God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Prodigal Son

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For the first time, Miles received a friend suggestion that he knew on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7.

We've seen Miles get deeply invested in the lives of stranger friend suggestions, but we've never seen him deal with something personal. 

Uncle T embezzling money from the Harlem Episcopal Church affected not only Miles but also his family.

An Uncomfortable Truth - God Friended Me

What could have been a messy episode turned out to be a family-centric episode filled with lessons about love, redemption, and the idea that a family can overcome anything together. 

How do they do it?

Uncle T was a good con-artist and an even better sweet talker, but fortunately, his family saw right through him. 

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Instead of turning their backs on him, Miles tried to find a solution without passing judgment.

Yes, his tame reaction was partly because he's held his uncle on a pedestal all these years, but also because he's embracing everyone's flaws. 

If Miles hadn't checked Uncle T, he would have lost not only his dream but also his wife.

Can I just say something? It is truly refreshing to see someone else spiral. So thank you.


That's an important lesson in itself -- don't ever neglect your family because you want "more." 

Having dreams and following them is fine, but if you reach a point where it starts destroying relationships with the people you care about and the people who have always been there for you, it's time to pull out of the game. 

Everything is Fine - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7

I felt it in my core when Aunt Lena said, "Sometimes money is not enough." She had every right to end her relationship with Uncle T for making putting them in financial jeopardy. 

He may have lost a handle on his personal matters, but Uncle T was on the money when he said the God account chose the perfect person for the job -- Miles would never allow anyone to get away with such a crime, not even his uncle.

And somehow, this negative situation strengthened strained family relations.

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Uncle T made amends and was ready to face the consequences, while Miles and his father bonded in ways they've never had. 

The situation allowed Miles to see his father's incredible strength and ability to forgive.

Thankfully, Arthur didn't have to sell his house, but it was magnificent of him for even considering it.

Ali: Marriages don't end on a whim, Miles.
Miles: Your point?
Ali: That there's obviously something else going on that we don't know about. Things that they don't want us to know about.

The feel-good moments never stopped, and you better believe I was cheesing so hard when Miles walked into the church and took his uncle's seat. 

He was carrying the torch and stepping up to the plate when his uncle wasn't able to make it. 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

The fact that the God account knew something was wrong with Miles' favorite uncle before he did re-ignited his desire to find out who is behind the account. 

I Can't Do This Anymore  - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7

Rakesh has been passively trying to crack the firewall, but after Uncle T's adventure, they went to extremes even bringing in his old friend, Lemonhead Lucy.

I know the point of this series isn't to find out who is behind the account, but I think we all want to know how someone knows such private and personal things about people. 

You know, I spent my entire life thinking that my mother didn't want me. You know, that she didn't love me enough to even try. My whole life I thought she was the cause of that pain but it turns out I was blaming the wrong parent.


Based on Rakesh's interactions with Lucy and the look they gave each other while trying to lure out Falken, it seems there will be sparks flying quicker than any codes will be cracked.

I hope I'm wrong because I like Jaya. She doesn't deserve to be cheated on, and I don't want Rakesh to become a stereotypical long-distance cheater. 

His character is too goofy and pure. 

Cara's focus was also on family after her dad, Jeffrey, popped into town to check up on her. 

I'm sorry, but I could not take guest-star Micahel Vartan seriously after seeing what he was capable of as Terence on The Arrangement. Some actors just take on their former show's reputation, and there's nothing they can do about it. 

Jeffrey read Cara's article online and knew she reconnected with her mother, so he was there to make sure she wasn't drinking again.

You have to cut him some slack. 

As Susan said, it isn't an easy task to take on the responsibility of raising a daughter by yourself. Jeffrey was brave and did the best he could to protect his daughter. 

Jeffrey - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7

That being said, Cara's outburst was also understandable as she's lived her whole life thinking her mother didn't want her when in reality, her father pushed Susan away. 

I'm glad Cara eventually came to her senses and realized that her father acted strictly out of love. 

Just because Cara is angry at him doesn't mean that she was blaming the wrong parent. Her mother is lucky enough to be getting a second chance now, but remember, second chances only come because you screwed up the first time.

Meanwhile, her father never abandoned her.

You said he was your hero. Heroes have it easy. Heroes aren't real. Being a dad? That's real.


There was a brief mention of Eli which I found hilarious because it wasn't Eli that Cara was leaning on when dealing with her family issues. 

How can she and Miles be so blind to what's right in front of them?

As always, God Friended Me hit a home run with yet another episode that gave me all the feels.

What did you think?

Make sure to watch God Friended Me online and leave your thoughts below! 

The Prodigal Son Review

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Can I just say something? It is truly refreshing to see someone else spiral. So thank you.


Ali: Marriages don't end on a whim, Miles.
Miles: Your point?
Ali: That there's obviously something else going on that we don't know about. Things that they don't want us to know about.