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Did the doctors manage to get their patient to make the right decision?

That was revealed on The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 8 when Shaun, Audrey, Claire had to get their patient to reveal all about a secret she was keeping to her husband after her treatment caused a complication. 

Meanwhile, Neil, Morgan, and Alex struggled with a patient whose parents did not believe in vaccination. 

Morgan managed to get through to one of the parents, but it was up to Neil to help get through to the other. 

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I knew this couple. They had a child and they were happy… building a life. One day, the husband found out that the wife hadn’t been honest, and it broke their trust. Instead of working it out, they let the deception fester. Eventually, the husband moved out, moved away… He barely sees his kid.


Measles kill, broken homes don’t.