A Million Little Things Round Table: Were Your Pressing Questions Answered?

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On A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 12, we followed Jon the day before his death.

The hour gave us a few answers, but it also left us with many questions with the mystery surrounding Jon's finances and the mysterious Barbara Morgan.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Rachelle Lewis as they discuss "The Day Before."

What would you rate this episode?

Christine: I’ll give it a B. We got to dive into Jon’s final hours and found out that he was not having an affair with Ashley. Even though I still don’t feel like I understand everything, Ron Livingston’s portrayal made me feel Jon’s loneliness and desperation. Knowing what was to come only made the inevitable that much harder to watch.

Jack: I'd give it an A-. It was great to see Jon's last moments, and there was a lot of powerful stuff, especially with Gary's argument with Jon, and then calling to apologize minutes after Jon took his life. It was painful to watch knowing what comes next for all of these characters and especially knowing how Jon's story would end.

Rachelle: I give it a B. I had to watch it twice because I felt like I missed a lot the first time around. I like that we learned more about the true state of Jon & Delilah’s marriage, as well as how Jon was feeling on that day.

It was gut-wrenching knowing what was coming, especially after Jon and Gary’s fight. I feel like so many more questioned emerged though.

Do you feel like you understand Jon better after this different perspective of his last days, if so, in what way?

Christine: Yes, and no. Jon was obviously in a lot of pain. Whatever plans he had were completely falling apart, and he was hiding it from everyone but Ashley.

He must have felt very isolated and lost. He had so many friends, and yet he felt like he was failing them all. I felt truly sad for Jon and wish we could go back and stop him from ending it all because things may have been very bad, but they could have gotten better.

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Jack: Yes. It was clear Jon had made a deal with himself that if he got his finances straightened out with this deal, he would live, and otherwise, not.

I felt really sad for him because I think things could have improved; he could have discovered that his friends were there for him the way Rome did. Obviously, he felt his life had got so off track there was no coming back from it.

Rachelle: Yes, and no. Yes, I feel like you could see he was in so much pain and keeping so many secrets was destroying him. The walls around him were closing in, and he was so alone, despite having such a close group of friends and a family.

No, because there is so much more to him that was not learned. How did he get in so much trouble? Who is Barbara Morgan? There are still so many secrets, so I feel like there is a lot more to learn before I can truly understand Jon.

Jon's Last Day - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 12

Why do you think it is so important that Jon risk everything to keep that apartment? Why share it with Ashley and not Delilah?

Christine: Jon and Delilah were clearly in a bad place and had grown apart.

They had stopped sharing things with one another, and that’s dangerous for any marriage. I’m not sure why he latched onto Ashley other than sometimes it’s easier to share things with someone who isn’t so close, and she would already be privy to much of what was going on at work.

Jon said he had some of the best times of his life in that apartment, which makes me wonder with whom he shared them. What made him so desperate to hold onto that moment in his past even while he had a beautiful wife and kids to go home to?

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Jack: Since Ashley was his assistant/business partner, I think he felt she'd understand his business decision to keep that apartment. I also think he and Delilah had grown so far apart in their marriage that she couldn't understand, especially because the financial issues would affect her and the kids.

He didn't want to disappoint her, and maybe he was afraid she'd be jealous of the ghosts of his past. I think the person in the photo he didn't want to talk about was Barbara Morgan, and he perhaps had regrets about ending that relationship -- it would be understandable why he wouldn't want to talk to Delilah about that!

Rachelle: I think he chose Ashley because she knew about some of his financial issues concerning the business. He could trust her with anything, and he needed someone to know about the apartment that would keep it a secret.

I agree with Jack that Jon and Delilah were barely speaking, so sharing the apartment with her was not really an option. I also think he felt Ashely would do anything to save the apartment that means so much to Jon and Delilah wouldn’t. I also think the woman in the photo is Barbara Morgan.

Keeping Secrets - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 2

Do you think Constance Zimmer is this Jeri person that Jon was and Ashley is talking to?

Christine: I really have no idea. This episode answered some questions but left me with many more. There’s still so much we don’t know about what Jon was into and why Ashley is running around desperate to cover it up.

Jack: I don't know. It could be a male Jerry as easily as a female Jeri. Whoever it was clearly has a lot of influence, and Jon was hoping till the end that they could help him get some deal to turn things around, but other than that, it's still a mystery as to why Ashley is so desperate to make sure no one knows about it.

Rachelle: Yes, I do. At first, I thought maybe she was going to be Barbara Morgan, but I think she is the Jeri who couldn’t help Jon. Whoever the character is, there was a connection between her and Jon, and I am not sure it was a good one.

Mourner - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 1

Any thoughts on Eddie and Delilah's portion of the installment?

Christine: That Eddie could go play basketball with Jon, knowing that Delilah was going to end things with him that night, seemed really cold.

I know both Eddie and Delilah were unhappy in their marriages, but I despise the lies and the cheating. I couldn’t believe that Eddie went to the restaurant knowing that there was even a small possibility that Jon could still arrive.

At least Delilah was going to end things with Jon, but Eddie wasn’t going to end things with Katherine until he knew he could run to Delilah, which makes him even more of a coward in my mind.

I wonder if knowing that Delilah had someone else pushed Jon ever closer to the decision to end his life, but the fact that he changed the batteries in the smoke detector in his final hours to keep his family safe makes my heart hurt.

Jack: I found it hard to buy that Delilah was so in love with Eddie. She's made it so clear ever since that she was just using him for companionship.

