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It's not easy to maintain a high quality every single week, but Titans Season 1 Episode 10 delivered some gut-punching twists that proved why DC Universe's decision to go dark with this series was the best foot forward. 

Being the penultimate episode of Titans Season 1, it was about time we were given some solid answers, and boy; it was so much fun to watch. 

Kory Attacks Gar - Titans Season 1 Episode 10

It was a bit ridiculous to throw the Hank and Dawn origins story in right after the cliffhanger of Titans Season 1 Episode 8, but I do believe there wasn't really anywhere else to place it in terms of the episodic order. 

Kory trying to kill Rachel presented quite the turning point for the series, and I'm just happy that we finally know the ins and outs of the alien's mission. 

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The fight between Wonder Girl and Starfire at the top of the hour was breathtaking. The powers that be took a less is more approach, and it worked well. 

Donna knew there was something amiss with Kory, and that's likely why she was prepared to go into battle. What I love about Donna is that she calls it as she sees it. 

She's known Dick since they were children, so she could tell there was a more significant bond between him and Kory, and that's likely why she didn't attempt to take Kory out straight off the bat. 

Is Gar Dead? - Titans Season 1 Episode 10

Kory's mission was not an easy one, and she didn't expect to build a connection with the person she was sent to kill, but I don't see her and Rachel playing nice any time soon. 

The spaceship being in the hangar was somewhat predictable, especially after the increased reliance on the flashes from Kory's past. 

There's still a lot of blanks to be filled in about Kory, but I expect her to do everything she can to save her world, Rachel's world and all of her new friends in the process. 

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All of the scenes at the house seemed ripped from a horror movie, but I couldn't shake the feeling that Dick and Donna made a mistake by leaving Gar and Rachel with someone as unstable as Angela. 

That said, I was confused about why Gar started going off the rails, but it all made sense when it emerged that Angela was going on about the food. 

A Mother-Daughter Bond? - Titans Season 1 Episode 10

It turns out, Angela is loyal to her husband to the end, and all she cares about is bringing about the end of the world. The book did also show the whole family looking like villains, so it could explain why Starfire was dead set on taking Rachel down. 

If you watch a lot of TV shows, then you know there's always a loophole to cancel the destruction of the world. The 400 days of training will surely bring Rachel to her knees. 

The youngster is already fragile because of the emotional warfare she's encountered in her life. Now that she has a mother and father, it's going to be hard to pull her away from that evil. 

There's also the fact that the kid feels like everyone around her gets hurt. It's a fair analysis when you think about it. All she's known is loss. 

That's why she wanted to push Gar away while he still had the chance. Angela knew how to play on her daughter's own worst nightmares. 

Bad things happen to people around me.


It's doubtful the parents will be able to break their daughter's heart and make her go full evil, but there also needs to be a driving force for the already ordered Titans Season 2. 

Whether that means Titans Season 1 will end with Rachel embracing the darkness, leaving the others to try and find her down the line, I don't know. 

Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth aka Raven - Titans

But her father did mention that her heart did need to be broken. My primary assumption here is that he means killing Dick and Gar, but it could mean something else entirely. 

With the world's resources being cut off, I wonder if there's any hope that Hawk, Dove, and Jason Todd will show up in time to be of much help. 

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Every time it seems like Hawk and Dove are going to be sticking around, they just disappear from the narrative and pop up as a plot device. 

There was talk a while back of a spinoff for the two, and I must admit, I'd be happier with a featuring those two over the upcoming Doom Patrol one. 

Kory's Power - Titans Season 1 Episode 3

"Koriand'r" raised the stakes while adding some new questions, but there's no telling where the series is going to go next. That's part of the beauty of it being the first series on a brand new streaming service. 

Will another hero that we did not think we'd ever see on the series pop up and save the day in the last few moments? There's Superman, Supergirl, and so many more characters from the comic book lore that could appear. 

I'll leave it to you Titans Fanatics to speculate. 

Were you surprised by any of the latest reveals, or did you expect it to go down the way it did?

What are your thoughts on Wonder Girl?

Hit the comments below. 

Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe. 

Koriand'r Review

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Titans Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bad things happen to people around me.


Donna: I almost took you down with one hit.
Kory: I won't make that mistake again.