Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Call to Action

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If it hadn't been for the latter half, Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6, would have been a complete waste. 

However, Alex made a few Harry Potter references, and Supergirl fought a dragon, so all was not wasted. 

It's pretty evident that Supergirl Season 4 is moving at a glacial pace and steering towards one goal: the civil war with the aliens. 

We Do NOT Come in Peace! - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6

Alex can sit there and tell us this is a "fight like no other" over and over again, but sadly, it doesn't feel like the most dangerous or most exciting fight these heroes have ever fought.

Given the series low ratings, it seems the viewers agree. 

It wasn't until Thanksgiving dinner at Kara's place that the episode finally found its groove and the manifesto began making some sense. 

Supergirl: Who is this Agent Liberty?
Man: We all are.

Though, the moment they brought Thanksgiving into it I knew they were going to bring up what happened to the indigenous people as a way to sway minds into believing violence against the aliens is the answers.

You have to give it to him, Ben Lockwood is crafty and knows exactly how to induce fear. 

By putting the fear of aliens in a historical context, people are more likely to see his point of view.

He's also really great at manipulating James Olsen and being a few steps ahead of the DEO. He has James right where he wants him which just says a lot about James. More on that shortly.  

You're Doing So Well! - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6

What I find hilarious though is Ben and all his followers are all technically immigrants and therefore, this isn't their land. 

How does eliminating one ethnic group, alien or otherwise, make them any better than the European settlers who took over the land and slaughtered the Indians?

It doesn't. 

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The Children of Liberty are doing the exact same thing by marking up homes belonging to aliens and attacking at sunset or "Twilight's Last Gleaming."

The only time James was right was when he said they are justifying their horrendous actions by referring to the aliens as roaches so they don't have to acknowledge that they too are living, breathing creatures with feelings, families, and lives. 

Nia Nal: Please don't fire me.
James Olsen: No one's going to fire you. You do amazing work... when you're awake.

If you talk yourself into ignoring that they are just like you, it's easier to justify the hate you are spewing. 

And don't get me started on the spiel that they want to protect families when they seem content destroying families of aliens. 

Yes, Thanksgiving has negative connotations, but that aside, it celebrates all the good that we have in our lives, the things and people we're grateful for, and the opportunities we have. And that extends to all races and kinds. 

At Odds With Each Other - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6

It's a time for us to unite and taper our hatred, not try to eliminate something we deem as threatening. 

Ben doesn't even realize he's the one creating all the violence in the city! 

I finally got the answer to my question about Ben's family. They are alive and though they seem to be proud of him, they don't know the extent of his role in the Children of Liberty.

James Olsen: Roaches? That's pretty heavy language, and I would really appreciate it if you didn't call aliens "roaches" in my presence.
Tom: But that's what they are.
James Olsen: Or do you just classify them that way so you don't have to deal with the fact that they're living, breathing beings just like you and I?

This makes me believe that deep down inside Ben knows his logic and his actions aren't warranted. If he's scared to tell his family, maybe it's because he thinks they would turn on him or disown him?

Back to James Olsen -- he had it coming. 

I don't know who he thinks he is but man, he is not invincible. Not yet, anyway. Lena is still working on it, but I'm not sure she would give him all that power. 

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Would James even know what to do with all of it?

I couldn't cheer loud enough when Lena finally put James in his place by telling him everything has been working itself out because she's been "handling it" from the sidelines.

I'm The SUPER One - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6

And instead of showing some gratitude for all she's done to protect him and buff him up, he gave her attitude!

I don't encourage lying to your significant other, but at the same time, if your significant other is too stubborn to listen to what you have to say, you do what needs to be done. 

It's almost like he can't fathom that Lena is smarter or more powerful than he is.

I think it's very interesting that we are here, having this debate the day before Thanksgiving Day. I mean, American history, it has this nasty habit with this holiday particularly to just wrap it all up in a neat little bow when the truth is in the years following the indigenous Wampanoag people inviting the pilgrims to a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, the European invaders slaughtered their hosts. So if we do not learn from American history, it is it possible that 100 years from now, the aliens will have their own wonderful, thankful holiday about they slaughtered us?

Ben Lockwood

If he listened to her about getting blindly involved with the Children of Liberty, then maybe he wouldn't be blindsided by Tom's ulterior agenda.

These guys belong to a domestic terrorist hate group for crying out loud. Trying to "talk them out" of an attack is naive. 

Why would James ever think Tom would want to help him out after all of his friends went missing because of aliens James is so defensive of?

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At this point, James' saving grace is Manchester who is hunting down the Children of Liberty while trying to get his hands on the Agent of Liberty. 

Lena should err on the side of caution with her harun el prototype. Playing God is never encouraged, which is a point everyone at Thanksgiving dinner tried to make.

Unfortunately, she has a Luthor complex. 

I Come in Peace - Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6

In theory, creating an invincible human may sound like a good solution when you are being forced to defend themselves against powerful aliens, but no one is without kryptonite. 

As we've seen numerous times with her near-death experiences, not even Supergirl is invincible. 

Who do you think Lena's human subject is going to be? Will it be James?

Ut never dawned on me that Nia's sleep condition was a result of her being Dream Girl. As I look back on it, I realize how obvious that was. 

Supergirl: Alex, there's a dragon on Main Street.
Alex: That's what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.

Given Kara and Alex's interest in helping her with her "narcolepsy," it seems they'll find out about her powers sooner rather than later.

I can't wait to learn about her capabilities. But I wonder what she was dreaming about when she blurted out about espresso coffee beans. 

Her chemistry with Brainy is adorable, but I'm convinced they have some history with each other in the future.

Director Haley has got to go. She's hindering the DEO's progress because of her power trip. 

Why fix something that wasn't broken? And why extend your force over a being that is superior?

Supergirl's free reign has allowed her to keep National City safe this whole time, and it's led them to taking down many bad guys. 

Why would she think that the biggest threat to the peace in the city was a matter for the FBI?

Supergirl: Alex, there's a dragon on Main Street.
Alex: That's what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.

We're talking about alien hate groups, and she's telling Supergirl not to worry about it. 

I'm sorry but how is the FBI going to handle it without the help of an alien? 

It seems like Colonel has a different agenda, one that doesn't necessarily put the city's safety at the forefront. 

I'm hoping that eventually Alex, Brainy and Supergirl form their own rogue DEO to fight crime the way they know has guaranteed results: by following their gut.

They don't need some stranger coming in and barking orders, even if she does bring pie.

Make sure to catch up and watch Supergirl online. Then, leave your comments below! 

Call to Action Review

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Nia Nal: Please don't fire me.
James Olsen: No one's going to fire you. You do amazing work... when you're awake.

Supergirl: Who is this Agent Liberty?
Man: We all are.