Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10 Review: Beat the Press

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Media attacks were on Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10. That's what was on the menu.

Once again, a preachy episode and it's getting old.

Frank's attack was a ridiculous storyline.

The Gang Minus Frank - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10

Likening the United States to the level of dangerous and violent third world nations around the world is taking their message way too far.

People in politics have been disagreeing since the beginning of politics.

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People will disagree about politics until the end of politics, which is never.

That is nothing new.

No big deal, I'm just milking this for the jello and sponge baths.


There isn't a band of Amazonian burley women taking swings at reporters.

Come on.

What was the point of this episode? What was the bottom line?

The Gang at Phil's - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10

I suppose they were trying to convey that the media isn't trusted and that Trump followers are meatheaded Neanderthals with only two brain cells to rub together.

And one of them is on vacation.

I wouldn't be surprised if Murphy Brown lost a lot of viewers after this episode, and I have to wonder what the endgame was in that strategy?

Avery: This coming from a woman with a basement full of TV Guides?
Murphy: I haven't finished all the crosswords yet.

If they only want viewers who agree with their political point of view, then I think they may get their wish.

And before you say their fanbase is only from the Democratic party, you're wrong.

People on both sides of the political fence enjoy Murphy Brown. She's funny, damn it! She doesn't NEED heavy-as-syrup politically laden messages in her program.

Murphy, Miles and Guest - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10

As I said from Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 1, if they pepper the political jabs throughout and sandwich it within a heaping helping of delicious comedy, people will eat it up and come back for more.

And for a while there they were toeing the line.

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Now, with these last two episodes, they're losing it, and the ratings are going to show it.

Don't get me wrong. I love Frank and to think of him being attacked for merely doing his job is upsetting, but that's not what's happening out there.

Take my blessing, leave the cannoli.


The way they painted it, the President himself put a hit on Frank, and that's just a bunch of bunk. Pure and simple.

The Republican Party isn't a bunch of mindless goons anymore than the Democratic Party is a bunch of holier than thou snobs who think they're better than everyone else.

It's not only insulting to pretend otherwise, but it's also damaging.

Frank Is Attacked - Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown has a real platform here -- an opportunity to highlight issues where both sides can find common ground, but they're blowing it.

It might seem crazy to think that a half-hour program could have that kind of power, but the media IS powerful, including TV. Comedy is where people naturally come together to share a laugh.

It's the misuse of this power that's wrong. It then just becomes bad TV.

I don't enjoy writing an unfavorable review about a show I happen to like with actors I happen to love, but I would be remiss to pretend that this episode was good.

Murphy: Well, frozen peas are much better than a real icepack.
Avery: Because?
Murphy: Because vegetables are good for you. Duh!

It wasn't.

I do want to mention a few tidbits about the episode I observed.

First, I think the writers have decided between angsty teen and grumpy old man when it comes to Avery. It's grumpy old man all the way, and I'm not a fan.

Second, Corky's scene about her gun was gold. it was funny and totally Corkified with Louisiana roots.

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Third, Murphy's obsession with Hoarders was also funny and oh so true.

Fourth, as expected, they're painting Pat with a focus on his sexuality instead of his tech. That's a mistake.

All I can say is that I hope Murphy Brown looks at the turn they've made, realize their mistake, and correct it. If they don't, they're going straight off the road into a ditch.

And that would be a shame.

What do you think Murphy Brown fanatics? Are you annoyed with the preachy turn the show is taking? How do you feel about the fate of Murphy Brown? Was there anything in the episode that made you laugh?

Hit the comments, and let's hear what you have to say.

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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

No big deal, I'm just milking this for the jello and sponge baths.


Avery: This coming from a woman with a basement full of TV Guides?
Murphy: I haven't finished all the crosswords yet.