A Million Little Things Round Table: Hey There Delilah (and Eddie), We're Over It!

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The paternity of Delilah's baby was revealed on A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6, but it will remain a secret for now.

Also, Regina discovered Rome's letter and learned the truth about his depression in one of the most outstanding scenes of the series so far.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Rachelle Lewis, and Jack Ori as they discuss a complicated hour.

What are your thoughts on Delilah admitting that Eddie is the father and her decision to keep the baby?

Christine: On a practical level, I was hoping the baby wasn’t Eddie’s, but I suppose this keeps that drama going. The problem is that I don’t particularly care for Eddie and Delilah together. I don't think she loves him, and I hate the thought of having to watch her lie and him being broody and whiny for many more episodes.

Rachelle: I knew she was lying to Eddie when she said the baby was John’s. I honestly thought she was not going to keep the baby and was happy she did, as well as that she came clean with Eddie.

I agree with Christine I don’t think Delilah loves Eddie either. I also don’t think Eddie is going to be able to keep the fact he is the father secret. I understand both of their reasoning, but it is going to blow up in their faces. I am intrigued to see the storyline play out over the course of the season.

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Jack: Ugh. First of all, I hate stories about lying about a baby's paternity with a passion, even if in this case the non-father is dead and will never know about the lie.

Secondly, Eddie is seriously mixed up, was struggling not to drink this whole episode, can't decide if he's in love with Katherine or Delilah, and doesn't need to be bonded to her through a baby that's secretly his.

Breaking the News - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6

Regina finally knows Rome's biggest secret. React!

Christine: That was a fantastic scene, although I wish Rome would have told her instead of her finding his suicide note. Rome and Regina love one another but life is still complicated. I only hope that Rome has learned that things are better when they try and deal with it all together.

Rachelle: It was amazing! I liked that she found his suicide note, and it forced him to come clean. I don’t think he ever would have told her, and it was weighing on him so much.

I loved Regina’s reaction to his admission. She was mad, but she was also there for him. Regina would never give up on Rome, and I think he needed to truly see that. Even in the best of relationships, people need to be reminded they are loved, not alone, and their partner will always be there.

Jack: This scene made me cry. It was so raw and realistic, especially coming right on the heels of Gina's mother drama and Rome's secret of being unopposed to having kids. At first, I thought Gina found something about him wanting to have kids, so for it to turn out to be the suicide note was twice as powerful.

What do you think Ashley is looking for? Do you have any theories about Jon's other apartment?

Christine: Oh boy! Did Jon have a second family? Was he having an affair? No one keeps a secret second home for good reasons.

But my real fear is that this secret will cause the bottom to fall out financially for Delilah as she’s trying to take care of her two kids and deal with one on the way all on her own.

Rachelle: Talk about throwing a curveball! Jon’s life keeps getting more and more interesting. I don’t think he had a second family.

Maybe an affair? Maybe he was really gay? I have no idea but whatever his secret is, I do think it is going to bring Delilah and the kids financial hardship. Sadly, it seems inevitable that his family will pay for his secret.

Jack: I still have no clue, other than that he was in financial trouble. I agree with everyone that this is going to cripple Delilah financially.

Ashley Returns -Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6

Are there any characters that you are having a difficult time connecting to or enjoying?

Christine: Eddie. I like that he clearly loves his son, and I even sympathize with his struggle with alcohol and trying to revive his music career, but I still don’t like him.

I couldn’t believe he was shocked that there was even a possibility that the baby might have been Jon’s. Eddie seems to live in this idealized world, and I wish something would finally pull him into the real one.

Rachelle: Delilah. I know she lost her husband, and her marriage had issues, but I just don’t find her that likable. She continues to make bad decisions and lie to those close to her. I found it unfair the brunt of the blame of the affair was placed on Eddie.

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I also don’t like how she so easily used him, when she knew he was in love with her. I think she strung him along and even if John had lived, she never would have left him for Eddie. I feel sorry for her, but I don’t find her super likable. I know many will probably disagree.

Jack: Everything Rachelle said. Delilah clearly loves her kids, and I guess she loved Jon, maybe, but she used Eddie to numb herself to problems in her marriage and then got mad at him for having feelings for her.

She also took the pregnancy test at Gina's and left the box where anyone could find it, with no thought about how that could affect other people. I just find her selfish, and she seems to cause a lot of drama, even though I do feel bad for her that she lost her husband.

