God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Matthew 621

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How do you help a dead guy?

That's what Miles, Cara, and Rakesh tried to figure out on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8.

The God account could have easily suggested Alfie Collins instead of the late Sal, but there wouldn't be any mystery about that, nor would our trio of detectives find all the breadcrumbs that made this story so worthwhile. 

To New Relationships - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8

Like Miles said, "you never know where a good story might go." 

The God account led them to Sal's estate sale where they found the picture of him and young Alfie with "Matthew 6:21" written on the back.

Though they initially thought it was a bible verse, Cara's sleuthing skills revealed that Matthew was the name of Sal's boat, and "621" was the combination to safe harboring a book written by Sal about all the things he wished he could have said to his stepson, Alfie. 

Miles: They send me a friend suggestion when I'm talking about them, they're probably listening to us right now.
Nia: Yeah, it's 2018. Our phones are listening to all of us.

There is never a shortage of feel-good moments on God Friended Me, and I think it's because, at the end of the day, despite whatever case they are dealing with, the show is about family. 

The God account has mended Miles' broken family and now, he's set out to mend other broken families. 

While I like to pride myself on seeing the outcome before it happens, I did not see any of this coming. 

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I never expected pregnant Blair from the elevator incident to be tied to Alfie, but I knew that there had to be more to her story considering the God account doesn't have simple suggestions. 

The realization that Blair was actually carrying Alfie's child was jaw-dropping. 

And the realization that Alfie distanced himself because he feared he'd be a bad father to the baby was probably the most emotional moment of the whole series. 

Elevator Pitch  - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8

Alfie's fear is understandable, but as someone who has personal experience with a terrible father, I can attest that the lesson is knowing what kind of parent you shouldn't be.

Miles nailed the elevator pitch on multiple occasions, but urging Alfie to go to the hospital by saying, "or you can wait thirty years to write a book about how you wish you had," drove his point home perfectly. 

Some people just need a push in the right direction, and Miles is there to give them that push. 

We're only eight episodes in but Miles has a strong grasp on how the God account works, and it's awesome to see how committed he is to it. 

When you grow up thinking a parent didn't love you, it kind of becomes a part of who you are. I used the pain just like Alfie did to motivate myself, prove myself.


He's embraced it fully, and he has a knack for connecting with people, addressing their fears head-on, and directing them onto the right path.

If you take a step back and look at the big picture, his work is no different than his father's.

Though unlike his father, he's doing the Lord's work unknowingly as he follows guidance from the social media entity. 

It even seems like Miles was meant to walk this path based on the origin of his name and how it paid tribute to his ancestors and all that they fought for.

I'll be honest, that was really deep for a story meant to keep a pregnant woman calm. 

What's in a Name? - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8

And since Miles has embraced the God account's mission for him, his circle of support has vastly expanded. 

Not only do Cara and Rakesh drop everything to help Miles out whenever a new friend suggestion appears, but now his new friend and marketing partner Nia has also experienced the account's magic firsthand. 

Admittedly, Alfie's reaction to a guy telling him "God" sent him was a little more plausible than Nia's immediate acceptance.

Aside from Nia, there's also Lucy, Rakesh's hacker friend, who is also working to help them locate the person behind the account. 

I think he's lost, caught between the person that he thinks he is and the person he wants to be for you.


For now, we're going with the theory that it is the world's most elusive computer hacker, Falken. 

I don't doubt that Falken is someone close to Miles or at least someone who has a personal connection to the mission.

I'm not sure where this storyline will go, but I can say I don't think I even want to find out who is running the show anymore.

Revealing the God account's identity would take away from the magic of learning all the lesson's that come with each suggestion. 

Maybe it's better that Falken remain anonymous?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Arthur return to what fills his cup -- playing the sax. 

Arthur Plays Sax - God Friended Me

He may have needed a little push from Ali, but he's on a good path supported by his closest friends and family. 

And his new relationship with Trish seems like a step in the right direction.

Alfie: The only thing I know about fatherhood is how not to do it.
Miles: Actually, that sounds like a good place to start.

Speaking of relationships, Cara and Miles finally took the next steps in their relationships, but unfortunately, not with each other. 

For someone who has been hesitant to dive back into a relationship with Eli, Cara dived back into his bed rather quickly. 

I'm not judging because you know, do your thing Cara, but it seems like she took that leap before really seeing where her heart was.

And, as we all know, it's with Miles. 

There is nothing generic or predictable about this show, so it frustrates me that they went down the expected road of Cara figuring out her feelings only after she saw Miles with another woman. 

Now, things are going to get messy since Eli has obviously fallen for her again while Miles is interested in Nia. 

And did anyone else pick up some jealousy on Eli's part? That doesn't seem to bode well for a couple hitting "restart."

While I was rooting for Miles and Cara at first, I do think Nia is good for him.  

She has an interesting backstory -- she was diagnosed with leukemia after her 13th birthday and is in remission now -- and credits science, not God, for saving her life. 

Jealous - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8

If there's anyone who understands her outlook and agrees with her, it's Miles. 

In terms of my favorite couple, Rakesh and Jaya, I hope her skipping their FaceTime session wasn't a sign that things are heading towards the end.

Long distance is hard, but I believe in these two. 

The lessons you walk away with on God Friended Me are absent from other shows on television right now. 

The mysteries always have solutions that we can all relate to on some level and that's what makes them so powerful. 

Sometimes the stories we thought we over are anything but, and we realize that happy endings are rarely easy, or simple, or expected as we thought, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth it.


I questioned how the series could keep the momentum going for a few seasons without losing the mystery and lightness, but I think they've figured out a way to connect with us on a personal level.

The mysteries don't require us to be spiritual or believers, they simply require us to be human.

If you haven't done so yet, you need to watch God Friended Me online and share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Matthew 621 Review

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

When you grow up thinking a parent didn't love you, it kind of becomes a part of who you are. I used the pain just like Alfie did to motivate myself, prove myself.


Miles: They send me a friend suggestion when I'm talking about them, they're probably listening to us right now.
Nia: Yeah, it's 2018. Our phones are listening to all of us.