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Secrets were spilling all over the place on All American Season 1 Episode 5, but we're still in the dark in some aspects. 

It's not like we'd expect them to reveal everything at once, but did the information we learned feel like a letdown?

We were at the point where we knew Billy was not going to be Spencer's dad. That was too obvious. Instead, we met Grandpa Willy and discovered that's who Billy's been sending money to each month. Thoughts?

Heart to Heart - All American Season 1 Episode 5

Billy's decision to distance himself from his father is an understandable one. Grandpa Willy couldn't get over the fact that Billy chose to marry a white woman, and if he couldn't accept that, then Billy had to do what was right for him and his family. 

It's interesting he still sends him money though. That indicates that he does feel he owes him something, and maybe Willy is right about that. Willy might be the reason that his son made it to the NFL, but that doesn't give him the right to dictate how he lives his life. 

Grandpa Willy: Money changes you. Even my boy. One day he just forgot where he came from.
Jordan: But you're accepting his money.
Olivia; Jordan!
Grandpa Willy: That's okay. He's right. I raised Billy, pushed him real hard, to be the best football player he could be. He won't admit it, but he made it into the NFL because of me. So, if he wants to send me a "thank you" check once a month, I'm cashing it. Doesn't change the fact my boy left home and never came back.

It's unfortunate that Willy allowed his relationship with his son to collapse over Laura. He must not have ever even given her a chance, because if he had, maybe he would have been able to see past her skin color and see that she's a good person. 

I also get the feeling Willy thinks she might have been a golddigger, despite the fact she is a successful attorney. 

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Well, it's his loss. He's the reason he's missed out on seeing his grandkids grow up. 

Of course, there's probably more to this story, because there always is, but those are the facts we currently have. 

Still, what else are we missing? 

Taking a Stroll - All American Season 1 Episode 5

We know that Spencer's dad moved back to L.A. and never reached out to him, which was a devastating blow to him, no matter how much he tried to shrug it off. 

Billy also made a point to discourage Spencer from seeing him. I'm not buying the reason was that he didn't want Spencer to find out that he dated his mom. There's something bigger he's hiding. 

It's best to find what you need in the people who are there for you, not the ones who let you down. Some wells, they just, they run dry.


There is more to the relationship between Billy and Grace that we don't know yet, but there is also definitely more we don't know about Spencer's dad. 

If it turns out that Spencer and Layla are actually siblings, I might lose it. 

If they have been stringing along this entire time that Spencer is involved in a potential love triangle with his sister, only to reveal the other girl is his sister instead, my eyes may roll right out of my head. 

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Layla and Asher's relationship is on the rocks, and it was no accident that she was sure to let Spencer know that she doesn't care how much money someone has. She was cranking the flirtations way up and topped it off with a very romantic stroll through UCLA"s football field. 

On top of all of that, we're inching closer and closer to Olivia and Asher's affair coming out. 

Discovering Secrets - All American Season 1 Episode 5

Now that Jordan knows, it's hard to believe he's going to be able to keep it inside. He was ready to punch the lights out of Asher, and one wrong word from him could set Jordan off. 

If Olivia is smart, she'll get ahead of this and tell Layla herself. 

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Layla's trying to encourage Asher to come clean about his money situation, and I can't blame her for feeling like she's a part of his lie now.

She's gravitating towards Spencer because he has no problem being honest about his lack of funds, but maybe she should give Asher a little more time. 

Spencer has always known who he is, and he's proud of where he came from, but Asher has just had the rug pulled out from under him, and he's having a hard time adjusting.

Getting Serious - All American Season 1 Episode 5

I think he should be honest too, but telling Layla was a massive step for him, and he might only need a little longer before he's ready to share it with the whole world. 

She should keep encouraging him, and if he's still not willing to tell the truth, then she'll have to decide if she's okay with that. 

Again, the fact that he cheated on her is probably going to be the reason she inevitably breaks up with him, but this could factor in before they get there.

I realized tonight that you've been there for me in ways that very few people have ever been. And I don't want to lose you, Patience. I just found you. I don't want to hide that anymore. Do you think you could help me with that?


How cute are Coop and Patience? 

Speaking of people feeling shame and hiding who they are, Coop has been letting her mom's influence nearly ruin her relationship with Patience.

She's sure done a number on her confidence, and it's heartbreaking to witness. 

Coop shouldn't have had to feel the need to hide who she is or the person she's dating. She should have been able to walk into that party hand-in-hand with Patience, but at least now she's admitting the problem is hers and she needs help to overcome it. 

Hot Dogs - All American Season 1 Episode 5

Coop exudes confidence, but those who know her well can see that deep down she's scared. She's not as sure of herself as she appears. 

I'm looking forward to watching this relationship grow, and Coop's self-confidence along with it. 

So what did you guys think of the big reveal? Will we see more of Grandpa Willy? Is there a chance that Layla's often MIA dad is also Spencer's? 

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All American Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Billy: Wow. You know there's a difference between working out and working it out. Something you need to talk about?
Spencer: UCLA is playing Eastern Nevada tonight.
Billy: Your pops is in town.

Dillon: [singing] Happy birthday -
Coop: [cutting him off] Hey come on man, we already sang the song.
Spencer: I only get one song?
Coop: You get one song, and one wish. Blow them out.