sam know he wasn't telling him the entire truth about what was going on while Michael had taken over was a big leap in the right direction. Dean needed to tell Sam the truth about his feelings because it would have ended up killing him. 

Do I think Dean is to blame? Of course not, but I see where Dean is coming from. If Dean hadn't said yes to Michael, the monsters wouldn't be here, but Michael is pretty tricky and would have found a way to win. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think. 

What do you think is going on with Jack? Do you like the pacing this season? Do you think Dean is at fault?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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The Scar Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 3 Quotes

Duck Dynasty called and they just want it all back.


Dean: It's just every time I think about it, you know, it's like a nightmare. I mean I can't eat. I can't sleep. It's always just there watching me.
Sam: Dean, it's just a beard.