Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Review: The Revelation

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Ivar wasted no time literally marking his territory as the new King of Kattegat, did he? We will see how long he manages to keep it. 

Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 brought the return of Rollo, and he's already playing both sides to his advantage. 

Ivar probably should have negotiated the terms of his assistance beforehand, because now Rollo is asking the farm from him. Will he agree to all of his demands?

Smirk Tall - Vikings  Season 5 Episode 11

Ivar acted like he was going to go along with it, but we never actually heard him agree. He's not the most trustworthy guy in the world either, so it's not hard to fathom that he might have other plans brewing. 

He might just be appeasing Rollo for the time being, but who knows? When the time comes for him to defend Rollo in battle, will he keep his word?

I think we have to assume there might be a little bit of foreshadowing there. These guys are always in battle, so it's not a stretch to think the writers might be planning a situation where Rollo will need Ivar's assistance. The question is, who will he be fighting? 

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A rematch between Ivar and Lagertha is on the horizon. Most likely Rollo won't be a part of it. He told Lagertha they won't meet again, but somehow I don't believe that's true unless one of them winds up dead in the near future. 

Rollo: You know perfectly well why I am here offering you this.
Lagertha: Do I?
Rollo: Yes. You know I have always loved you Lagertha. And that Bjorn is my son.
Lagertha: He is not your son.
Rollo: You cannot deny it to my face. Can you? Can you.

Is Rollo Bjorn's father? Does it matter?

Bjorn doesn't want to entertain the thought, and who could blame him? Ragnar is the father he knew, and he does look more like him, so he's going to believe what he wants to believe. If it is true, Lagertha's not admitting it any time soon. 

Since they denied his offer for safe passage, it's probably not important either way. Bjorn is a son of Ragnar in the eyes of everyone who matters, and knowing the truth won't change his legacy. 

Plan B - Vikings Season 5 Episode 11

When the rematch between Ivar and Lagertha does eventually happen, she could have all of King Alfred's army behind her. That, or he'll refuse to offer them protection in exchange for their services defending Wessex, but that's unlikely. 

They made it all the way to Wessex, and Bishop Heahmund is a pretty convincing guy. He should be able to smooth talk his way back into Alfred's good graces, even if he was expecting his father.

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They took a huge risk going there, but the show would pretty much be over if Alfred kills them all, so I'm betting it pans out. 

Alfred already has some great ideas for his kingdom, including ordering the Church to teach in English so all can have access to their knowledge. He cares about his people, which is a critical trait of a good leader. 

Alfred Tall - Vikings Season 5 Episode 11

As a single man with no children, he's also a vulnerable leader. Not to worry, his mom is on a mission to find him the perfect bride and remedy that situation. He seems less than enthused but knows better than to argue with his mother, king or not. 

His immediate concern is the new threat of Northmen attacking, and that's the main reason he will most likely accept Heahmund's proposal. The arriving Vikings may be a small group, but they're fierce warriors and can help defend the kingdom. 

Heahmund: In my faith, the Bishop of the Holy Church must be celibate. I cannot acknowledge you. I cannot openly live with you.
Lagertha: Does that make you sad?
Heahmund: What do you think?
Lagertha: Well I hope it makes you sad.

Are Lagertha and Heahmund going to attempt a secret relationship while in England? He loves her, and he's not willing to give her up, but he also wants to be reinstated as a Bishop. It's quite the dilemma. 

This whole situation could lead to a smoking hot secret affair, and I'm all for it. The threat of being found out makes it more exciting, though I'm not exactly sure what consequences Heahmund faces if discovered. 

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Would he merely lose his title as Bishop, or would he be facing something much more severe? I imagine cheating on the vows of celibacy could be a pretty big deal. 

Bishop Heahmund - Vikings Season 5 Episode 11

I'm going to be honest; I'm still not the least bit interested in Floki's adventures in Iceland. I'm glad they're not sacrificing him and all, but other than that, those scenes could get cut, and I probably wouldn't even notice he was missing. He's such a fantastic character, and he's currently being wasted. That needs to get rectified ASAP.

Margrethe is batshit crazy, like on Ivar's level, and it's terrifying that the two of them are now in the same place. Hvitserk better stay on her good side, because if she ever gets the chance with Torvi, she'll slit her throat in her sleep. 

Ivar is becoming smitten with Freydis. Can he trust her? He's too smart to let anyone get too close, but if he's not careful, she could be his downfall. I'm intrigued by this developing relationship. 

Your turn! What did you think of Rollo's return? Are you hoping for a torrid affair between Lagertha and Heahmund? Should Ivar trust Freydis?

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The Revelation Review

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Rollo: Of course Bjorn Ironside lives, I taught him to fight! Who can kill him?
Ivar: There is someone else who is still alive. The woman that haunts my days and nights.

Ivar: We obviously want to reward you for what you have done for us.
Rollo: Don't worry, you will. We will strike a trade deal which will be extremely favorable to me. We will also make an alliance for our mutual defense so that if I am attacked by anyone, you will send warriors to support me.