Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Parasite Lost

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"What is there to be upset about," Kara asked at the start of Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5, so naturally, there would be a lot she'd be upset about.

Considering the spread of anti-alien rhetoric across National City how could she think there would be peace?

Kara's optimism can be so infuriating sometimes, however, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I didn't enjoy seeing the whole cast get together for Sunday brunch. 

Kara the Reporter - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5

We've been seeing the hate against the aliens firsthand, but Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5 is the first time Lena and James realize how bad and ugly things are out there. 

It isn't just the uneducated folks believing the hype, it's also the people at fancy media galas that you'd expect to be a little more open-minded.

Ben Lockwood's message seems to be hitting the masses and accomplishing what it intended.

We even see the rhetoric infiltrate the DEO as Colonel Haley praises Alex for being a "human" successor to alien J'onn.

She even goes as far as to say she's happy order has been restored.

Missing Amulet - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5

You would think someone of that level would do some research before insulting the man that Alex looks up to as a father figure.

Alex isn't one to let anything slide, so she made sure Haley knew just how strong her relationship was with the "DEO's greatest leader."

Unfortunately, the Colonel wasn't moved since she's changing up the structure a bit and going back to "playing by the rules," which means even though Alex is the Director, she still has to obey her superior. 

Power trips are the worst. 

But hey, at least Alex's gut was right about Haley being a real problem. 

Does this mean J'onn won't be helping out the DEO on a freelance basis anymore?

Healer of Aliens - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5

My biggest gripe with the Colonel is that she doesn't necessarily care about humans or aliens. 

When Alex was taking down Jensen, she tried to save as many lives as possible.

If she had followed Haley's orders, she would have killed everyone unnecessarily. 

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Since Haley doesn't seem to care too much about being ethical, it'll be interesting to see them clash the next time she gives Alex and order that Alex doesn't agree with. 

Jensen wasn't a very promising villain because he gave at the first sign of pushback.

Realistically, he could have done so much with the power the parasite granted him. He was stronger than Supergirl!

Jensen: I want to make this country safe.
Alex: You're not making anything safer by doing this.

Having him remove the amulet and surrender to the DEO within the hour took away from the danger and all the potential storylines. It was lame. 

Jensen clearly didn't believe in the cause as much as he thought he did. Maybe his death will make others will realize that hating aliens isn't exactly making the world safer. 

It's rather interesting to see how blindly people follow Lockwood. 

Mr. Lockwood - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5

He made a super alien using the power of other aliens to take them down and prove to humans that aliens are dangerous. 

He doesn't realize he's the one creating all the chaos in town! 

Lockwood wasn't happy about losing Jensen as he lost "the most valuable asset in the war to save humanity."

If that's his most valuable asset, he needs to restrategize.

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Regardless of where you stand in the humans vs. aliens debate, we can all agree that Lockwood is unstable. 

And where is his family? Are they still alive? Will they be brought back into the fold to stop him before he goes too far?

Lockwood may hate setbacks, but it seems he may have a new ally in James Olsen. 

While James isn't exactly eager to join the Children of Liberty movement, he thinks there's some benefit because the hate groups trust him. He even believes he might be able to change their minds about aliens.

Nia: Well why didn't you call?
Brainy: You told me to find you not call you.

Once again, I think James is in way over his head.

And something tells me this isn't going to sit well with Supergirl and Nia. 

Thus far, Nia has been the most pointless addition to the cast. 

Maybe Nia's backstory and emergence as Dream Girl will pick up the pace when Kara dives into alien profiles for her "Aliens of National City" bit.

It's cool to see Kara make a difference as a "human" by telling alien stories, the good and the bad. 

For the Media - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5

People are always afraid of what they don't understand but showing them who these aliens are might change a few hearts. 

Based on Supergirl Episode 4 Season 5, I'm most excited about J'onn's journey as the independent detective. 

Since leaving the DEO, J'onn hasn't been able to find his new path, but this seems like a natural calling for him since he's protected the city all these years. 

Who do you call when you can't trust the police? J'onn Jonzz! It just flows. 

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And he looked pretty damn boss while putting on his top hat.

A relationship between Nia and Brainy is brewing.

The fact that she wasn't scared off by Brainy reciting all of her information is probably a good sign. 

I wonder if their connection right now has something to do with the future. Did they date in the future but are just unaware in the present? Though, wouldn't Brainy remember that sort of thing?

Still, they are both adorable in a clueless kind of way.

I can relate to Brainy getting drunk off of morning libations but man, don't you wish you had the power to get over a hangover that quickly?

New Hero - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5

Though there are enjoyable moments sprinkled throughout Supergirl Season 4, overall, I'm just not connecting with the main storyline. 

There were even moments where I started zoning out. Where has all the superhero fun gone? 

Half the time, Supergirl is being sidelined by the DEO for her own safety and other times, the threats just don't measure up to previous seasons. 

Like many of you have said, I tune in to escape from the bleak realities of the real world and this season further promotes what's happening in a way that feels counterproductive. 

How are you feeling? Do you hope Supergirl course corrects soon? Or are you enjoying this season?

Remember to watch Supergirl online and comment below! 

Parasite Lost Review

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Nia: Well why didn't you call?
Brainy: You told me to find you not call you.

Jensen: I want to make this country safe.
Alex: You're not making anything safer by doing this.