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Did Spencer manage to set things right?

That was addressed on All American Season 1 Episode 8 when the youngster realized that he left Crenshaw in a state of disarray for a new life, and not everyone was happy about it. 

With the Homecoming game fast approaching, everyone wanted to get as much training done as possible. 

Meanwhile, Billy tried to secure his team's future, but he quickly realized the opponents were stronger thanks to new players. 

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All American Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Layla: I'm still really hurt and not just about the Asher thing. I'm upset about us. You let me believe you didn't want to be my friend anymore, and you let me be with a guy who would cheat on me with my best friend.
Olivia: I know, and it was wrong. I told myself I was doing it to protect you, but the truth is I was just protecting myself. Everything you said last night was true.
Layla: Well, if I'm being honest, you weren't wrong either. I knew you liked Spencer and I was too afraid of not being Miss Perfect to admit I liked him too.

I want better for you Coop. You're my people, all right, you're family to me. I am never going to leave you behind, no matter what.