Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7 Review: A Temporary Infestation

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Dynasty has been really gaining steam lately, so I was really disappointed that Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7 turned out to be a more of a filler episode.

Looking back at it, we didn't learn anything new or exciting. 

It was just there. Especially following the eventful Thanksgiving themed Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6

A New Adventure - Dynasty

Blake announced his engagement to replacement Cristal after just a few days of knowing her so naturally, the feud between Cristal and Alexis came to a head. 

How are these kids not tired of getting a new "step-mom" every year?

Alexis believes psychic Adrianna's prediction that she's meant to be with Blake which explains why she needs to remove Cristal, who is, in her mind, the only obstacle. 

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But even after Cristal brilliantly outsmarted Alexis and proved that she could go toe-to-toe with her, I still failed to see any value in her character. 

Why bring new Cristal on board at all? Is she really just there to fill a void in the cast left behind by Celia?

And doesn't Alexis know that you should never trust Google Translate for accurate translations?

Fallon: Jeff! You're an objective third party. Where do you stand on Whitney covers?
Jeff: Is this a trap?

There was a major change in Cristal's appearance following the engagement.

She looked more stylish; her hair, her outfits, even her demeanor, was more luxurious. 

However, that doesn't mask that she's not telling the whole truth about wanting to become a part of this family. 

We're Engaged, Again - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7

And honestly, based on Blake's behavior, he also has ulterior motives. 

Again, I'm not sure what either of them is trying to accomplish, but I don't think any of this is about romantic love. 

Since their only connection is Celia, maybe it has to do something with her? 

Maybe she promised Celia that she would make Alexis' life a living hell if she ever passed?

Regardless, it's getting pretty redundant to have Alexis hate every woman that comes near Blake because she has some warped idea that they are supposed to get back together. 

Can you say bitter ex?

Alexis needs a hobby, stat. 

Alexis figured out a solution for the baby Hank left at her trailer doorstep fairly quickly, but we knew that's where the story was headed. 

Sammy expressed his desire for a child early on in Dynasty Season 2, so there was no doubt that he would take little Blake under his wing. 

Little Blake - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7

The name, however, is a bit questionable. As is Sammy's attachment to the child. 

If Child Protective Services was called, why would Sammy assume that they'd allow him to become this child's permanent parent?

And really, why would Anders encourage the behavior by assisting in the nanny search?

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Admittedly, Sammy and Kirby's team-up is the most logical move for the show because they are both outsiders who have found their place within the walls of the Carrington mansion. 

Since Fallon is occupied as of late, Kirby is his new side-kick, and their scenes are fun and enjoyable. 

Completing their trio will be Manny the nanny which seemed like a cheap knock-off from This Is Us.

Anders: Oh god, don't tell me you're tattoing the baby.
Sammy: Just the Carrington crest on his ankle. It's tiny.

Since we know Steven's character isn't coming back anytime soon, my guess is that Manuel will become Sammy's new lover. 

I hope that after Cristal forced Alexis to tell her the truth about the baby in the manger, she slips up that little Blake belongs to Claudia. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7

Alexis wasn't around when Claudia was an issue for them all so she doesn't how deranged she is, but trust me, everyone will know the dangers of this baby when they realize who the mother is.  

I am so over Culhane! 

He's wrapped around Ada's finger, and even willing to destroy Fallon and Monica's record label venture to cover up his secrets and lies. 

Anders: What the hell is all the noise?
Kirby: Oh, just What to Expect When You're Expecting Meets American Ninja Warrior.

Though he may be "protecting them" in the long run, he's putting them all in danger. Just look at Monica's ankle! Either one of them could have been trampled in that stampede! 

Since this is a soap, I believe Monica is going to end up collateral damage in all of this causing Colby to reignite his feud with the Carrington family. 

Search for a Nanny  - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7

There's absolutely no honesty between Fallon and Culhane, so how do they expect to build a healthy relationship?

Fallon is in denial about her feelings for Liam and trying to stay preoccupied so she doesn't have to confront them. 

Why did she even sell her fathers company if she can't function without work?

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At the beginning of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7, Fallon wasn't even interested in getting married and only after the chaos at Colby Club did she realize she's scared of losing Culhane.  

Should she really rush into another wedding?

Fallon needs to face the truth and make a decision she'll stand by before it's too late. 

That is unless finding out about Culhane will be the dealbreaker. 

Get Him Out of my Mind - Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7

Colby will undoubtedly fess up to Monica who will, in turn, tell Fallon the truth. 

How will Culhane talk his way out of that one? It doesn't seem like Fallon is the type of girl who would want someone to risk their lives to protect hers. 

You know she's going to be furious that Culhane didn't trust her enough to handle this. 

As I said previously, Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7 fell flat for me, but I have faith that they'll shape up before the year is over! 

Make sure you watch Dynasty online at TV Fanatic and sound off in the comments below! 

Will Sammy keep Little Blake? Wil Fallon find out the truth? 

A Temporary Infestation Review

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Anders: What the hell is all the noise?
Kirby: Oh, just What to Expect When You're Expecting Meets American Ninja Warrior.

Fallon: Jeff! You're an objective third party. Where do you stand on Whitney covers?
Jeff: Is this a trap?