The Resident Season 2 Episode 4 Review: About Time

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Has Marshall won you guys over yet? 

If you weren't a fan of Conrad's dad up until this point, then please tell me after The Resident Season 2 Episode 4 you're willing to cut the guy some slack. Marshall's verbal smackdown in that elevator was so damn satisfying and will go down as one of the best moments in the series' history. 

Conrad lives to see another day of practicing medicine, respect for Marshall has reached new heights, and it wasn't the only verbal smackdown in the hour. Don't you love this show? 

Seeing Eye to Eye - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

Let's go ahead and get that Conrad business out of the way first. The flashback used to explain how Conrad ended up being grilled by lawyers at the top of the hour was well done. Through the course of Conrad's little hearing, we found out so much. 

For one, Conrad and the gang all look super adorable in the tight little Chastain shirts that they wore while working out in the field. The break away from the hospital was a refreshing change of pace, and it was nice seeing Nic let her hair down a bit at the concert. 

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It should have been an easy day, but then that stampede happened, and it was chaos from there. Conrad braving the crowd to track down Nic and make sure she was OK was the cutest. 

CoNic are so sweet together it's almost sickening but in the best way. Who wasn't smiling when the two of them danced together? Can they not be so adorable right now? It's too much to bear. 

Love and Affection - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

All was well with Josh the adventurer (Gilmore Girls fans were probably thrilled about that reunion) until it wasn't. It was grating when the lawyer drilled into Conrad while a perfectly healthy looking Josh sat there barely making eye contact. If he was alive and well because of Conrad's actions, then why the hell was he suing? 

When eventually it was revealed that Josh would require the use of a wheelchair it was infuriating. It wasn't the fact that Josh would likely be "stuck" in a wheelchair, it was the fact that he was so upset about it that he wanted to sue. 

A wheelchair is better than death, yes? It's not the end of the world, and if he used the valuable time he spent sitting in that mediation learning how to navigate it and cope, he could have been well on his way to preparing for some handicapable adventure trips.

Conrad Confesses - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

Once we saw the split decision made that was the cause of all of this fuss it was unbelievable. It was similar to when a person in a burning car sues the Good Samaritan who rescued them instead of letting them, you know, burn to death.

The general idea is that the injured party would incur many expenses because of their new condition. 

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If they can't afford to pay for treatment or rehabilitation or anything like that, then they try to get money the best way they can. Unfortunately, that consists of taking the person who helped or saved them to court. 

There's no question that Josh would have been dead if Conrad didn't drill that Burr hole. They couldn't wait for Neuro to get to them, so Conrad had to make a split-decision. The frustrating thing about how Conrad is treated is that superiors and others dismiss him because he's just a resident. 

The Couple that Heals Together - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

Yes, he's a resident, but he also has military field experience, so he's better equipped and more knowledgeable than residents who lack that. It should be taken into consideration more often. 

Can you imagine all of the things one sees as a soldier let alone a medically-trained soldier out in the field? 

I'm glad Marshall was there for Conrad during the mediation. He wanted his son to handle the potential lawsuit as he would, but Conrad had to stay true to himself.  Conrad didn't think he did anything wrong, and he had no problem owning his actions. 

You could tell Marshall had nothing but respect for Conrad; he was proud of him. That's what pushed him to confront Josh in the elevator. It was one of the best scenes of the episode. 

Mr. Robinson, I am a man of almost unlimited means, and I will use them to keep you in court the rest of your natural life. You seem like a nice kid. I would hate to see you on the street buried in legal fees you cannot pay. Because the truth is, you can't win a lawsuit that never ends. So the next time somebody saves your life, say thank you.


Marshall approached Josh as if he were the Godfather and made him an offer that he couldn't refuse. Marshall was scary enough that Josh wouldn't refuse if he wanted. It was worth it in the end because Josh got compensated, and Conrad is in the clear. 

Conrad's intentions are always good, and he wants to help. He forgave the guy without a moment's hesitation, and that says a lot about him. It was a solid hour for Conrad. 

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Did you catch how proud Conrad was of Devon for figuring out the case of the musician's medical condition? He was beaming with pride, and Devon was too. Devon is doing a spectacular job on the medical front, and he's doing well with his friendships, too. 

It's wonderful that Devon is interacting with his colleagues more. The conversation about medical malpractice was a nice scene, and so was Devon and Mina hanging out together. 

Devon: Tests don't like; alcoholics do.
Conrad: Yeah, maybe sober companions too.

It would have been nice if Mina slipped in an inquiry about Julian though. The nature of their relationship is concerning, and nothing dispelled that in this installment when she needed his opinion on that sexy dress she was wearing. She looked hot in it, but it wasn't business attire. 

She didn't serve much of a purpose playing middle-woman to Bell and Gordon. What's the point of her character then? 

OK, which of you lovely Resident fanatics had a lengthy discussion about Bell's past in the comment sections? It's true! Bell didn't have money growing up! 

A New Devious Duo?  - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

Bell is becoming the dark horse of the season because he is a fully-realized character whose development has been incredible so far, and he's so enjoyable. Greenwood is amazing! 

Kit Voss is amazing too!  Every time you think they've reached a limit on fantastic characters they introduce someone new. What is with Ortho docs being badasses and closet rockstars? 

Kit doesn't take any shite from anyone, and that's the only reason Mina being separated from the Raptor this early on was acceptable. Mina can learn so much from Kit, and she has a different kind of energy that's refreshing. Plus, girl power and all that good stuff. 

In the words of my colleague Dr. Seuss, with this brain in my head and this blade in my hand, I shall save every patient in the lay of the land.


Poor AJ is beside himself because he doesn't know what to do now that his prized mentee (and not-so-secret crush) is in another doctor's clutches and seems to enjoy it. 

AJ is a lovable ass, and he was no less lovable this time. Unfortunately, he overdid it with his possessive nature. Mina had every right to go "Mother of Dragons" on him. 

That was a kickass moment, too. The women weren't putting up with foolishness, and it was glorious. 

Mina Puts AJ in His Place - The Resident Season 2 Episode 4

It sucks that Mina and AJ aren't working together right now, but he brought it upon himself. There is plenty she can learn from AJ, but this new partnership will be interesting. AJ can spend their time apart processing his feelings. 

Over to you Resident Fanatics! Do you love Marshall yet? What's your impression of Kit? Are you relieved Conrad is in the clear! 

Hit the comments below, and don't forget, you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic! 

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