The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Courage

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Wait for it. Wait for it.

Well, that's what viewers largely ended up doing on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9.

The episode provided setup with a handful of important developments thrown in.

Ready for the Mission - Tall - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9

After another jump-ahead, it was now summer, time for the U.S. to begin its long-anticipated invasion.

It was refreshing to check in on Miller, to find out that Courtney was supporting him in his quest to be the next bionic man.

It's good to see that he was still striving to live his life, whether it be in the military or doing something else.

It's sad, however, that Miller, who first appeared on The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 2, won't be there for the Nathan James' final battle.

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Sadder still was the fate of Miller's best bud, Burk, killed on a recon mission, before the invasion of Colombia even began. This occurred shortly after his shout-out to Miller while journalist Nina Garside was interviewing him.

(I was surprised that Nina, last seen interviewing Tavo on The Last Side Season 5 Episode 6, didn't end up in one of Tavo's traitor pits.)

I was hoping that maybe, after the death of Admiral Meylan on The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8, the rest of the main Nathan James characters would survive the war.

Cobra Teammates - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9

If someone had to go, why not the muscular Cuban-American Marine whose name I've yet to learn? You know, the one who Miller saved when he got his legs blown off.

It also seemed like Danny was being set up to be killed, going on the recon mission right after he and Kara jinxed their relationship by talking reconciliation.

But no. Right after the thoughtful, steady Burk floated enjoying the beautiful skies, he was dead, killed by a boy with a speargun. Even worse was Danny having to kill a boy not much older than his son Frankie.

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What happened to that gunboat that Danny and Burk took over? Wouldn't Tavo's military finding that boat floating with dead bodies on it spoil the surprise? Or will the invasion happen so early that no one will notice the gunboat?

That late scene, with the grieving Cobra Team returning with Burk while the bulk of the troops were enjoying old movies, was a heartbreaking contrast.

You have to wonder if Tom is going to make it through the final battle. He keeps hearing the Iowa-class battleship before anyone else. It was evident that Sasha was concerned about him when she found no evidence of what he had heard.

Readying for an Invasion - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9

In his interview with Nina, about his ship's namesake, Tom seemed to indicate that that battleship may be the unseen monster that the Nathan James will end up having to battle.

Tom will pull it all together to gain the final victory, but I do have to wonder what's going on in his head.

The trip south showed why improvisation has become the most important weapon in the Nathan James arsenal.

The Last Ship's Bridget Regan Q & A

I loved the blank looks on everyone's faces when Gator explained his Frogger strategy to sneak by Tavo's two patrolling warships. It sounded bizarre, but Gator knew what he was talking about and Tom and the bridge crew knew enough to follow his commands.

Fortunately, Clayton, Tom's star recruit, has been making technology a friend of the U.S. military again.

He just happened to be fooling around with software that jams radar, in essence, a cloaking device for ships and aircraft. Okayyy.

Always Reliable - The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9

Don't Tavo's forces have binoculars? Blocking those with software would be hard.

Could it be that Tavo's forces are too reliant on technology? Wouldn't that be ironic, don't ya think?

Tavo has done everything he can to undermine his own revolution. 

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Because his witchy woman Conchita told him to, he had all his military leaders killed, including Hector, his best friend, who backed Tavo almost until the end, despite how unhinged Tavo has become.

Now Tavo plans to win the war against the U.S. military with a handful of thugs blended with green conscriptees, lacking any military leadership?

I don't think a victory is in the cards for Tavo. But we all knew that already, didn't we?

I guess the only questions now are how the U.S. wins and how many more name casualties will there be?

To recap the war before the final battle, watch The Last Ship online.

Were you surprised Burk get killed? Who else won't survive the war? What's the secret of the mysterious battleship?

Comment below.

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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

The battle before us will likely alter the course of the war. The conflict that began in Mayport will end on the beaches of South America. And we will be victorious.


Courtney: Are you OK?
Miller: It's on. The invasion. This is it. D-Day is coming. The fact that we got off without anyone knowing means we have a chance to win this thing.