And asking Jon to dinner so she could tell him she was leaving him is REALLY cold, especially when she acted like she wanted it to be this romantic dinner that he'd better not miss.

I'm pretty sure Jon knew about the affair, and I don't think it pushed him over the edge per se. I think it was more like he felt relieved that Delilah would have Eddie to take care of her after he was gone.

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I lost even more respect for Delilah.

Jon deserved better than her, not the other way around. I didn't find Eddie to be nearly as cold and cowardly as her; his friends all knew he was having an affair, except they didn't know who it was with, and he likely figured after Delilah talked to Jon he could salvage all his friendships when they saw that Delilah and he were both much happier.

But Delilah was clearly glad Jon hadn't shown up so that she could continue the affair. She even joked about how Jon would never know they were having dinner together because their "date" was the one place he'd never be.

Meanwhile, Jon's reason for standing her up was because he was finding out what to leave to Ashley and getting the batteries as the last gift to his selfish wife.

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Rachelle: Honestly, it made me dislike Delilah even more than I already did. First, I don’t think she actually loved Eddie either. I think she just wanted to be with a man who paid attention to her because her husband didn’t. She came across as a woman who can’t stand on her own to me. It is as though she needs a man.

I agree it was cold to ask Jon to dinner to say she was leaving him. That is a conversation that should be done in private, not public. Delilah and Jon clearly had a communication issue; having a conversation like that at a restaurant is just a cowardly way out to me.

I think both Eddie and Delilah are selfish. They did not come across as two people madly in love. They were like two codependent people stuck in bad marriages, having good sex, and thinking they are in love. Their relationship is all about companionship and their need to not be alone.

An Agreement - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6

Did you see any parallels between Jon and Rome?

Christine: Yes. On the outside it looked like Rome had everything, and yet he was about to swallow a handful of pills. No one had any idea how miserable he was, and not only didn’t he share it with his wife and friends, but I’m not sure Rome was willing to let himself own how he felt.

It was as though he got what he thought he wanted and when it didn’t make him happy, he decided there was nothing left.

Rome and Jon were both in a place where they felt they had failed and there was no hope to make it better, which is sad. Rome's life has obviously gotten better and, although Jon would have been facing difficult times, there was no reason his life had to be over.

Jack: In the sense that they were both deeply unhappy and keeping their stress to themselves, yes. Rome's depression seemed sudden like he woke up realizing this was his life, and he was trapped in it.

I think he's been running from his real feelings about his job for a long time.

I think Jon had been feeling trapped for a while and losing the subway deal was the last straw. His comment to Gary that there's no point to living if you're not going to live was telling. I think he felt that's what he had been doing and wanted his friends to not make the same mistakes he had.

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Rachelle: Honestly, I am not sure. I didn’t get the feeling Rome was depressed until that one day after landing what he thought was his dream. Maybe he had been hiding it more or trying to convince himself he was OK and that the job was his dream job.

I do think they both felt isolated and alone.

However, Jon had been planning to kill himself for a while. It was thought out, and he made provisions, at least we think so once Ashely stops hiding the file. However, with Rome, it is like he just decided he was going to do it that day. Unfortunately, suicide plays out both ways, and I think that was the intention.

Gary Adops a Dog - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 12

What was your favorite, least favorite, or standout moment from the hour?

Christine: Gary and the dog were my favorite. As someone who has previously worked with animal shelters, I can say that Collin’s chances of adoption were pretty slim.

Gary wasn’t ready to have a woman leave her cell phone charger at his place, but this dog was just the level of companionship and commitment he needed, and it was one of the few moments in this episode that made me smile.

Least favorite was Regina getting felt up by some guy at work. I wished she had made more of a scene because the guy deserved to be thoroughly embarrassed in front of his colleagues. And having her boss try and make her feel like she should just put up with that disgusting nonsense made me ill.

Everything about Ron Livingston's performance as Jon was standout in this episode.

Jack: I also loved Gary and the dog, and Maggie dancing to the record album. It was sad knowing what we know not only about Jon's death but about Maggie's cancer and her difficulties dealing with her brother's death.

I thought Regina's situation was sadly realistic, but it disgusted me, too. I wish she'd told Rome about it. It would have made sense for him to feel even more trapped in his job because Gina needed to get out of that situation, and they needed to earn money somehow.

I agree about Ron Livingston's performances too -- total standout from start to finish. For me, the most powerful reaction, though, was seeing Gary learn the news about Jon's death, especially because he'd been calling to make amends and to share his happy news about the dog. I cried even though I knew it was going to happen.

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Rachelle: Ron Livingston, hands down, was amazing! I am such a fan, and he knocked it out of the park. Gary and the dog were my second favorite. I am a huge dog lover, and it melted my heart to see Gary get so attached.

Gary talking to the dog was hilarious and real. Plus, I think it was a great way to show Gary trying to have some sort of commitment, and he knew there was a connection with Collin.

I also liked getting some insight into Maggie’s relationship with her family. She put on a brave face for her dad, but once he left, she was back to taking care of them even though they didn’t know it. Watching her pack up the boxes, especially the bear, was heartbreaking.

My least favorite was Regina’s situation as well. It was very realistic, but it made me so angry that her boss did not stand up for her. It also made me upset that she didn’t stand up for herself. I understand she needed the job, but it is awful that anyone has to deal with that kind of harassment and can do nothing about it.

Over to you, A Million Things Fanatics. Hit the comments with your responses. 

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