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Finally, an episode that ends with a special event.

Rossi popped the question to Krystall, unfortunately after Garcia let loose his secret, on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8.

The last time I remember the team celebrating was on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 22, right before the Messiah's cult kidnapped Reid and Garcia. Too often, happiness is elusive for the BAU.

Elevating Their Relationship - Criminal Minds

That's why I hope things can work out this time around for Rossi and Krystall. He deserves some joy in his life to offset the darkness he faces daily, and she certainly seemed to be the one that got away.

It could have been perfect if only Garcia hadn't unintentionally ruined the surprise, although, let's face it, Krystall had to have some inkling the proposal was coming.

I get that she wasn't keen on sharing her father figure with Portia, his new stepdaughter. Also, it was unexpected that Krystall would have been at BAU headquarters, so Garcia can't be blamed for not anticipating her being there.

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But she really torpedoed whatever special moment that Rossi had planned, and I have to believe he had come up with just such an event.

Fortunately, Rossi rallied from that setback, coming up with that heartfelt monologue/proposal in the elevator, since he knew what awaited him upstairs. I believe Krystall didn't care about the formalities as long as she and David got their second chance.

At least Garcia redeemed herself somewhat by throwing together that last-minute engagement celebration. There must be an all-night party store in the area.

Celebration Time - Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8

This continues an encouraging trend of giving the profilers actual lives outside the office. JJ and Simmons have families, Alvez's girlfriend just moved in (I think she stayed), and now Rossi is engaged.

Reid has just had back luck at love, and it's going to take a special woman to understand him. We still don't know Lewis's deal, but it seems her ex will pop up on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 9. Alvez's friend Phil took an interest in Garcia and vice versa, but he didn't survive Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 6, unfortunately. 

It wasn't a good episode for Garcia in general. She was also a jerk to Alvez, who was once again stuck at HQ, largely so Adam Rodriguez could direct the episode. I thought she had finally gotten over the fact that Alvez isn't Morgan, at least enough to be civil to him, but apparently not. As a result, he was walking on eggshellss around her.

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I understand she's had a rough few months, but c'mon, she's supposed to be the team's ray of sunshine. I don't see any other candidates for that role. 

I was glad to see that Prentiss had come to her senses and was working to get Alvez back into the field full time. Yes, he disobeyed orders, but seriously, who hasn't?

Also, why is Reid off on sabbatical to teach again? Didn't Reid miss enough of last season? Matthew Gray Gubler must be tied up with some side project again. I understand that there's a big enough cast that any actor can skip an episode, but Reid is the most irreplaceable in my mind. (Well, Reid and Rossi. Who's yours?)

Correcting a Mistake - Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8

It's a shame that the Rossi-Krystall storyline got interrupted by that case of the week. Oh, well, a necessary evil and all that.

The case continued the unfortunate trend of unsubs we've supposed to sympathize with somewhat because a personal loss made them snap. Whatever happened to those old-fashioned wackadoos we could detest without reservation?

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The way I see it, despite his deluded mission to rescue children from "bad parents," Jordan still killed seven people. BIrth mother Becky did the right thing when she gave up Ashley for adoption, keeping her away from Jordan.. 

At least the other two girls will have a chance for a new life, even if Jordan's actions will scar them for years.

Punishing Parents - Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8

I enjoyed Tara's interactions with Ruby. It almost seemed like being a parent was something for which she longed.

Or maybe not. That's the trouble with this show. You end up profiling the profilers when there's really nothing there to interpret.

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We need more of Lewis's backstory. She's been around parts of five seasons already, and we still know little about her.

And what happened to the friendship that seemed to be deepening between her and Alvez? It was there, and then it wasn't.

To catch up on the new season a third of the way in, watch Criminal Minds online.

Are you glad Rossi and Krystall are engaged? What did you think of the case of the week? Who needs more screen time?

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