Secret Lovers - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 2

Is there a storyline or character you would prefer had more focus? Are there any storylines or characters you would prefer take a backseat?

Christine: Plenty! I want to learn more about Ashley, who she is and how she fits into everything. But I want to learn more about all of these characters, and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

Rachelle: I second Ashley! What is her deal? How did she come to work for Jon? What was their relationship really?

She is so shady, and I want to know more. I would also like to see a little more of how losing their dad is affecting Jon's kids. I know they touched on it with Sophie a couple of weeks ago, but I want more.

I would also like to know more about Maggie. How did she come to her decision? What was her life like before meeting Gary? I am a big fan of Maggie and would like them to dig deeper into her history.

There are not any storylines that I think should take a backseat. The show is doing a great job of mixing all the stories together. I too can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

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Jack: I love all the storylines, so I don't want anything to take a back seat (except maybe this baby story, which is irritating.) I'd like to see more about Maggie as well.

I felt like her decision not to pursue treatment kind of evaporated this week. Gary mentioned her wanting to live life to the fullest a couple times, but that was it. I'd like to know more about her history, pre-cancer and with cancer, and whether she has any family.

Keeping Secrets - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 2

Which do you suspect will happen first: Eddie relapsing or Gary being overwhelmed by serving as the support to everyone?

Christine: Eddie seems prime for a relapse. If Theo is the only thing holding him together, I fear it won’t be enough, and the stress of losing his marriage while pretending Delilah’s baby isn’t his kid may push him over the edge.

Eddie seems like the type of guy who always needs someone taking care of him; at some point, he’ll have to sink or swim on his own.

Rachelle: Gary is headed for an overwhelming meltdown. He has too much on his plate taking care of Maggie, helping Eddie, and being there for Delilah and the kids.

Gary doesn’t seem to let people in but rather is the caretaker and the funny guy that keeps everyone smiling. I think he is going to hit his breaking point soon, especially if something happens to Maggie.

Jack: I spent the whole episode worrying that Eddie was going to relapse! I was SO glad when he called Gary instead. I don't know how much longer he can hold out, though, especially if overwhelmed Gary is his main support.

Gary needs to tell people what's going on and stop running around on secret missions to help all his friends, or he's going to break, and I fear that both will meltdown at the same time -- Gary will burn out just as Eddie calls him to try to stop himself from drinking, and then Eddie will take that drink.

Opinionated Gary - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 4

What was your favorite moment? What was your least favorite?

Christine: Regina’s reaction to finding Rome’s letter was my favorite. Her shock at being told it had nothing to with her and then telling Rome that he is her life and she will not lose him was such a powerful moment.

The least favorite was the fake scene of Ashley giving Delilah the letter. That just seemed like a cheap trick and was cruel to the viewers. Delilah deserves the truth about what Jon was thinking when he killed himself, especially since she may need to know to protect herself and the kids from what may be to come.

Rachelle: 100% Regina's reaction to finding Rome’s letter. The look of shock and her sadness as she confronted him was so powerful. Watching her go from anger to love for Rome was amazing. I was bawling as they talked.

I had a couple of least favorites. One, Maggie taking care of Theo was awkward. He seems so uncomfortable around her, and she kind of wasn’t listening to him.

I also did not like the fake scene of Ashely giving Delilah the letter. It was a big tease and let down. The show had teased fans so much about Jon’s secret it was unnecessary.

Jack: I agree with everyone else. Gina's reaction to finding Rome's letter was so powerful and tear-inspiring.

I didn't like that Maggie, who is a psychologist, had no clue how to deal with Theo's night terrors or with Theo in general. I know adults aren't the same as kids, but she's supposed to be an expert in human behavior! Sheesh.

I also didn't think Gina needed to apologize to Shelly. Regardless of whether that's her mother, and regardless of whether Rome secretly is leaning towards wanting kids, she came uninvited and did nothing but tell Gina everything she was doing was wrong.

Gina was far more patient than I would have been before she finally stood up to her, and Shelly's hurt feelings over it are not anyone's fault but her own for being a busybody.

What say you, Million Things Fanatics? Hit the comments with your responses. 

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Rome: I still can't believe you didn't ask Delilah who the father was. Montell Williams made a whole career off of the question. How could you not ask?
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