Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Green Book

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The spy game was in full force on Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5, and Martin was right in the middle of it.

There was something curious about Brigitte's interest in Martin, and now we know why.

Brigitte is a spy, too!

Accosted in the Bathroom

The shift focused this hour from the East Germans trying to sell weapons to everyone in the universe to make money to Brigitte, Martin, and even Walter (yes, Walter!) trying to stop another Libyan terrorist attack.

Martin couldn't take being cooped up in Brigitte's apartment anymore which isn't surprising considering he's a man of action. 

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He has no interest in the spy game anymore, either, which also isn't surprising, so him wanting to run off with Brigitte was expected. But she's got a job to do, and Martin is her greatest asset at the moment.

It's not clear if Martin knew Brigitte was a spy, but he figured it out pretty quick.

He was tired of being cooped up in Brigitte's apartment and even snuck out, but her taking him to her favorite bistro for a night out was only because she wanted to convince him to work for her agency.

Terrorist - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5

Martin had no interest even if he did disguise himself in a fake mustache so he wouldn't be recognized. His primary goal after leaving Angola was to get to his son, but that goal keeps getting further and further away.

Martin thought he could slip away after doctoring an American passport he stole, and he probably would have left never to be seen again, if only his Arab friend Samira wouldn't have planted a bomb in West Berlin.

Although he had no idea Samira was behind the bombing, there's no way he can walk away now.

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It's just not in his nature. He must get it from his father.

Walter being a double agent was the biggest surprise of the hour.

For a guy who was so keen on starting a nuclear war with the U.S. on Deutschland83, passing on information to U.S. intelligence (through his mother, no less) was entirely unexpected.

I'm going to guess that being a double agent is something that came about after Walter got demoted with the East German agency.

Lovebirds - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5

Walter had hoped he would rise within that organization, but bad choices (like leaving out crucial information about what the Americans were really doing on that West German base) prevented that from happening.

It's possible that Walter has done some deep soul searching and realized that America isn't all that bad -- after all, they are responsible for his ultimate love, The Love Boat.

Maybe he realized that almost being the man responsible for nuclear war wasn't the right thing to do, and perhaps was inspired by his son for bucking the system.

More than likely, Walter just saw it as another opportunity to feel better about himself and make an extra buck.

Still, he didn't have to pass the information along to the U.S., so you have to wonder what his true motives are.

Martin in Disguise - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5

The spy game is pretty messed up. Everyone is listening in on everyone else, and even the U.S. isn't safe from prying eyes.

General Edel's old secretary was busy taking pictures of everything she could with that nifty camera pen of hers. 

Walter was listening in with the old glass to the wall trick on his new American spy neighbors.

Tina tore her house apart, sure that the homes of her and her family were bugged, and sure enough, they were!

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Speaking about Tina, I loved the juxtaposition of her scenes with Nina's -- Tina trying to find bugs while Nina was planting them!

But with all the bug planting and eavesdropping happening everywhere, none of it could stop Samira from planting her bomb -- not even the American guy who was only being nice by bringing out her bag that he thought she accidentally left behind at the bar.

It's hard to understand the thought process of terrorists. 

That bomb was ticking down, but Samira showed not one ounce of fear that it would blow up while she was still holding it.

She was going to kill someone or die trying.

Tina in Trouble - Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5

Alex happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time because Samira decided that if she couldn't bomb the original target, the disco club next door would work just as well.

Alex was in high spirits because his army boyfriend decided to come out of the closet by kissing Alex right in front of his army buddies.

It was a big risk, but in Alex's eyes it was progress.

It was possibly the same thought Samir had as she walked out of the club knowing what was about to happen.

Everyone has their own definition of progress.

If the lines were muddled before, they're even more muddled now, and the world is in an even bigger mess than we could ever imagine.

Over to you!

What did you think of "Green Book'?

Were you surprised about Brigitte's profession? Did Walter's double life surprise you?

Is Alex alive?

If you need to catch up, you can watch Deutschland86 online right here via TV Fanatic.

Green Book Review

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Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Brigitte: This career is the path we choose.
Martin: I didn't choose it. And I'm done. Done hiding. Done being afraid. Done with the spy game.
Brigitte: Martin.
Martin: What? It's all lies. In the end, all that matters is money.

No one gets out of the spy business.