Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9 Review: The Spear

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Impossible odds, indeed.

It was too much to hope that Michael was going to leave Dean alone, never to take control of him again.

It was suspicious, and the boys should have been more wary of Michael's motive to abandon Dean's body so quickly.

As it turned out, Michael had a plan all along, and on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9, he put that plan into motion.

Lookig For Weapons - Supernatural

Michael knew that the boys were going to come after him, and he was eagerly anticipating it.

I'm not sure why he wasn't concerned about the spear considering he was right there when it came time to destroy the egg. You'd think he would have made sure the spear was destroyed as well.

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Instead, he was surprised to see Dean wielding it like a true warrior.

Of course, it would have been too easy for Dean to have gotten the upper hand on Michael. It's just not how things happen in the Winchesters' world.

Fighting - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9

Dean should have told someone about those dizzy spells. Maybe something could have been done to protect him.

Now, Dean is gone, and it doesn't look like he's going to be rejoining the fight for good anytime soon.

And there's a bigger problem.

All the tools needed to kill Michael are destroyed.

I didn't see the spear disintegrate so maybe there's a chance it can be fixed, but Sam, Castiel, and Jack are in deep doo-doo right now.

Saving Jack - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9

There is the possibility that Dark Kaia might end up being a major player in taking Michael down. 

I might be stretching here, but is it possible that the spear she gave Dean wasn't the real spear at all?

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She was quick to hand it over even with Dean and Castiel's pleas and promises. It seems a bit uncharacteristic of her, doesn't it?

At the very least, she might have demanded they take her along for the battle and let her do the dirty work.

It's odd.

Garth also might have a major role in bringing Michael down as well. Sure, he's tied up in the back of Dean's car right now and is one of Michael's monsters, but the fact that he was actually talked down by Sam is telling.

Garth Changes - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9

Maybe the boys will experiment on Garth and find a way to reverse Michael's magic juice.

They have to try something because the way it's looking now is pretty grim. 

And while it always looks grim when the boys encounter challenges of this magnitude, this one might be a bit hard for them to win.

So if the above tactics aren't feasible or realistic, what can they do?

Enter John Winchester.

Supernatural returns from its winter break on January 17, and there are three more episodes before Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprises his role as John Winchester for Supernatural's milestone 300th episode on February 7.

Castiel: Jack, if you can't sleep, it's understandable given recent events.
Jack: You mean dying and coming back to life.
Castiel: Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a right of passage around here.

Wouldn't it be the most awesome thing ever if John Winchester showed up to save the day again?

I know I whined about rehashed storylines in my Supernatural Season 14 Episode 8 review, but John coming back to save Dean and the rest of the world from ultimate disaster would be huge.

Seeing him team up with Mary and Bobby to do so would be epic. 

And maybe there will be a lot of other blasts from the past joining the fight to bring down Michael. 

Calming Sam - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9

It's maddening that the episode ended with Michael's snap of the fingers. Is that "snap" a signal for the monsters to begin their destruction of Kansas City?

Or did he just snap Sam, Castiel, and Jack into Dean's memories as the preview showed?

And if so, why would he stall his plans and why let the trio into Dean's memories?

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One thing that I'm extremely curious about is why we haven't seen hide nor hair of Nick. 

The last we saw of him he was praying to Lucifer (some of you think it was The Empty or some other mythological being.)

Jack Knows - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9

Why haven't we checked back in with him?

Is it possible that Nick is undergoing a transformation and will return to take on Michael himself as the new and improved Lucifer?

Nick's story can't possibly be over, right?

There are so many ways the war with Michael can take.

How do you think the story will unravel?

How will John Winchester fit into things? Will his appearance be some sort of sentimental flashback or something more significant?

Will Lucifer return?

Will The Empty decide that Michael is a lot more juicier than Castiel and take him instead?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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The Spear Review

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 9 Quotes

Haven't you learned yet? In this reality monsters, humans, even angels they are insects -- atoms compared to us.


Castiel: Jack, if you can't sleep, it's understandable given recent events.
Jack: You mean dying and coming back to life.
Castiel: Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a right of passage around here.