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What was the issue with Michael's master plan?

That's what everyone tried to figure out The Good Place Season 3 Episode 3 as the trip to Earth continued to cause more problems for the team. 

With the fate of the operation on the line, everyone had to take drastic measures before it was too late for all of them. 

Meanwhile, Eleanor revealed a shocking secret about her past, prompting Chidi to reveal one about himself. 

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Get caught up on all the latest laughs on one of TV's finest comedies. 

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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

When I did this experiment in my neighborhood, every time Eleanor asked Chidi for help their bond became unbreakable and the entire group improved.


Chidi: Trevors right. I might skew the study by fraternizing with the subjects. We can be colleagues. Associates is pushing it. By even having this conversation you're becoming my confidant! I can't have that.
Eleanor: Geez. Kinda thought that before everyone else showed up you and I were like, becoming actual friends.
Chidi: Oh no! You're right! What have I done?!