The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Honor

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It seems this war with Tavo has reached a turning point.

For that to happen, though, more people had to pay the ultimate price on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8.

Rest in peace, Joe Meylan.

Up Against a Wall - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8

At least Admiral Meylan went down heroically, saving the President from Tavo's henchman, Octavio.

Meylan has been there on the periphery for the past three seasons. He never got his command back, but he did his duty without complaining. He did get kicked up to the Joint Chiefs in The Last Ship Season 5, playing an important role in the battle against Tavo's forces.

I suppose if someone at the highest ranks was going to be killed off, Meylan was a natural choice. Gen. DuFine could have been killed, but it wouldn't have had much impact, just like Gen. Kinkaid's death didn't.

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Tavo's forces being able to take South Command hostage was just another example of the U.S. leaders taking the Gran Columbian military too lightly.

From the beginning, Tavo has been employing guerrilla warfare and sneak attacks, which has been effective against a military that's become a slave to its technology.

The whole war was launched by a few lines of code entered in a cafe in Colombia back on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 1, do traditional methods must go out the window.

In fact, one of the few victories thus far came when Vulture Team blew up that important bridge in Panama on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 3, essentially using guerrilla tactics.

Stalling for Time - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8

As would be expected following a sneak attack, the U.S. military and its allies have been mainly reacting rather than acting this far.

They've been a step behind, taking out essential pieces of weaponry but not making any advances south, holding steady at the Tropic of Cancer. They took control of Cuba on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 7, only to discover the next attack was happening at their headquarters. 

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This second assault on SouthCom was just as unexpected as the first, with Tavo's team more concerned with inflicting psychological damage on the nation than they were with gathering intel and destroying the structure and its personnel.

Vulture Team turned the tide by developing a plan to retake SouthCom by using Jeter and Clayton and a meager handful of available weapons and cleaning supplies. So more guerrilla tactics.

It was fascinating to see what Jeter could do in a hand-to-hand combat situation since he hadn't had much opportunity for that throughout the series. I was surprised that Clayton was able to hold his own and could follow the directions supplies by Vulture Team. Good for him.

Master Plan - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8

Slattery was also crucial to the successful result, as he was able to get inside Kelsi's head and turn her a little bit. He planted that seed of doubt, and she supplied just enough distraction to allow Jeter and Clayton to begin their assault.

And once the chaos began, all those trained personnel jumped into action, and Tavo's troops attempted simultaneously to flee and blow up SouthCom.

Kelsi rightfully ended up dead. Yes, she was Tavo's pawn, but she should have had brains enough to see she was getting played. Still, I can't have any sympathy for her, as the blood of Alisha, Meylan, and all those nameless SouthCom personnel is on her hands.

The Last Ship's Bridget Regan Q & A

Thanks to Tavo's fixation on Tom, the admiral found himself right in the middle of this nightmare.

It wasn't enough for Tavo to break President Reiss, who is, at heart, just a politician.

I'd like to think that the American people wouldn't buy the line of bullshit Tavo was selling. But when you look around today, some people will accept any conspiracy theory, however outrageous.

Out of Contact - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8

Tavo was correct that if he brings "Captain America" to his knees, he would have won the war.

He forgot to take into account that Tom is invulnerable. He drove his skiff well beyond the safe blast zone and dropped his payload, blew up the warship and ended up with just a boo-boo on his forehead.

Wait and see if, at series' end, Tom doesn't end up being acclaimed president after Reiss resigns after the war.

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Also, I'm coming around to the idea that Tom is attuned to the Nathan James. The ship certainly sounded stronger at the end of the episode.

After all, it appears that the war will now be run from the Nathan James, not the shot-up SouthCom. And you know who will be leading that planning.

Acting, rather than reacting, will be a nice change of pace.

To catch up before the final battles, watch The Last Ship online.

Were you surprised Meylan got killed? Will Tavo's forces turn on him? What will be Tom's fate?

Comment below.

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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

We're too late. They're already in.


Gen. DuFine: How the hell did they get in?
Slattery: I've got a pretty good idea.