Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Abigail EVER Forgive Chad?

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Hope and Rafe told Ben he was set up by Wyatt, Paul finally learned the truth about Will’s feelings for Sonny, and Chad locked Abigail away and gave baby Charlotte to Stefan this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack Ori and Christine Orlando, are joined by Tony and Tinab from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if everyone’s being naive about Ben, should Abigail ever forgive Chad, the lack of rootable couples in Salem, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Wyatt right, is Claire being naive about Ben?

Tony: I don’t think so. Or, at least, I would hope not. We’ll see.

Tinab: The writing for Ben has changed so much and he has become so likable. I think he is “reformed”.

Jack: Yes and no. Ben certainly has shown a capacity for violence, and it's naive to assume he's just been cured and isn't ever going to act violently again.

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At the same time, Wyatt, like everyone else, is assuming the worst of Ben. I think we're supposed to be wondering if Ben will turn evil again, but considering the fact that the writers are making it obvious that Ben and Ciara are endgame, I doubt that's the case.

Christine: Yes. The man murdered multiple people! I understand that he may have had an undiagnosed mental illness, and I’m thrilled he’s getting the treatment he needs, but I think Claire and Ciara are foolish not to be wary.

Are Will and Sonny each other’s great loves, the way the show has built them up to be?

Tony: While I do enjoy the couple, I don’t think that they’re necessarily as amazing as the show makes them out to be. They get major points for being Days first male gay wedding, but other than that, they’re just okay.

Tinab: I don’t think so. They were unhappy and unfaithful before will lost his memory and odds are that will happen again

Jack: When will these writers ever learn that having characters say things in dialogue isn't enough to convince viewers?

I don't buy the Will/Sonny love story anymore. When they had their first run, I did, but this time around Sonny has been alternating between pushy and pathetic, and Will magically fell for him again minutes after telling him that having his memories back changed nothing. That is not a love story.

Will seems more like someone who can't make up his mind and Sonny like someone who doesn't know how to be alone than anything else.

Christine: They were once a really enjoyable love story and the first time around I rooted for them. But the show seems determined to sweep all of the lies and the cheating under the rug to get them back together.

Now, Will is wishy-washy and Sonny has become pathetically needed. It’s difficult to find a great love story in any of that.

(TALL) A New Baby Daddy - Days of Our Lives

Chad turned over Charlotte to Stefan in order to have Abigail committed. Should she ever forgive him?

Tony: It’s gonna be pretty hard to forgive this. I’m sure Abby will forgive him, but I definitely don’t think that she should.

Tinab: Never! It broke my heart. A baby needs her mother. Gabi has lost her mind. How Chad could tear Abigail’s heart out like that? It was horrific.

Jack: It should be a long time before she does. He claims to love her but he put Gabi's word over Abby's and over what his own two eyes saw.

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He kidnapped her, potentially forcing her to relive her ordeal at Ben's hands last time around, and interfered with her proving what was being done to her. He gave her baby to her rapist and had her committed for no reason. That shouldn't just be forgotten in half a second.

Christine: I know Chad trusts Kate and that’s partly why he’s believed Gabi’s lies, but what he did was horrific.

He handed her newborn baby off to her rapist and then immediately shipped her to a mental institution. He didn’t let her nurse baby Charlotte. He did get her to a hospital with a maternity ward for a real medical exam. He claims to love Abigail very much but this week, it was hard to tell.

(TALL) An Unwelcome Proposal - Days of Our Lives

Rex is leaving Salem. Do you hope he returns soon?

Tony: Yes! I loved seeing Rex again!

Tinab: I really do! I remember him from years ago, as Brady, and the actor himself is very enjoyable.

Jack: I wasn't a fan of his relationship with Sarah, and that whole balloon thing felt stalkerish to me, so I don't mind a break.

Christine: I was looking forward to Rex’s return but now I’m just as happy he’s leaving. He’s pushy and selfish and had to be pushed into being a father to his baby daughter. There really isn’t much to like about Rex right now.

Julie and Doug - Days of Our Lives

Who is your favorite couple in Salem right now?

Tony: I don’t know that there are too many rootable couples at the moment. Chloe and Lucas, I guess, but they’ve both left. Maybe John and Marlena.

Tinab: Ciara and Ben .... not a couple yet, but the chemistry is great!!

Jack: Do Steve and Kayla count even though half of them is off-screen? There's a shortage of real couples right now, so I guess Doug and Julie.

Christine: There is a real shortage of even decent couples, which is sad. This is a soap opera for goodness sake. Where are the couple we can root for?

I always like Victor and Maggie and John and Marlena have made a bit of a comeback. What does it say for the show when their best couples are 60 plus?

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Tony: Everything to do with Chad and Abby. Chad continually chooses to believe a manipulative, vengeful woman over his wife, whom he claims to love, because “why would Gabi lie?”. I find that incredibly sad.

Tinab: It was mostly a good week. The Sarah and Eric pairing seems off. Having Lucas leave was sad and I hope he returns!

Jack: That JJ was rewritten to have doubts about Abby's sanity when he has the best instincts of anyone in Salem and this situation should remind him of how no one believed his theory about Liam not being a good guy until after Liam nearly killed Jennifer.

That Chad was willing to turn the baby over to his wife's rapist and have her committed to a mental hospital BASED ON A DREAM HE HAD, and Jennifer never thought to consult Laura about whether it was possible that Abby had relapsed given what was going on.

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That Kate again took Gabi's side minutes after promising to reveal all. This story is ruining everyone and everything and is totally disgusting. It needs to go.

Besides that, Sarah should have suffered some consequences for her drunken behavior and didn't, and then acted sad when the guy she never wants to see again left town.

And Rafe and Hope smirking and trying to set Ben off just so they can arrest him was beyond aggravating.

Finally, Adrienne getting so involved in Sonny's love life was kind of awkward and uncomfortable. What man in his 30s wants that?

Christine: Where to start? How about with Rex thinking that balloons and flowers could make up for cheating on Sarah multiple times. Then insisting that Sarah, “doesn’t really mean it” when she tells him they’re over.

Kate allowing Chad’s child to be handed off to Stefan yet still claiming she cares about Chad.

And Hope and Rafe trying to goad Ben into being violent just so they can believe they are right about him and send him to prison.

(TALL) Stefan Bonds With the Baby - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Tony: While I didn’t particularly care for Sarah getting drunk, I enjoyed the early scenes of Eric and Sarah getting to know each other.

Tinab: The birth scene was my favorite and gave me hope for a minute!

Jack: I was glad Paul finally learned the truth and can free himself of both Will and Sonny. He's always being bounced between the two of them and deserves better. The scenes between Paul and Brady were excellent, and I'm not usually a Brady fan! 

I also loved Abigail's strength and determination to prove what Gabi is doing to her no matter what.

Christine: I enjoyed Charlotte’s birth far more than I expected. Chad’s nervousness and his and Abby’s bickering were humorous and felt real. It’s a shame they ruined it all with what came after.

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C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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