A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Twelve Seconds

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Can A Million Little Things keep this same energy until the end of the season? 

This is the type of quality content that I tune in for, and make no mistake, A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13 was quality content. 

Finally, the series gave us some resolutions and answers while also giving us new questions to ask and mysteries to solve. 

Jeri - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

We can speculate all that we want about why Jon chose to kill himself, and the truth of the matter is that we will never know. That's fine; that's the reality, sometimes we don't know the "why" and that part doesn't matter. It should never be about that at all. 

Jon is an utter mystery, and even in his suicide note there was little shared about his motivations or anything else. In the end, Jon did what Jon always did. He let his family know how much he loves them, reassured them that it had nothing to do with them, and admitted that he was in pain. 

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He didn't elaborate on much of anything else, so the letter was still elusive. The powers that be must have known that we would be crawling up walls and ripping our hair out if we had to endure another hour of Ashley not giving Delilah what was in that blue envelope. 

Ashley Comes Clean

Ashley spent the first half of the hour avoiding everyone like the plague after Gary and Katherine found out that she knew more than she was letting on and shared it with the others.

I don't know what was more shocking, her giving Delilah the envelope and opening up to them about what she was doing all of this time, or her surprise that they would kick her out of the house. 

What did she anticipate their reactions would be after she spent all that time lying and deceiving them? Ashley isn't a terrible person; she meant well this entire time and thought she was doing what was best for the family. 

I understand that now better than before, but it still doesn't justify her leaving every last one of them in the dark for this long. She was in over her head, and she has been over her head since Jon's death. 

I was too late. I was 12 seconds too late.


It was painful listening and watching Ashley relive the day Jon died. She blamed herself for knowing the stress he was under and seeing the signs but not expecting him to take his life. She was closer to him than anyone, and she felt she should have seen or done more. 

Ashley was at her most sympathetic during this hour, even though she's still not the most likable and her actions are unforgivable. There is nothing about that situation that justified her keeping things form everyone like that. She needed the help, and Gary or Katherine could have helped her. 

Look at how much they have pieced together and figured out already after barely being read in and on the case? Ashley should have trusted that all of them could come together to work something out and save the Dixon family. They're all family, after all. 

The Painting - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

It's inexcusable that she kept the suicide letter because there was nothing in it that was so revealing that it would have interfered with Ashley working out this subway station deal. That was weeks -- months of needless pain and agony that she inflicted on all of Jon's loved ones for no good reason. 

I was happy for Ashley when she was taking that trip to Barcelona. Then she left Gary a hasty message and didn't tell them about the importance of the apartment building.

Ashley, if you're going out of the country and seemingly bailing forever, why not tell them everything you know? 

Constance Zimmer is councilwoman Jeri! She felt guilty for not being able to land the station deal for Jon. Since that was one of the last things he was working on, and he was irate when the deal fell through, Jeri felt guilty about his death. 

Meeting in the Ladies Room - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

Jeri's scene with Delilah was intense. I kept feeling like if I breathed, I was going to miss something of importance. Basically, Jon bought up the properties and buildings where his apartment was, and if the station deal came through, it would have been a success and profitable. 

If it fell through then he could have sold the properties, but it would have been far less, and it wouldn't have cleared his debt. Delilah had the option of selling or waiting on the vote. 

She couldn't use the insurance money since it was tied up in his debt, and that's why he took out another policy in the guys' name and titled it "Rutledge," so they knew it was to take care of his family. The problem is that Ashley took that money out too and used it to salvage this deal in an attempt to honor Jon and carry out his plan. 

I sold the buildings.


Jon had a plan, but  Ashley is the one who thwarted it. Fortunately, despite Jeri's assurances that the deal would come through and that Delilah should keep the properties, she followed her gut and sold them. 

On the one hand that works, since the station deal fell through, and now she has some money which was more than what she had before, but on the other, it's hard to know the repercussions of this. We also don't know why this was important to Jon. 

Delilah Makes a Decision - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

It's Delilah's smartest decisions since the series began. She's also showing interest and everything that was going on with Jon, and it was long overdue. She and Gary teaming up and going to investigate the apartment building was the best. 

Wouldn't it be funny if that sweet senior aged woman is Barbara Morgan? No one ever asks her name.

Of course, now we know that Barbara Morgan is the woman who painted the painting that Jon gave Gary, so she must be an old flame or former classmate or something, right? 

It's All About Perspective - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 9

Katherine is the GOAT, and I adore that woman with my entire heart, but when will they let her be happy? 

It was a strong hour for Katherine. As a diehard Katherine fan, I loved that. It's a relief that Katherine has at least one decent friend in her life. Her assistant Carter was hilarious and a scene-stealer. 

They have found a way to incorporate her into the group with her skill set and the fact that she can enlist her colleagues to help her help the mistress of her future ex-husband. 

It's still unrealistic and strange as hell, but I'm willing to ignore that in favor of more Katherine screentime. It breaks my heart that she was unsure and hesitant to embrace Hunter because of her insecurities due to Eddie's infidelity.

Hunter: Are you mad at me because I made partner?
Katherine: No, I'm mad at the way you told me you made partner. I think you should leave.

She let her guard down anyway, and she and Hunter were adorable together. All of that came to a halt when he shared with her over breakfast that he was offered the position of partner. 

Maybe he didn't think about how it came across, or maybe he did hold off until after he slept with her. I can understand why she reacted the way she did though.

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However, I cannot deal with Eddie's wishy-washy behavior. He wants his cake, and he wants to eat it too. 

There is no way he can still be in love with Delilah, spend most of his time with her "platonically," act possessive of her, and withhold the truth about being the father of her child but still get in his feelings anytime Katherine looks like she may be moving on. 

Katie is Excited

It's selfish and annoying.

His bandmate's advice about Theo was correct. Theo feels as though he's stuck in limbo since his parents are in limbo with one another. Katherine and Eddie need to make a decision. 

Eddie already decided, but I wonder if his choice was due to the settings on the kitchen table. He's an emotional and reactionary person. He's also afraid of being alone. 

They need a divorce because he needs to learn how to stand on his own, and she needs someone who wouldn't be with her out of habit, comfort, or to avoid being alone. 

Eddie: Maybe the best thing for both of us is to move on. I think we should get a divorce.
Katherine: OK.

Regina and Rome's marital spat was amusing more than it was concerning. Rome fell into the typical traps that husbands fall into when they don't understand their wife's line of thinking. 

The situation with the sexist designer guy was hilarious, and Rome could not have won there. I'm pleased that Regina is consistent and upfront with him. She's worried about him not taking the medication, and it's not good for her mental health either. 

Is anyone else starting to get concerned about Regina? She seems like she's under a lot of stress. 

Rome also was trying to step up with his uncle duties. Rome and Gary attempting to teach Sophie how to drive were one of the funniest scenes of the hour. 

Regina is Frustrated - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 13

In the end, it was Maggie who had success with Sophie's driving lessons. Their pairing was unexpected, but it was what both of them needed. 

Sophie needed the chance to speak to someone about her dad, and Maggie was the best person to do that with if she didn't want to open up to anyone else. These glimpses into the Dixon children coping are always rewarding and an essential component to a series dealing with the aftermath of a family man's suicide. 

Gary: I know you're not mad at me.
Maggie: No, I am mad at you. You made me care.

Sophie also encouraged Maggie to tell her parents the truth about the return of her cancer. She needed to do that. Plush, she has supportive friends helping her fight it, and she could share the news about the tumor shrinking. 

The chemo is working!

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Twelve Seconds Review

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