The Middle Spinoff Not Going Forward at ABC

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File this under the most surprising TV news of the month:

ABC has decided against going forward with the Eden Sher-fronted spinoff of The Middle. 

The show was said to be titled "Sue Sue in the City" and would have continued the story of Sue Heck as she finished college and got ready to start her own life in Chicago. 

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Brock Ciarlelli was also on board to reprise the role of Brad Bottig, Sue's best friend from The Middle. That casting decision made sense because Sue and Brad were such a dynamic duo on the original series. 

Chris Diamantopoulos, Kimberley Crossman, Finesse Mitchell, and Aaron Branch were also attached to the offshoot as series regulars. 

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ABC is home to several comedies, but given that the show was a spinoff of one of the network's better-received comedies, it was a sure bet to land a series pickup. 

It's becoming increasingly difficult to launch brand new shows in this peak TV era, so it does explain why networks are looking to reboot old series or revive them in some capacity. 

Finesse Mitchell Attends Event

There's no reason been given as to why ABC is not going forward with Sue Sue in the City, but it's likely that the show didn't come in as well as expected. 

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There's also no word on whether the show could work on Freeform. Grownish, a spinoff of Blacklish was previously in the works at ABC but was later picked up by the Disney owned cable network. 

Wouldn't it be a perfect decision to pair Sue Sue in the City and Grownish? 

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In any case, more details will likely be spilled in the coming weeks, but it looks like this new iteration of The Middle is not coming to screens at all. 

What are your thoughts on the news?

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